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  1. What do you usually do in the multiplayer?

    when my friends are on we convoy and sometimes explore new routes, specially in ATS. as for when I am playing by myself it is just doing deliveries, long or shout deliveries will depend on what I am in the mood for. as for the fabled C-D route it is virtually dead on the US server
  2. 1 server for ATSMP

    did you consider that, if the servers were merged there would still be the fact that the population wouldn't be much higher during peak times then they are now. yes peak time, on average is around 4pm GMT, which would put it at the latest of 11am EST and 8am PST. which most people are either at work/school or going to work/school. and for the states the peak time starts at 4pm EST (9pm GMT) and usually goes through to 8pm PST (4am GMT). which would mean most in the EU are sleeping or getting ready for work. as for this idea of combining the servers -1 since it isn't currently needed, if the average numbers very low during each servers peak times then I could see it happening but not currently
  3. Preferred truck brand

    you forgot to add the choice of other since mine is the good old KW Kenworth oh wait sorry thought I was in the ATS forum still.... ok, ok, I will play nice..... mine for ETS depends on the mood I am in, so I will put the brands I like the least here since the rest are all equal and depend on the mood I am in. so the trucks I like least are DAF, Renault and Iveco.
  4. Inactiveness in ATSMP

    @clifty69 explain why, in your opinion, ETS2 is the better game for MP? because in my opinion both games are good for MP. saying that because it is older makes it better or because it has a higher player count doesn't mean its better.
  5. TMP Game Quality

    I don't notice any difference in SP or MP with graphics or sounds.
  6. Who would be at fault?

    as the rule points out it is the person who is doing the over taking that is at fault.
  7. Allow fatigue simulation

    first it is a know fact that the server time doesn't stop when you are logged out. second it is also know that server time runs slower then SP time. third your fatigue timer from SP doesn't reset in MP until you actually rest be it in SP or MP. fourth the arguing and fighting about an optional feature that was suggested in the OP as being bad or can cause accidents because someone who turned it on is completely pointless. if implemented it should be an OPTIONAL feature to the game, not limited to just ETS2 EU#1, seeing as how I would love to have the option and reason to use the rest stops in ATS. and with no fatigue simulation in MP I have 0 reason to stop in them unless If I need to step away from my computer for a min or 2. some would say then just play SP. that is fine for a while, but then why ever play MP? will MP ever be a full simulator? no since there is no AI traffic. the reason I play MP is to drive trucks as close to realistic as possible with in the confines of the MP server rules and limitations with my friends. adding in the fatigue simulation would add to mine and others enjoyment of MP. you may not like it, does that bother me, not in the slightest. does your opinion matter to me? yes it does. will it change mine? not one bit. @megadethsteve666 "Take your fuel gauge example, (this has happened to me once before) but say you drop your load in a town that doesn’t have a fuel station in close proximity and you don’t own the garage there, you pick up a heavy load and start driving and the notification pops up. Because the heavy load you burn more fuel than average and while climbing a hill near the nearest fuel station you run out of fuel" I would like to point out that, yes, this is their fault. seeing as how there is a fuel gauge in all trucks in both ATS and ETS2, saying its not their fault when they didn't pay attention to their truck is wrong. is it a bad example, imo, yes it is. @megadethsteve666 and @Joao Rodrigues you to both should agree that neither of you will agree with the other, and stop the at length argument. back on topic. if you think that the idea would be bad for the game. don't use it, it is that simple.
  8. Which country are u from?

    You can use template: Country: U.S. State: Nevada City: Pahrump Nationality: American / Native American Picture of your country/city (not flag!)
  9. [VOTE] Do you think /fix command is useful ?

    to me the command is pointless, and IMO should be, disabled on the C-D road. people know that is where the most trolls hang out on EU#2 and is also the place that everyone complains and reports about. if people stopped going there the trolls would have only themselves to play with or would have to find a new place to try and troll. I never used the no damage mod, and see no real reason to have the /fix command. the easiest way to not get damage is to play it as ETS2/ATS not as ETRS2/ATRS. the R standing for Racing
  10. Inactiveness in ATSMP

    ^ for the states that have almost no scenery, that is mostly accurate to their real counterparts, such as the state I live in which is Nevada. I live north of las vegas and between there and here there is nothing really to see. are the roads mostly straight, yes again for the desert states, and that is because you really don't need to avoid much in the desert., as for cailfornia there is plenty to see there since it isn't mostly a desert state.
  11. 1 server for ATSMP

    @Shadii [PL/ENG] 2 servers are fine. there are enough players to have both servers.
  12. Inactiveness in ATSMP

    ^ there are several quality manufactures such as, Freightliner, Mack, International, and Volvo US. just to name a few. if you notice I listed Volvo as a US manufacture, since they do make trucks here in the states, and yes they do have 1 license from Volvo, however the reason there are 0 Volvo trucks in ATS is, they don't have the license from Volvo US to put their trucks in the game. as for bringing in the EU and Asian trucks in the game, still need the licenses for the Asian trucks, plus the EU trucks are already in SP via mods.
  13. Inactiveness in ATSMP

    @Shadii [PL/ENG] who prefers which games trucks are their own personal opinion. you may prefer the EU trucks over the US trucks and that is fine for you, and I wouldn't be able to change your opinion. just as I prefer the US trucks over the EU trucks and you wouldn't be able to change my opinion.
  14. 1 server for ATSMP

    as I said about ATSMP and its US server I will say the same for the ETS2 US server, there are people that would not be able to play ETS2MP if the server was removed. you are aware of what rules are on EU#1, EU#3 and EU#4, only server that shares rules with EU#2 is EU#5. so for your idea to be sound EU#2 would have to take on the rules of Either EU#1 or EU#3. and with the horrid rep of the C-D road in EU#2 not many people would be happy. I doubt that TMP will close any of the servers they have now, and there is a reason they are open, and that is because of their rule sets.
  15. 1 server for ATSMP

    that would be nice for most people and I would agree, but where would the host server be? in the EU, it would mean some people, like myself would never be able to play ATSMP, and if it was kept in the US then the reverse would still be true that people in other countries wouldn't be able to play. as I said it would be a nice idea in an ideal world where everyone had great internet connections. but in this case both servers serve their funtion