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  1. Dude, welcome back;)

  2. Good luck! Keep going!

  3. I wish you all the best in the future <3 

    - Matt #CarLadMatt

  4. Hey there, I submitted an appeal but It says you account was last active in 2015??

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    2. EthanWoodfine_


      I was told to submit a request to be unbanned ass it has been so long, calm down mate you seem triggered, and I don't want to resort to just getting another account

    3. EthanWoodfine_


      I am not evading what I am saying is that I am trying to do it properly instead of just buying another account lmfao

    4. ян Powerful

      ян Powerful

      Please follow the instructions below regarding what to do next. you need to send a message via our feedback system, explained your situation in as much detail as possible.The following
      topic should help you in doing this: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/39652-user-feedback-contacting-upper-staff/

      one of our upper staff should help you



  5. Just to add to what has been said, the ingame report system was improved to make sure perpetrators are brought to justice as it records your last 2mins gameplay and the IGA who claimed the report has to view it and then take action. Is it efficient? I would say yes because it stores evidence to make sure justice is served. In comparison to the old system that did not record, there were many cases of IGA's claiming ingame reports and by the time they got on the scene, the perpetrator has either disconnected or the incident has happened and the perpetrator gets away with it. Both system (the old and new) has pros and cons but the advantages of the new system outweighs its disadvantages as there is always evidence to act upon when the report is claimed by an IGA ingame. @TheCreepyTruckr having a unified system with regards to ban length is a work in progress within the team. We have general set lengths for how long a ban should be as it pertains to the offence but these lengths are guidelines and not rules for the IGA's and that's why you'll find out that most IGAs tend to give the same duration for common offences especially when it comes to web reports. When ingame during an IGA session, ban lengths differ from IGA to IGA based on many factors such as viewpoint (how well the IGA saw the incident); speed (sometimes there is too much going on at the same time and this means banning or kicking to restore order and as such time, much thought may not be given to ban length). This is why IGA's are encouraged to work based on their discretion especially when ingame because during a live session, a lot can happen in a short while and the priority at the time is always restoring order. On the other hand if a player feels the ban length is excessive then he/she can state this in their appeal and if nothing is done, then use the feedback email and management would look into it and see that justice is done.
  6. Undertaking or Undercutting as some call it, in itself is not illegal but is considered as dangerous and reckless driving. When roads (Non Dual carriage ways) are constructed (mainly outside built up areas, eg highways), enough room called kerbs, curbs or pavement depending on which you choose to use is allowed for specific reasons such as emergency stops due to vehicle breakdown and other unforeseen circumstances such as accidents and so on. When there is a traffic jam and a driver decides to undertake, it is regarded as reckless driving but in most cases if he's able to rejoin the flow of traffic without causing any accidents gets away unpunished. With regards to TruckersMP when ingame doing Admin work, and I see a driver undertaking I generally kick them for reckless driving, I would only ban that driver if by doing so he or she in an attempt to rejoin the flow of traffic rams a player who has patiently waited an queued up in the traffic jam. If a player is offroading against oncoming traffic, that's a straight ban because it's reckless and dangerous and supposing a driver decides to pull over that would result in a head on collision. It is worthy to note that if such is reported on the report system it gets declined because it's more of a kick than ban, But if the reporter provides evidence that the Driver or Trucker undertaking actually disrupted the flow of traffic by forcing his way back in and ramming then a ban can be issued as Reckless Driving or Ramming depending on the admin. NOTE: If a player is undertaking and you intentionally steer into his path to block him and use it to make a report, the reporter could be banned for blocking because that's dangerous driving. Never attempt to obstruct the flow of traffic, instead record, report and let the admins deal with it. I hope this answers your questions and thanks for raising this concern because I believe it would go a long way to clarify from a players point of view why such reports are declined. With regards to the statement below: I have been in a traffic jam on a country road here in UK and a lot of drivers started to undertake an unmarked police vehicle switched on his sirens and blocked them and he came out of his car and started redirecting them all back into the flow of traffic like a traffic warden would do. Nobody got a ticket, sometimes it's best you research before making general statements to avoid controversy because there is no law against undertaking even though it's classed as reckless. In most cases the police officers would generally act based on their discretion in cases like that. Some may just issue a fine (which of course can easily be debated and overturned) or give the driver a verbal warning and not points on licence as it's more of a minor traffic offence
  7. From experience I've discovered that the Iveco Hi-way with a Scania 730hp engine can easily go up to 170km/h while the Scania's top speed is at about 162km/h. I find this to be because the Iveco has a much better streamline than any other truck ingame and tends to power to high speeds easily when driven with a powerful engine. The Volvo FH and FH classic have a top speed of about 160km/h but the Volvo FH is considerably slower at hitting top speed than the FH classic due to its "box nature" (poor streamlining).
  8. In case you have not seen this:

    Sign up today because it's on first come serve basis and get your trucks ready for this epic event. :) 

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      signed up since yesterday :D Can't wait :D

    2. Guest


      Hell If I want to race I will just get on Euro Truck Simulator 2 server 2 LOL. I might do it but not sure. Immortal how are you this morning man. 

    3. TTI - FR  LDMax

      TTI - FR LDMax

      ho very nice thanks!:)

  9. Going to do some admin stream on my twitch channel for about an hour come say hello.


    Thanks :) 

    1. SuliHD


      Haven't seen you for a while Immortal, PM me mate :D

  10. Happy Birthday :Df75f51991018024dbf137b29813da9f0.jpg

  11. Happy Birthday :3


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