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  1. I actually found ETS2MP back as it was known then in November 2015 from a Squirrel vid: (ah those were the good times the traffic in Europort ) I bought ETS2 start of December then refunded shortly after, since I discovered later I’d get ETS2 for Christmas Something about the queues made me want to join in, MP just seemed a lot more realistic than just single player. What I’d give for the queues to return to Europort and Rotterdam tho, good times...
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    You may also want to refer to page 10 of the official ETS2 manual, which has general game controls laid out: https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/227300/manuals/ETS2_manual_en.pdf?t=1590770960 In terms of the TruckersMP controls, there’s a full list of keys and commands for players found within our Knowledge Base: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/85
  3. Before it got really busy I had always used it since it’s a great scenic route, very good scenery for the base map outside the DLC areas- would recommend going along in single player and just going around taking it in. Now tho I’d say if you enjoy having lots of people around and don’t mind the chaos it’s also good in the sense that you aren’t ever lonely on it, just don’t take a valuable load or a WoT external contract on it since you’re very likely to have some sort of incident on it
  4. To be honest, I think it’s more content and map size that does it for me. The ETS2 map has been around and worked on for a lot longer, and generally there’s more places to go and explore especially with the various map DLC’s. If ATS gets some more content or expansions then I imagine the player numbers will increase again, I remember when ATS was first released in 2016 the servers were well and truly full then.
  5. I much prefer being alone and always have done mainly because there’s no time restrictions, no activity requirements, no speed restrictions and no damage restrictions. Much prefer having the freedom to do what loads I like when I like and how I like, personally.
  6. Unfortunately we don't believe the update for 1.37 will be released before the end of May. Our project management had given us confirmation of this in the public discord server previously: This is due to the overall complexity of the 1.37 updates including the entirely new sound engine, as well as developers personal lives being affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic, so it may take some time before the update is released. In the meantime, you can downgrade your game and continue to play TruckersMP by using the following guide: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/26 For the ProMods server you can use v2.45 to play on TruckersMP on ETS2 1.36, which can be found for download here: https://www.promods.net/compat.php.
  7. It’s a lot easier for game mod’s to just fly above the map and watch over an incident, than it is to use an actual police car. The car is less of a tool but more of a novelty or reward, in fact generally almost all incidents are resolvable without the need for the police car at all, since removing the players is a lot quicker and more effective than pulling them over or blocking roads, etc. I do get that it would add a more simulation like experience, however if a game mod had to use the car to get to an incident then it’d just slow them down, prolonging the problem unnecessarily when they could’ve in fact solved the issue by the normal flying over the map or teleporting their free camera to the problem player in question. With this in mind there wouldn’t be much use for a “TMP Traffic Police” service, since the incidents they would control would be resolvable by a normal game mod by their normal duties. You’d also have the problem of power abuse, our game moderation team is very carefully selected and monitored by the team leaders and managers and any issues are dealt with quickly, whereas a separate “Police service” could be easily abused by the players and not as easy to manage. It’s also important to note that since this is a free volunteer led mod, a rota for police to be in game at certain times and places wouldn’t be very effective since a lot of our staffs lives change all the time and a member may not be available at the same time next week or whenever, it just wouldn’t work. Players can help by making reports through the usual in game and web systems and the problem players can be dealt with.
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    Just on another note, since there isn’t a way you can change the sounds yourself locally, you could suggest some changes to them through the add on suggestions section: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/544-add-on-suggestions/ and making a new suggestion, make sure to search for any similar or previous suggestions before making a new one however, and if you do go ahead with a suggestion make sure to follow the format given within the section.
  9. Bans that are a year old become “inactive”, meaning they don’t count towards any history ban lengths (like 1 month and permanent). Inactive bans aren’t removed from your history, all bans stay on your history forever. However, these bans will not count towards you getting a “1 month or permanent ban for history”. The only exception here is if you have 2 bans of the same history length (For example, if you have 2 1 month bans due to history), these do count towards your history bans and your next ban will be the next history length. So for example if you have 2 1 month bans on your history, your next ban will be permanent. This is regardless of how old your history bans are, these always count if you have 2 of them.
  10. Generally the most popular server is EU Sim 1. I do think it’s worth noting also that the EU2 server that you mention no longer exists, the standard servers have all been re-designated and are as follows: For ETS2: EU Simulation 1 (Speed limited, cars enabled, collisions enabled) EU Simulation 2 (Same settings as Sim 1) US Simulation 1 (Same settings as EU Sim 1) Singapore Simulation 1 (Same settings as EU Sim 1) EU Arcade (Cars allowed, no speed limit, no collisions) EU ProMods (Same settings as Sim 1 but compatible with ProMods) EU ProMods Arcade (Same settings as Arcade but compatible with ProMods) For ATS: EU Simulation (Speed limited, cars enabled, collisions enabled) US Simulation (Same settings as EU Sim) (From https://truckersmp.com/status and https://stats.truckersmp.com/)
  11. The previous name you had does not meet our rules for requiring alphanumerical characters in your name, which is why it was changed. From https://truckersmp.com/rules. In this case, you should either wait for the time period to change your name, or you could try contacting the support team at https://truckersmp.com/support and they may be able to help you change your name to one that meets our rules.
  12. @Joao Rodrigues Ah, that is true. Forgot about WOT jobs. I don’t think there’s a solution for this in that case, other than try stay away from busier areas to attempt to limit the chance of being hit by cars. However the same could be said for any incident I suppose, anyone could crash in any vehicle be it truck or car, so the same crashing issue could be said for any player in any vehicle, rather than just cars alone.
  13. The rule breaking is of course against the rules, I’d suggest loading a recent autosave and recording and reporting (As has already been mentioned above a couple times). That way you go without the damage, and the player that broke the rules can get punished. I would like to add however (Both to OP and anyone else thinking it’s specifically “car drivers” causing issues) that many scouts aren’t necessarily bad, and it’s not really the cars issue but the people driving them. Put them back in a normal truck and I imagine most of the bad car drivers would still be pretty bad truck drivers. I do appreciate some of the scout’s physics aren’t entirely perfect but they’re a lot lot better than they used to be. Basically I would try avoid generalising “all scout cars are bad” etc, since it’s mainly just a minority of people driving them and not all of them, and not specifically the car itself causing the issues.
  14. It would probably be logistically impossible to schedule at least one moderator to be watching the road 24/7, since all our moderators do this in their free time which may change all the time and so you might not be able to guarantee one moderator to be available at the same time every day (or same time every week). And while the CD road is one of the most popular, we do still receive lots of reports all across the map, and if there was only one moderator online it would be rather unfair for the reports to not be seen to, if they were tasked with just watching the CD road. If something does happen, I’d suggest making a recording and a web report on our site (Link here on how to do this), that way it is guaranteed to be seen to.
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    One thing I could think of is if your game is auto saving, I’ve always found that when my game goes to auto save every so often it can cause a moment of lag. My solution to that was to fire all my in game drivers and restart the game, that fixed my lag during auto saving. Also a standard troubleshooting check would be to verify your game files, go into your Steam library, right click ETS2, click properties, click the “Local files” tab then click “Verify integrity of game files”, it’ll check that all your game files are there and correct.
  16. I have looooooooads of trucks in my garage, mainly since it was a cheated profile with billions of pounds and hundreds of drivers But my own trucks are mainly just an old Scania R730 and a Volvo 750HP (I can’t remember the name sorry guys xd) both in a metallic light blue, favourite colour
  17. I’ll link you to my recent response relating to dual booting with Windows, otherwise there’s no other solution to play on Mac OS:
  18. The only way to run TruckersMP on Mac OS would be to dual boot with Windows using the Boot Camp assistant, I’ll leave a link for you to have a look if you’re interested: https://support.apple.com/boot-camp (And the legal place to get Windows ISOs is here direct from Microsoft: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/). Technically you could run Windows in a virtual machine but the performance is awful from my experience as a Mac user, definitely not recommended. As far as I know tho there’s no plans to release on Mac OS at least for the foreseeable.
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    C-D Road

    CD was always a nice road, the section between Calais and the Brussels motorway has some excellent scenery for the base game. On the occasion I do/can go in game tho it’s the fact that a lot of the players are there, sorta gives the road some “atmosphere” if that makes any sense, I just don’t like being by myself for ages, just gets a little boring. But every so often a nice DLC drive around doesn’t go amiss, get away from the crowds for a bit
  20. hm it’s been a while since i posted a status



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    Road to Simulation

    Due to the nature of some of the discussion and replies sent here, this thread has now been locked to further replies. Any feedback, comments, questions or suggestions about the simulation changes can be directed in a feedback ticket, at https://truckersmp.com/feedback and a member from the upper staff can address your query.
  22. Hi ayrancoia and thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately we have decided not to accept this suggestion. There generally isn't a reasonable relationship between players without trailers and those trolling. For players looking for a more realistic approach to their jobs (In that they drive between each city to start their next job), 15 minutes may not be enough time and as such, they would end up being kicked when they were actually on their way to pick up another job in another city that wasn't within a 15 minute drive. Furthermore, an auto kick would not really be useful even if there was a relationship between players without trailers and trolls, as they could easily just restart and reconnect to the game for another 15 minutes, it wouldn't act as a proper deterrent for the real trolls. Of course, if you do come across any people trolling and breaking the rules at all in our game servers, feel free to create a report in game through the tab menu or through our website at https://truckersmp.com/reports. For the reasons detailed above, I will be rejecting this. However, thanks again for your suggestion. Moved to Rejected.
  23. Hey ZackGamingHD and thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, a screenshot causes a very momentary lag while the screenshot is taken and stored. Therefore as you could imagine, it could be very easily abused by trolls who only want to lag and cause an incident behind. As for report evidence, screenshots can only really be used for an insulting chat report, or for excessive save editing. Almost all these cases you should be able to pull over and stop to take screenshots if needs be. Any other driving offences (Blocking, ramming, reckless driving, etc.) would require video evidence. For the reasons detailed above, I will be rejecting this, but once again thank you for your time creating this suggestion. Moved to Rejected.
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