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  1. ThieF_24

    Real Operations - 28 Juli 2019

    Ja de Real Ops zijn altijd geweldig, en vind het idee om gewoon een bepaald gebied aan te wijzen nog beter dan een bepaalde weg. Zal zeker proberen er weer te zijn. Succes tmp
  2. ThieF_24

    Which our theme do you use?

    Beta theme, do i need to explain that? It's overal nice to use, and i don't get blind
  3. ThieF_24

    vooral NL of BE actief?

    ik vind een pagina/forumpost met statistieken over de speler waar ze wegkomen en hoeveelheid best wel interessant
  4. ThieF_24 Released

    Great work! Keep it up
  5. ThieF_24

    Bad physics

    It's not a race game.
  6. ThieF_24

    Flashing lights

    It's not really a bad idea, beside "scssoft" they changed the behavior/weight how much players getting lagg from flashing lights.
  7. ThieF_24

    Why has the trailer stability changed?

    exactly that ^ I know how it feels i did the same driving fast through corners but now we need to slow down at corners, but don't forget it's a simulation game and not a race game where we can go 150kn/h through corners. Yes it's bothering most people i bet, but we have to adapt people!
  8. EOaNV53.jpg


    It was a good day:check:

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      nice photo and trucks :wub:

    2. C.G AssassinGoEasy

      C.G AssassinGoEasy

      im glad today was a good day m8

  9. ThieF_24

    Changes to the recruitment system

    I understand you have to set somewhere a line, but still i agree with most people here about the people who have more then 3 bans but improved there behavior very well. Not sure what i have to think about this :/
  10. ThieF_24

    Satisfaction survey results

    This report, wow! i read it all. Very good job +1
  11. ThieF_24 Released

    This is awesome news! lets TRUCK
  12. Happy birthday j-m, have a good one

  13. ThieF_24

    New Save Editing - Discussion (many images)

    Oh wow i never knew this is possible, how nice ! gonna try it out soon