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  3. Hayırlı olsun grdş. :troll:

  4. Happy Birthday! :D

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  7. Add a low size profile photo.
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      This where I was then the guy I that told you about earlier in-game did his "thing". @Killua (DavidOC93) ;_;


      Nice pic btw @BerkaYYY ! \o

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      Killua (DavidOC93)

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  8. Thanks for the new update.
  9. Maalesef.
  10. On the road to Calais someone spawned and ı suffered 100% damage. It was very annoying.
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  12. @[UluTurk] Dogukan 21 Daha önce başıma gelmediği için bilmiyorum ama bilen biri illaki çıkacaktır.