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  1. Suggestion Name: face palm emoji Suggestion Description: a face palm emoji Any example images: none Why should it be added?: the reason it should be added is to symbolize that the topic has been heard seen before or makes no sense in the context given and the laughing emoji doesn't suit the topic
  2. @THE ROCK - PT veterans can have more speed, though so can a person that starts today, its called arcade. as for giving something for veteran drivers, have their name show up in a slightly different color to that of people who aren't veteran drivers, as for the superior people, there are no superior people,
  3. this would be a nice addition but, IMO, not in the main section of the forums. my recommendation would be as a possible sub forum under the general section.
  4. @McGalcri when I play MP it is in ATS and I have only been in 1 accident in it. it was a server related issue. as for ETS the few times that I have been hit the only damage has been to either the truck or trailer, none of the damage has effected the cargo. note I do not play on EU2 where all the less then respectful, to put it nicely, play.
  5. this is already something SCS added in for owned trailers, not sure why people would still be getting kicked if the trailer with chrome rims is and owned trailer. and owned trailers is supported in MP.
  6. it only effects job income if the load is damaged, not the trailer. there is 3 separate damage indicators: truck, trailer and cargo. as for this suggestion, it is a no from me. it isn't needed. damage to the trailer doesn't effect driving or job income unless if the cargo itself is damaged.
  7. Suggestion Name: Change the afk timer to inactivity timer Suggestion Description: change the afk timer to inactivity timer Any example images: not needed Why should it be added?: the reason this should be changed is due to a lot of times people are not away from their keyboard (afk) but are doing things like buying a new truck or trailer or even setting up their drivers such as changing their training focus or upgrading their trucks. so they are not afk, just inactive (not driving)
  8. if you are friends on steam, it will show your friend as a green dot on the map vs people you don't know who will show up as blue. to get the same trailer, you can paint an owned trailer to match theirs, and both take jobs from the cargo market, there is also the alternative of taking a world of trucks cargo to the same city, usually they are the same load, which will result in the same trailer. you don't need to join a VTC ( virtual trucking company) to drive with your friend.
  9. with what I just quoted from you. would result in 2 separate bans. you may not think it is fair, the person who broke the rules may think its not fair but at the end of the day, the person broke 2 rules in separate incidents. if the moderator wants to, they can give them 1 long ban combining both incidents or he can issue 2 separate bans, treating them as separate incidents. as for your suggestion I will have to give it a -1. IMO there is no reason to change the ban system itself. as for changing the way it works on a per report day, that might be a different story, and would suit your suggestion better. @Joao Rodrigues the only reports I have done in the whole time I have been here have been done in game. so as for what would and wouldn't be accepted, I wouldn't know. thank you for letting me know though about that
  10. the mods look at all the evidence. if they see more then what you are reporting they can at their own accord increase the ban length. here is my opinion on someone trying to report a person twice for the same incident that you are talking about. if the person sends in the same video/evidence that they posted with the previous report, they themselves should receive a ban for abusing the system.
  11. @TurklerRS that is nice of you to point out one instance of a conversion. since you are being so helpful, are going to convert what 80 KPH, 90 KPH or even what 50 KPH is? those figures are used more often then the 150 KPH is. since you seem to be such a helpful person. others can benefit from your knowledge of the metric to imperial conversions.
  12. interesting read. small basket case states? so if I am understanding you right, 1 state out of the 50, plus the 3 other countries (that I personally know of that use the imperial system) is a basket case? we do use metric in very small cases. that being some of the tools we use such as socket wrenches use metric for some sockets and imperial for others. getting the states to change to metric wont be any easier then convincing the brits to join us "normal" people and drive on the correct side of the road, that being the right hand side of the road. as for the convenient to have converted values for the readers you talk about, it works both ways. there are a fair amount of European readers who use the imperial system on top of the American users who play ATS and ETS. so for convenience sake, the reverse should also be applied. anyone who post metric should also post the imperial conversion. just like you said, for user convenience.
  13. you can speed irl and if you are caught going more then the posted speed limit, you will receive a punishment, ranging from a simple speeding ticket, to a night in jail. and there are a lot of people who play racing games online, just so they can put the pedal to the metal. for normal people? so people who use the imperial system for measurement are not normal? I know that 93 mph is 150 KMP. you will most likely ask, since I know that 93 mph is 150 KPH then why am I posting in mph. it is simple and the answer is listed next to my location. how did figure out the conversion, that is simple as well, I used a converter. if people don't know the conversion from imperial to metric, there are plenty of converters online.
  14. @Erik0301 the problem with what you are saying is easy is, if you remove the limiter for the car (reskinned truck) you remove it for trucks. if you set the limiter to 80 mph for trucks it will be applied to the cars (reskinned trucks).. the way it is now, with a 93 mph max speed limiter. the game is fine. if people don't like the 93 mph max speed limit, they can play SP or play an actual racing game.
  15. the funny thing is, the speed limiter for non city highways is set to 100 mph, and 55 for in city highways. which is higher then the ETS global limiters for both city and highway. and what I posted earlier in this topic if they can move the city limits limiter off of the highways that go near cities such as highway that passes through elko then I would be all for it. but I believe that will be more work then it would be worth so we can just live with the speed limits on the short stretches of highway that goes through the cities.
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