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  1. 150 Km/h update is good or not?

    @Celtibero555 let me make sure I understand you, you are upset that you cant go faster then 93 mph in the car? and you are upset that you "paid" for a truck game and cant speed in the car in a mod who set a max speed of 93 mph in all vehicles? @JamKek why do you feel that they should remove the max speed limiter from the highways?
  2. 150 Km/h update is good or not?

    telling people on this topic to shut up? that is not what was said, and if you interpreted it that way then you misunderstood what was said. as @Joao Rodrigues pointed out and I said. people are free to choose what server they play on, and no one has the right, other then TMP, to tell them how fast or slow they have to drive. you and the others saying that if you don't like to speed, or see others speed, need to go play on EU1, is the wrong thing to say. it isn't their fault that the max speed limiter for ETS2 was set to 93 mph, it was all the people, minus yourself, and a small group of people who were banned for reckless driving, ramming, wrong way driving, blocking and trolling. as for your issue of people blocking or trolling with the new max speed limiter. you can record them and report them.
  3. 150 Km/h update is good or not?

    did you forget that the car is a reskinned truck? a lot of the people complaining that they cant speed, also have banns for: 1. reckless driving 2. improper overtaking 3. ramming and 4 blocking. most people don't have all 4 of those at the same time but they have at least 1 or 2 of them. as for your comment of if people don't like speeding join EU1 (the only ETS server with a lower speed limiter), I will say, if you don't like people playing on the server of their choice, and driving at the speed that is marked for that road, you and all of those people can go play single player that is what it is there for. you can speed to your hearts content. you may not like or agree with the 93 mph (you want to know what this is in KPH, do the conversion) max speed limiter, but it is the direct result of EU2's rammers, reckless drivers, blockers, and trolls. so you can thank them for the 93 mph max speed. on a side note, ETS has a higher max speed limiter then ATS by almost 10 mph.
  4. most of the smaller roads such as country roads which are 2 lane (one lane in each direction) are between 37 and 43 mph with others being up to 50 mph in ETS. telling people that they cant do the speed limit while on specific roads, or playing the " if you don't want to speed, go play on EU1" card is wrong. they have as much right to do the posted speed limit as everyone who wants to do 90+ mph on a small road.
  5. Maximum Speed for cars

    going from the current max speed set by the global speed limiter which is 93 mph* to 103 mph* for cars isn't going to happen. the only server that cars wont have a speed limiter is EU4. hope you are no longer confused. * you can do the conversion from MPH to KPH.*
  6. removal of the limiter on ats

    i have stayed away from this conversation, but here is my 2 cents. should we remove the speed limiter completely the ATS server (since there has been no word on when the US server will be back online) the answer is no it shouldn't be removed. as for, if it is possible, redrawing the city speed limiting zones that extend to the highways that pass through them. the answer would be yes. but only on the ones that have over passes or off ramps leading into the city, not the one that goes through cities that have surface streets that connect directly to the highway ie Carson City and Tonopah. I would also add that in ETS2 there are cities that have a highways that passes along the outer edge of the city that could have the same treatment as well ie Paris. so if it is capable to draw the city speed zone and make it so it avoids the highway, then I agree, however if not then we will have to live with it.
  7. Tweak the town limiter

    I do like this idea, in ATS almost all highways pass through the town they are next to, with some running right through the middle of them. if the highways had their city limit changed to highway limit may make a bit more work for the devs due to them having to draw 2 or more city zones for each city, and would take a lot of time to implement but would be worth it IMO. cant personally test how it is working in ATS due to the US server being down and I am not capable to play on the EU server unless if the max average ping were raised to 800 ms or more
  8. adding the option is all fine and dandy until someone gets banned for the "scroll lock" lagging issue when they were lagging due to thing beyond their control, such as fps drops*, network bottle necking, sun spots, ddos attacks on network hubs. hamsters dying, hardware lag*, poor internet provider**. if there is a 100% way to prove that the person getting reported was using scroll lock to cause the crash, then I am all for it and they should get banned. however others have said it before, you cant tell why someone lags. IMO if the person announces that they are going to use that and you have recorded it and you still crash in to them the fault is 50/50. you knew they were going to use it and didn't take caution to avoid the accident by following to close. if they are not using it they the fault is entirely on you for following to close. in ATS and ETS, I can tell when someone is getting fps or hardware lag when I am between 82 and 93 yards behind them. if their truck and trailer start spazzing out I drop back to a minimum of 165 yards. and slow down to 45-50 MPH (ETS) or 50-55 mph (ATS). * some people like myself cant afford new hardware, so they can and will lag when going through areas of the map. ** some people only have one internet provider which isn't the greatest in the world and have to live with the so so connection they have.
  9. Suggestion Name: posting reason for servers being taken offline Suggestion Description: posting reason for servers being taken offline Any example images: none Why should it be added?: so people know why a server is being taken offline. be it for maintenance, patching, to restart it, or because of a security bug. that way people who cant play on any other server for either ATS or ETS know why it isn't avalible.
  10. 150 Km/h update is good or not?

    the limiter definitely needs to remain on the server that the majority of the reports of reckless driving came from. as for EU4 the only person that that reckless driving will hurt is the person doing the reckless driving.
  11. Your First and or Second Truck?

    my first truck was the Volvo fh 16 classic, second was the Volvo fh, third was one of the older scanias
  12. 150 Km/h update is good or not?

    here is the counter point. if you want to speed go play, Need for Speed, Forza, Grand Theft Auto (any version), F1 (any version). if you have to play ETS and still need to speed I have 4 words for you go play single player.
  13. On Which road do you drive often?

    it depends on what I am hauling and where I am going. but it is mostly I-40* going between Arizona or New Mexico. or I-5* going between eureka and LA * the I is for interstate. which here in the states are major highways that as the name implies, travel through 2 or more states.
  14. How do you change Gears? Manual or Auto?

    i use sequential with the 18 speed transmissions. better gear ratio, and has the best hauling power. the 10 and 13 speed transmissions, to me, are just horrible to use.