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  1. Writing rec is just culture at this point. Usually people don't even report.
  2. lmaoo this guy posts a video of someone complaining about the state of TMP and the issues with moderation and his solution is "They just don't have enough staff to moderate everything, if that's the case then they need to lower their quality of their mods that they need" gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8
  3. Heya, As a keyboard player myself, I understand the struggle. Here is how I have dealt with it: My brake setting is set to about 80%. So very strong but not the highest setting. My engine brake keybind is set to "R". If I want to come to a slow stop I can just press R and use the engine brake. If I need to quickly stop I can press S and use the actual brakes. Additionally in the config file of your profile file I have set the "g_brake_light_all "0" from "0" to "1". This means that when I use the engine brake, my brake lights are also activated. If I have to brake hard I just press R so my lights activate. And then I apply full force with my actual brakes when I need to, basically tapping my "S" keybind if I need to brake harder and then let go again so my engine brakes take over. Even though I am not using my full brakes the entire time, my brake lights will always be activated and the person behind me should have enough time to respond to it.
  4. Just like the web report system, we do not pick and choose which reports we claim in the in-game system either. We just claim whatever is at the top of the list and we do not know where this report will take us. A moderator does not decide that he only wants to check reports from Kirkenes. But most reports in the system will be from Kirkenes anyway.
  5. In the application they still ask for your timezone and how many DLC you have. So they are still weighing in the fact that one person may be more suitable for the team at that specific recruitment period because they are more available in promods or a timezone where we don't have many other moderators. But why would you make it a hard requirement? That would just block a lot of people from applying outright, it would not be beneficial at all imo. There still are many GMs in the team that are very active on Promods. But due to the nature of the road, it is very susceptible to abrupt chaos. As soon as you leave it alone and someone blocks a turn for a minute there will be a big jam and chaos.
  6. The presence on Promods servers will always be reduced as not every GM actually has every map DLC and thus wouldn't be able to enter the server to moderate.
  7. Would you have any solutions to the other issues?
  8. It is an interesting idea. But if I were a troll, or someone who does not care about playing the game like you do, I would just loan money and then drive recklessly anyway. How would you stop that behaviour? Eventually their money would run out. But what if they just load a save? What if they just make another profile and loan money again? Would banks be disabled, or saves? Would the amount of profiles you can have be restricted? Maybe there is an answer and solution to all of these. But I cannot see how it would severely impact the gameplay of people who just want to log in and enjoy a nice drive without having to worry about how much money they have, how much experience they need to buy an accessory, or how their drivers are doing and if they are making enough profit, etc.
  9. The cities look amazing in the videos and SCS has really upped their game in regards of map design when it comes to these reworks. I see no reason to stay with the current version of the map and I hope we are going to adapt the rework. But the add-on team has put a lot of work and effort into the current version. And I do feel bad if it will be lost. Maybe some parts of it can be adapted into the rework.
  10. Oh I misunderstood the question, my bad. I think the naptime kick is a reference to the AFK timer. Personally I would care to show you because you made me curious about it as well. But I do not have this information.
  11. Those percentages are wrong. It assumes all in-game reports are valid when in reality many are invalid (no violation occurred). Players that are reported in-game can also be reported via the website. Those reports are all reviewed and a ban would be issued, so they are not permitted to continue violating our rules. Of course they could continue to violate our rules up until they are banned via the website, but the phrasing should be different then. Also, you are not taking into consideration the fact that they could also be banned via live moderation. I understand the point you are making, though. But making it look like 85% of rule rule breakers will not be banned helps nobody. In regards to the other question: Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
  12. That would be nice but is probably never going to happen. Project management has said that it would require way too much resources.
  13. Many bilibili videos I have seen in low quality were still good enough. It helps if the recorder could take the time to get a stable picture from the player's name. But often the video is too shocky and blurry to see anything
  14. Like I said. It should be available to everyone. Not just Chinese people.
  15. What do you mean with ban details page? When a user is banned, the reason for their ban is showed in bright red at the top of the page, including the evidence video. Just a case of fully reading what it says.
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