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  1. GTA V BeamNG Drive Garry's Mod Minecraft Arma 3 Cities Skyline Far Cry 5
  2. 998 at the moment, shall increase quite abit when promods supports comes.
  3. The HitMan

    TMP Promods

    Went to Iceland as I watched the reveal stream and wanted to see what the roads were like. Oh my god and I thought the winter mod was bad enough, shall be quite entertaining to watch people doing motorway speeds, then swiftly fly off the road. There are some off-road paths that are a good challenge so can't wait to cross them in a skoda and lots of new towns/cities to explore, shall be fun.
  4. Taken 8/12/14 Second day on getting Online, Had a potato and had to turn graphics to the lowest point possible, thank god I upgraded to a toaster.
  5. Best way would be to check out the Discord: https://discordapp.com/channels/307433337126125568/581888200512110602 For VTC's: https://truckersmp.com/vtc Hope this helps
  6. Hello @PrinzzAli93 have a look at this thread: I would also suggest making sure that you have the Microphone plugged in before you launch TruckersMP, check your system settings as well just to make sure that you have enabled the microphone and that it is set to current use, Check that the audio Output is going to your Microphone and that the Settings in-game relate to your microphone that you are using. Hope this helps, Regards Callum.
  7. Adding AI traffic would be a task in it's self. One thing would be the performance issues has there would lots of vehicles within one area, how would players see the traffic? Would it be server side or client side? High or low density? There is so many questions that would asked and needed to be answered in regards to Aim it would also be a big project in it's self. But you never know I suppose, we will just have to wait and see what happens in the future.
  8. 942, loved every hour of it.
  9. I think it's great, beforehand some players never turned on their headlights when driving around making it impossible to see them and use to their advantage.
  10. It would depend on the Situation at hand. So like if the other player cut me up or pulled out in-front of me and then said sorry I would forgive them. However if it resulted in a collision making me f7 then I would as the player has done something bad whether it was intentional or not.
  11. Not sure if people notice that ATS requires a good computer to run, I do enjoy driving around the current states, but in some areas, I get low FPS which makes it hard for me to play. When ATSMP was released there was a good amount of people on then. The infamous Oxnard junction was brought to life.
  12. I tend to stop at them when near other players and in a populated area. However, I will admit that do run them on occasions, but only after checking that no-one is near to me at that time.
  13. 2 million!! How will you guys cope with so many people? If it wasn't for the fantastic work from all developers and staff team that made what TMP is today, congrats on the milestone.
  14. Hello @elektr0n1k head to your documents folder, look for ETS2MP, click on there and click on the last_crash folder then attach to the post. Also, do you have your own truck as of yet? Check also whether the game is autosaving, click on save/load and tick show autosaves, it shows all the recent ones, hope this may help.
  15. When you accidentally reverse into a Lamppost, knocking off the wing mirror cover. 


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