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  1. Why do people keep saying this? The map is compressed. Literally not a single road is a 1 to 1 copy.
  2. If you read the sentence that is quoted then you can read how I said no such thing. Ironic. Weren't you part of the group that was frustrated because we supposedly kept reading your comments wrong?
  3. Still happens, whether you see it or not. Also we should start permanently banning people on their second or third ban now? The player in your screenshot only has 2 active bans. So is that is where you are drawing the line? Many "trolls" are new players who drive on C-D and are not completely aware of our rules yet. They are still on their first or second ban. Why should they be permanently banned from the servers just because they are new? As I am writing this you are online driving on C-D. I am sorry, but people really should stop complaining about new players when driving on the 1 road where all new players gather.
  4. The reason why we are so strict when it comes to rule §1.1 and why we wouldn't accept an appeal based on a technical issue is because it would be very susceptible to abuse. Everybody could unplug their equipment and blame the collision was due to some sort of glitch. Everybody could edit their video to make it look like what you have and claim it was a graphics bug. It's not that we don't want to believe you. But it's simply that we can't believe you because it is impossible for us to verify the truth.
  5. You think we can only disagree with changes internally and not publicly? Bro that's some tinfoil stuff right there ngl. Just because some moderators can't be bothered hiding their name, does not mean they disagree with the changes. It's not mutually exclusive.
  6. We don't talk with each other through forum posts, so that's why you don't see team members disagreeing. There are hundreds of staff members, and only a handful of 1 team has been commenting here. So not sure what kind of representation you were expecting. Especially since this is a post about GM anonymity. You're not going to find moderators who would gladly go back to the old system and get a bunch of harassement.
  7. Maybe I am misunderstanding you then. Sure we wont go into extreme detail about some things if it would breach the NDA. But what has that got to do with expressing feelings/opinions? Or always feeling the need to agree with other staff members?
  8. Alright I am curious. What exactly makes you think this, though? Can you name one example of team member who has been removed for expressing their personal feelings about changes?
  9. 2-3 times in 2 years is not that much, which means there is a decent argument to be made to say it is negligble. Not trying to downplay it, as those 2-3 times have still been important. But I guess it does not outweigh the benefit of hiding it completely. As to the benefits of hiding it, I don't know. The exact reason of why they removed it is not known to me, but I assume it is to battle the "rec ban" culture they mentioned in the blog post as it removes the satisfaction a lot of players have when they see they got someone banned for X amount of time. It doesn't increase in-game activity and it has nothing to do with keeping a GM anonymous, so battling the culture is the only thing I can think of right now. But maybe I am missing something. Also in regards to GML's being mainly involved in feedback tickets, I would say they are not mainly involved with that task. It is more to help management with general questions. Their main task is still leading a team. To quote the knowledge base: "Game Moderator Leaders help out the Game Moderation Managers by being in charge of a smaller subset of Game/Report Moderators. The Game Moderator Leader will check their activity, coach and provide help and tips to any Game/Report Moderator who needs them."
  10. How many times have you had to do this?
  11. This is very annoying, but usually there is a reasonable explanation for it. You could try bringing it up via the feedback system. Though, I must admit I am not sure in how much detail they can/will give you an answer.
  12. Ah yes, just ignore it. Why didn't we think of this before?
  13. That's what I was thinking about as well. It could be anonymous, but the problem is that it makes it impossible for us to verify who the owner of the evidence is. And the rules state that you can only use video evidence recorder by yourself in-game. We could remove that rule and make it anonymous. But then players would lose a lot of protection and the videos you share with friends may be abused.
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