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  1. ShadowWolf2k7

    What mods do you guys like to use?

    only mod I use is the gps above mod, which is only usable in SP. it moves the navigation window, above the windshield so I can see the trucks dash mounted gps while it is zoomed all the way in, and the navigation window set to the second to last zoom setting so I can see farther ahead to know where my turn is.
  2. in the states, all trucks must remain in the right most lane, unless if they are passing a slower car or truck, or if they are making a left turn. then must move back into the right lane. this doesnt apply to 2 lane city streets. also if there is a solid yellow line, it means do not pass. which is usually found near corners and areas that you cant see on coming traffic.
  3. ShadowWolf2k7

    Fuel range issue after buying a new truck/car

    @FernandoCR [ESP] glad we got that cleared up. I do wish it had the stability and fuel tanks that my Kenworth T680 from ATS has, it has 2 150 gallon tanks totalling 300 gallons on its 6x4 long chassis. I know most ETS trucks with the 6x4 chassis have smaller tanks, but it makes it more fun, at least for me, to drive.
  4. ShadowWolf2k7

    Fuel range issue after buying a new truck/car

    @FernandoCR [ESP] its good to know that, however, to me it seems, that even using the 6x4 chassis in ETS I have to fuel up just as often when using the 4x2 as I do using the 6x4. this is with out using real fuel consumption. also not when I did use the 6x4 chassis in my previous post I used 6x4 long chassis referring to ATS, and I have looked at the fuel tank on the 6x4 on the new Scania r, which with the 4x2 it has 2 tanks, one on each side, on the 6x4, the chassis is extended to add the second set of drive wheels, and yes the fuel tanks maybe be a bit smaller however after loading into ETS to verify my Scania with the 6x4 chassis is listed as having 254 gallons of fuel. this may be a bug, may not, but it is the Scania r 730 with the 6x4 chassis
  5. ShadowWolf2k7

    Fuel range issue after buying a new truck/car

    @Neba your statement about the 4x2 is accurate, however the trucks that have an 8x4 chassis have the fuel take directly behind the cab and hold as much fuel as the 4x2 if not a bit more. in ATS the 6x4 long chassis has the highest fuel amount with 300 gallons of fuel. and a note, when I play ETS I use the Scania r 730 which has a fuel take that holds 200 gallons of fuel and I use the 6x4 chassis. same with the Volvo fh 750. I do not use save editing, and I get on average 1k to 1.5k total miles on a full load of fuel.
  6. ShadowWolf2k7

    Fuel range issue after buying a new truck/car

    i have noticed it in SP, however, as @-Tomukas- has said, new trucks and cars burn more fuel then trucks that have been broken in as they say. I have seen it with my T680. when I first got it to full upgrades it was giving me a 3.5 m/g now it is closer to 7 or 8 m/g. and this is with out using realistic fuel as well.
  7. ShadowWolf2k7

    Heavy Cargo DLC only getting 3 trailers

    @eoinparkinson the trailers are randomly generated, so it is basicly luck of the draw.
  8. ShadowWolf2k7

    truck "derates"

    the 55 mph zone is in cities and on highways that pass through cities, such as the highway that passes through elko. and there is a max speed limit in ATS, it is 100 mph. I think only the car can get there. though I am not sure, since I don't drive above 65 even when I am driving it. I am not limited to 65 I just prefer to drive at that speed.
  9. ShadowWolf2k7

    Remove speed limits from EU#4 server.

    @Doxxyz if you see someone using a speed hack and are recording, you can report them., as far as removing the limiter from EU 4 and someone wants to speed, they are only going to damage themselves. even with out a limiter on EU 4 a speed hack is still against the rules and will cause that person to get banned.
  10. ShadowWolf2k7

    Remove speed limits from EU#4 server.

    @Doxxyz if all servers are sim servers, then all 4 servers should be set to 35 mph city and 55 mph highway. with NC zones for job sites only. that is what is listed for almost all highways in Europe for trucks, even the famous autobon in germany is limited for trucks.. TMP created 4 servers. 1 for simulation. 2 that have a max speed limit of 93 mph, one of those is a no cars server, and one that is set to have 0 collisions with other people. if the OP had asked to remove the limiter from EU 1, 2, or 3 I would have disagreed with his post. however since he has suggested that the only server where someone cant hurt anyone other then themselves, to have the limiter removed there is no issue. you said all "servers are for simulation". that statement is false, only EU 1 is set with simulation rules. the rest are not. you can treat them as simulation servers, and yes this game can be played as a simulator but until the people who caused this issue stop playing like kids who want to treat this like it is ETRS or ATRS, TMP will need servers like the freeroam server of EU4. as far as if you are right, you are only 3/4 right in your statement, ATS and ETS are simulator type games, and not racing games. however if you read the paragraph above again and actually understand what I am saying, you will see that the 3 non simulation servers are there to allow people to relax and have a none strict simulation. so I will say it again, removing the speed limiter from EU 4 wont ruin the simulation for you, or for me. it will allow people who think that this is ATRS or ETRS to actually have a place to play that way. and I still support this suggestion, even if I never play on it.
  11. ShadowWolf2k7

    Remove speed limits from EU#4 server.

    @Doxxyz he isn't suggesting to remove it from EU 1, which is the simulation server, or EU 2, the server that caused the 93 mph max speed limit server or even EU 3, the no car server. he is suggesting it for EU 4, the free roam server, the only server where you cant block, or ram anyone else. so a speed limiter there is as useful as a screen door on a submarine.
  12. Suggestion Name: Change the afk timer to inactivity timer Suggestion Description: change the afk timer to inactivity timer Any example images: not needed Why should it be added?: the reason this should be changed is due to a lot of times people are not away from their keyboard (afk) but are doing things like buying a new truck or trailer or even setting up their drivers such as changing their training focus or upgrading their trucks. so they are not afk, just inactive (not driving)
  13. ShadowWolf2k7

    How do i play with my friend

    if you are friends on steam, it will show your friend as a green dot on the map vs people you don't know who will show up as blue. to get the same trailer, you can paint an owned trailer to match theirs, and both take jobs from the cargo market, there is also the alternative of taking a world of trucks cargo to the same city, usually they are the same load, which will result in the same trailer. you don't need to join a VTC ( virtual trucking company) to drive with your friend.
  14. ShadowWolf2k7

    Remove speed limits from EU#4 server.

    as i said when people were complaining about the limiter not being removed from EU2 that if a suggestion for removing it from EU4 was made I would support it. well the suggestion has been made and I support it. +5.8 billion
  15. ShadowWolf2k7

    Why are the only few users playing ATSMP?

    @Nicoduivel the t680 and the 579 do have similar interiors, but if you use both the trucks gps and the navigation window, you will notice that the navigation window will cover the gps in the 579 making it harder to see, however in the t680 you can still see most of the trucks gps. that is why I only have the 389 which stil suffers from the same issue the 579 does.