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  1. @dragonslayingmaster1000 we should get used to a high ping? do you really mean we should get used to being kicked for having a high ping? there are a fair amount of people such as myself, who have no other option then the slow high speed internet provider we have in out town. yes the former US ETS server had a low population, but it allowed people who share a similar situation as I have to play ETS with other people. this may not matter to an some people but to people who get kicked all the time due to a high ping, there would be no point in playing MP since all we are doing after the kick is playing SP with no traffic. I have seen people say get better internet, how ever for some people that isn't an option unless if they spend money to move, which is at most times not economical for people just so they can play ETS.
  2. well since im in a country that drives on the right side of the road, the steering wheel is on the left side, since that is what I am use to. not sure what made the brits, think it was a good idea to drive from the passenger seat, maybe it was from watching our postal workers and seeing their vehicles, but to each their own
  3. @Andrea_10fps i have seen a suggestion for them to turn on collisions on the arcade server. it was rejected, so i highly doubt that they will change their minds. though there is a very small chance that they will. i wouldn't hold my breth for them to do it though.
  4. well in ETS it is the Refer. in ATS it really depends on what I want to haul and where, I tend to go with the Refer there as well.
  5. I prefer ATS over ETS the reason is the trucks in ATS don't feel like they are going to tip over, and I know the roads and traffic laws better for US Roads. I also like the fact that the cities look better then they do in the areas I do have which are base game, Scandinavia and going east, though I haven't driven in the going east map yet.
  6. when I am driving SP I have the right hand mirror showing via the F2 key. while I am in MP I have the right hand mirror showing and the tab window open as well, though I have the transparency set so I can still read the names but can clearly see the mirror behind the window. not much of an issue in ATS, and since I cant play ETS in MP anymore due to not having a US ETS server. it isn't an issue.
  7. I have used this Shadow Wolf since 2003 when I started playing a game called Star Trek Bridge Commander. I played mostly ships that had a cloaking device, being the Klingons mostly. joined a gaming group/clan with the name. the reason I have the 2k7 at the end is because in 2007 I found that someone else had used the same name so I had to add 2k7 to the end. and since then when ever I play a game it is either using my old gaming communites tag or 2k7, so here on the forums I am listed as ShadowWolf2k7 and in game it is BEW Shadow Wolf.
  8. if it is possible then TMP could have it so that AI traffic is dynamicly generated, and if there is over a set number of people in an area, say 20 people, then AI traffic wont spawn. even if those people move to a new area, AI wont spawn in the new area. and if for some reason someone tries and blocks the AI traffic then after a set period of time say 15 seconds they despawn. is this realistic yes and no. no cars to magicly disappear, and yes since they could be rerouted.
  9. if I am in the mood to play ETS, it is usually base game, I tend to drive in france a fair bit more since my main garage is in paris and I do drive in the UK as well, since it is just across the channel. other then that I am usually in ATS, since those road are more easier to understand for me then ETS roads
  10. I don't have all the countries complete in the base game, there are still several cities I need to unlock via going there. I have scandinavlia and have only visited a few cities there, I haven't done any of the cities in the going east dlc since I only recently got that dlc. as far as the france, Italy and the Baltic dlcs, I don't own them do I cant complete those.
  11. i honestly think having AI traffic would be a fun feature and would liven up the servers. it would make both ATS and ETS more enjoyable.
  12. @HAR_Sabre ok so to simulate police, since admins cant be everywhere and watch every ones speed, a compromise, remove the global speed limiter and enact an auto kick, that will kick anyone who exceeds the state/countries max posted speed limit by more then 5 mph. they would also have to set the auto kick based on each country/states max highway speed limit, examples if you are in California and doing 61 mph you get auto kicked, or if you are in france and doing 62 mph you get auto kicked. that should be fair. you have the option to speed if you want but if you exceed the 5 mph margin you get kicked. or would that not be realistic due to there not being a police officer pulling the person over and giving them a ticket or hauling them to jail? the exception to this would be the Tucson race track in ATS, seeing as this is a race track and is meant for racing. if you have a better idea how to simulate the act of a consequence for speeding I am all ears.
  13. @ArthurMorgan1488 if my questioning your statement is being on a high horse, your statement would make you a drama queen. TMP wont regret the fact that they are going back to their roots per say. and if a new MP mod comes out and you move to that because you don't like the way TMP is trying to deal with the trolls and children, see the former ETS EU2 server, and going back to what they made the mod for, then I will wish you well. you also didn't answer the question I asked. do more people prefer not having a speed limiter then those that prefer that the trolls and children be limited? if so, show proof. as for if everyone who speeds is being a troll or child, if that is what you gathered from that one simple question. you were way off the mark. do trolls speed and act like children? yes, are people who drive a bit over the speed limit (5-10mph) children or trolls? no. @HAR_Sabre the real world counterpart that I was talking about are the highways and freeways. those have posted speed limits. can you go faster then the posted speed limits, yes, will you have a problem if you exceed those speed limits and are caught speeding, that is also a yes. I gather that both you and Arthurmorgan1488 think there should be 0 speed limits, I ask why should there be 0 speed limits. I want an honest answer as to why you feel that there should be 0 speed limits, not some gibberish about "its fun to drive as fast as I can" or "I am a safe driver no matter how fast I a drive"
  14. @ashokazylstra TMP said they are taking the mod back to its roots in that being a simulation. which means since there are no AI police atm, they put in a speed limiter. the limiter being set to 80 mph, the speed limit posted on most Nevada highways. and 45 mph while in cities (which is well above most city posted speed limits). are those speed limiter settings close to their real world counter parts, in some cases yes, in most no, but it is a compromise so people can still have some fun. as far as the "focus" city in ATS, it is the main city of the newest dlc, or phoenix.
  15. @8up Local I am not sure how It is setup, but if the city is a block, meaning the whole city, then there may not be a way to do what is suggested for butting it up against the highway. similar to how the NCZ's cover just the job areas and not the street. and is also why some repair areas are still collisions areas. if it is a painted area, ie they take a paint type program and mark the areas that way then they might be able to fix it that way, again I don't know how they make limited/non-collision zones. you are correct to a point for the arcade server rules. there are no speed limits, and there are almost no rules. the only rules are no hacking and a few others that you can find under the road to simulation post. and yes there are no collisions as well.
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