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  1. Al deze jobs kan je alleen in singel player doen ze zijn te herkennen aan de rood witte strepen in de foto
  2. Thanx but its to late now i got 1 month ban to this extra lights a warning schould be nicer in the first place
  3. Jantjee223


    I think its only for admins and players who are convoy admins for the hours the convoy is onlinne
  4. I disabeld the speed limter 90 kmh since the day i play , i have the scania streamline 8x4 with the DC16 103 730 EURO6 V8 engine and the transmission scania GA867 R 6 gears with retarder wheels are 315/70 Runner
  5. Do not make big profiles on ets when you have to many trucks and peolpe as workers you game auto save that that makes te game auto freeze and lag
  6. Why are peolpe faster then me when we drive the same truck?
  7. Usted juega a través de WiFi o cable ?
  8. Thanx for that ! but i wanna know why whas it oflinne?
  9. The game is updated but my truckers MP not so we just have to wait
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