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  1. I'm really looking forward to the reskin of Calais i think is going to look and amazing and cant wait to see it in TMP
  2. Thanks for everything TheGoodGuy best of luck for the future 




  3. Congrats Emma Best of the luck in the Event team 😍

  4. Thanks for the follow :D 

  5. Hello When ever i'm not Playing TMP I Normally watch a Twitch Stream Called Button or i go out for walks or go For a bit of shopping or i watch YouTube or go and watch a bit Of Football LIVE not on the TV
  6. My Favorite song is Queen- We Will Rock You
  7. Hello My Favorite Movie is Star wars and my Favorite Song Is We will rock you By queen
  8. Hello Everyone 

    Hope everyone is having a good Evening 



  9. Hello @ArcticYuki You Edits to Duisburg looks very nice Have a good rest of your day /evening regards busman11
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