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  1. Before the sound issue when i was outside of a busy city I alwasy used to double beep every truck that went past but once the sound issue was a thing I started to flash everyone that went past. Now the sound issue has been fixed I just tend to do what the other person has done, so if they beep I beep, if they flash I flash

  3. He was saying keep the NCZ at services and industries but remove it from the city
  4. My thoughts exactly. Not everyone will have a Twitter or Instagram account and not all the ones who do, will be following TMP to see the polls. At least if it was done on the forums it's kept in a central place for everyone to access (I know some people would still have to create a forum account though)
  5. Yeah which I understand and again I get that you're trying to make an improvement. But the poll would of still been a starting point and again would of mostly likly been spread around the discord's with how popular of a topic it would of been, at which point if people didn't have a forum account but wanted their voice to be heard, they would of created an account.
  6. Don't think anyone is trying to say you're not hard working, but when you go into an admeen stream and they're saying that there isn't enough staff to deal with the reports maybe that's a good hint to look at building the internal capacity. After being in Admin streams most people know it's a lot of work, no one is taking that away from you an i'm grateful for the work they do. A simple poll on the forums asking what people thought about the idea would of been a nice touch. I very rarly go onto the forums but im sure if there was a poll about it, it would be a hot topic and wo
  7. Agree with State on that, nice and professional reply from staff about a large proportion of drivers. If getting staff is an issue, why not open recruitment more often? I get it'll take time to train people and that not everyone will get through training, but if you open recruitment more often you'll get more eligible people applying, no? Yet a GM just instuled a large proportion of the drivers? Yes he might not of mention it in an insulting way, but sure came off that way
  8. Personal think you'll still have all the reports, all that has happened is you've picked up a problem and moved it two meters down the road, yes you now don't have the busy junction, but you've created a "Hot spot" where incidents are going to happen coming out of the NCZ. As seen from the few videos above, people are still ramming, people are abusing Ghost-mode and causing crashes & people will probably get reported for blocking after they've been sent flying by someone coming out of ghost-mode. Don't fully agree with state's comment about the schedule as people ne
  9. I can see the idea behind it but I'm genuinely surprised it was added. It's not solved anything, if anything it's just moved all the incidents away from F7 to further down the road. By adding NCZ to the city, Takes away the simulation aspect of the game (for that area) Everyone is now just going to fight their way out of the NCZ and end up causing crashes as @StateCA (NL)video showed above. Encourage the trolls to sit at the side of the road on the edge of NCZ and pull out infront of people leaving the city. Unless Duisburg had a rework, I personally don
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