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  1. I believe the trailers you saw where made using save-edit,you can find a good tutorial here:
  2. Yep just found those folders thanks for the help! you can close this topic.
  3. Hello! i know this is not related to TMP but,is is possible to recover a profile for ATS from steam cloud? I deleted mine after 1.40 update because of problems caused by the 1.40 update.
  4. i like to call the cities of duisburg,dusseldorf and cologne "the 3 gates to hell" You only go there if you want to pay for your sins...after suffering at the rotterdam/amsterdam mess i decided to go as far as i can from overly populated areas
  5. So i always imagined an economy system in game where the cargo you transport actually have an effect,so you have to choose a trailer not because it looks nice but because it can more efficient/profitable for you; Sign contracts with specific companies like trameri or tradeaux for an example; More populated areas will demand less cargo/pay less And less populated areas/cities will demand more cargo and pay more for products ,this can help to spread players all around the map by giving more opportunities for convoys and,of course, giving VTCS a real reason to exist because they can focus on transport certain products to specific routes/customers. Anyway,do you guys think that something like this is viable? not only for this mp but for ETS in general because after you level up enough and unlock everything the game becomes very repetitive and boring(atleast in ,my opinion)
  6. Leaked image of the new vehicle moderators will use on C-D Road!


  7. The 4X2 frame on the new International LT is so long that its actually possible to put a bigger cab on it,and it looks completely fine hahhaha


    1. pofii


      Nice a truck 🙂

  8. After losing my 600 Hour ATS profile last year i decided to not make Save-edits again buuuut....this idea was  way too good to ignore lolspacer.png

  9. "Driving in such a way that is CONSIDERED unsafe and that puts other players in danger" its right there.The mod simply judged that whatever the player you reported was doing wasnt dangerous to you or others.The player you reported was probably playing with a keyboard(and maybe a laggy computer) which makes very hard to keep the truck in a straight line specially in higher speeds.Yes the limit on the road was 80 but that doesnt mean that he is a danger to society,IF he caused a crash than it makes sense to report him for reckless driving.I got multiple players reported and punished by reckless driving but none of them was reported by what you described.
  10. I dont want new truck,just a remaster of the oldest models like the Iveco Stralis,Man TGX euro 5 Renault Magnum and Premium
  11. I normally use 6x2 midlift because it gives me more flexibility to choose loads. in cases that i'm transporting something light i simply lift the axle to save fuel(and even the one in the trailer if possible),if the load is heavier i simply drop the axle to help with stability on the road. I really like the 6x2 taglift for its incredible maneuverability(that how i won the Truckers FM Trameri challenge hehehhe)But i had alot of flying-related problems when i tried to drive with a loaded trailer(below 10 tons),for some reason the front end just bounces into the air causing me to crash.
  12. i'm a newbie now...dunno what it means but i'm happy lol

    1. BMPellogia


      haha thanks! so right now i am a oldtimer newbie..a bit conflicting dont ya think? 😛

  13. I do follow SOME of them.. on ATS i'm not going to drag myself across empty california at 55mph(88Km/h)on those areas i usually go around 65-70 mph.On ETS if i can go safely at 90KM/H at areas with a lower speed limit i will
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