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  1. Suggestion Name: Removal of bans after a certain time frame Suggestion Description: Bans that are a certain number of years old should be removed from a users account. It would also depend on when the user last got a ban which means they would carry on displaying the most recent number of bans so that staff can see when the player got banned and hand punishments accordly. Any example images: n/a Why should it be added?: Players that would like to apply for certain positions within TruckersMP can do so without a 2-5 year ban holding them back and it would also show that the player has improved from the ban if they havent got any in the most recent time.
  2. Best way would be to check out the Discord: https://discordapp.com/channels/307433337126125568/581888200512110602 For VTC's: https://truckersmp.com/vtc Hope this helps
  3. Hello @PrinzzAli93 have a look at this thread: I would also suggest making sure that you have the Microphone plugged in before you launch TruckersMP, check your system settings as well just to make sure that you have enabled the microphone and that it is set to current use, Check that the audio Output is going to your Microphone and that the Settings in-game relate to your microphone that you are using. Hope this helps, Regards Callum.
  4. 2 million!! How will you guys cope with so many people? If it wasn't for the fantastic work from all developers and staff team that made what TMP is today, congrats on the milestone.
  5. Hello @elektr0n1k head to your documents folder, look for ETS2MP, click on there and click on the last_crash folder then attach to the post. Also, do you have your own truck as of yet? Check also whether the game is autosaving, click on save/load and tick show autosaves, it shows all the recent ones, hope this may help.
  6. When you accidentally reverse into a Lamppost, knocking off the wing mirror cover. 


  7. These pictures are amazing, good luck to everyone taking part
  8. Has anyone got any recommendations for VTCs? I have looked on the ETS and ATS section and saw a few I liked. Thought I would ask you guys for some direction.


    1. speedytech



      Viva Trucking is an ATS and ETS2 trucking company like no other. We are a community changing the way virtual trucking is today. We hire truckers from all over the world that are committed to involving their time into our company. Our mission was to create a place where truckers on ATS and ETS2 could come together to form a friendly community of all cultures. Our drivers will always come first and in order to do that, we must ensure responsibility, respect, trust, and initiative towards all members. Viva trucking are always looking for new drivers. vivatrucking.com/apply

  9. Well, at least both games are now on 1.30, now I can head online and drive around the current states.
  10. I liked the new command to fix your truck and trailer, however, as with most things people will abuse the option to use it, trolls would just hit people and then hit repair and carry on doing it. I would be in favour of a cooldown option to limit the number of times it can be used within a certain period to at least stop the command from being abused.
  11. Hello, @Lorenita this can be locked and moved as the issue appears to be fixed, Thank you @Merengue4ever @Lukavsky and @[FC-CC] ReaPeR For the help.
  12. Hello, My game seems to crash between every 1-5 minutes of playing, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the mod, I have not done the same to the actual game, should I consider doing this? I have attached the crash log which was generated. Also, the chat has been acting up in terms that certain sentences would be sideways across the cabin and the game has crashed when I have attempted to talk in chat. If anyone is able to help that would be appreciated, regards Callum last_crash.log
  13. This is a great Idea, I struggle to see the Buttons to change the channel and turn on/off, this would make it a lot easier to see.
  14. There is a feature of which on the GPS/Map the dot is a different colour depending on your preference, do you mean like seeing your friend on the map when you are far away from each other?
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