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  1. ShadowWolf2k7

    Favourite Christmas songs to listen to while trucking?

    this is the only Christmas song to listen to while trucking
  2. ShadowWolf2k7

    American truck simulator worth it?

    @snabbleverans AB everyone here has given you their opinion about how good or bad the game is. yes there are fewer people playing ATSMP. some say it is due to the smaller map. yes there are only 5 states currently2.5 of them are desert (northern Nevada, isn't represented very well). the other 2 states, California and Oregon are both mostly green states. everyone says ATS is boring to drive through due to "mostly being desert areas" hate to say it, ETS has almost no variation in their maps .Frances scenery looks like Germanys and polands. I cant say anything about the areas from the Italy france or the going east dlcs areas due to not owning them, but even scandinavias areas look relativily similar to the base game map of ETS. would I recommend buying ATS and playing on the ATSMP, yes. but ultimately you will have to decide if you like it or not. we can give you our opinions but at the end of the day that is all they are, opinions.
  3. ShadowWolf2k7

    [Poll] AI traffic in ATSMP and no speed limiter

    @dragonslayingmaster1000 the issue isn't the ai, or where the loads go it is the server such as EU2. don't put ai on EU2 and it will be fine.
  4. ShadowWolf2k7

    [Poll] AI traffic in ATSMP and no speed limiter

    @dragonslayingmaster1000 adding it to ETS wouldn't be a problem either, due to the fact that there are 0 ST loads for the C-D road. and adding in AI traffic, specially on EU2 would cause more problems so if they set up servers with AI, be it with any of the current servers, I don't think EU2 will be one that gets AI traffic. as for your pole there should have been a third option and that being adding ai traffic with out removing the speed limiter. since it is set to 100 mph and that is plenty fast enough. for myself and others 80-85 mph is fast enough.
  5. ShadowWolf2k7

    How Much Money Do You Have Ingame?

    @AirSociety you are talking about EU2 of ETS, my main profile is in ATS, and it is very easy to get to 15 mill, with 60+ drivers, even playing MP, I have only had one load that was damaged, and that was because someone spawned in right in the middle of the road with no ghost mode. the US server for ATS isn't anything like the EU2 server for ETS.
  6. ShadowWolf2k7

    How Much Money Do You Have Ingame?

    @AirSociety with 60+ drivers you can
  7. ShadowWolf2k7

    How Much Money Do You Have Ingame?

    on my main profile I have 15 mll. I don't use hacks or cheats.
  8. it is a known bug, involving the Volvo dlc. there was suppose to be a fix from SCS, but there wasn't one to download. if you want to play you have to uncheck the volvo dlc.
  9. ShadowWolf2k7

    forum for server outages

    yes, there is a location to see server outages, but does it tell you why it is down? yes, they do put up announcements, yet they do not tell us why a server was taken down. I respect both your opinions, but still feel that they can put up a sub forum telling us why a server was taken down.
  10. ShadowWolf2k7

    Volvo Transmission

    it sounds like you use an automatic transmission. when I do drive the Volvo, I use the 14 speed transmission. and have no issue getting into the higher gears, however I use sequential for my transmission type, so I manually shift up and down gears.
  11. ShadowWolf2k7

    What is your favourites Trucks

    well since this is posted in general I will add my 2 cents to this fine topic, my favorite trucks are the Kenworth T680 and the Scania R730. the T680 has good pulling power and isn't as long as the W900 or the Pete 389. and the Scania r730 isn't as top heavy as the Volvos seem to be.
  12. ShadowWolf2k7

    Volvo VNL coming in a few weeks

    @Brandon8506 we can hope it brings good players, the troll can go play some where else.
  13. ShadowWolf2k7

    What version was nice in your opinion?

    I prefer 1.32 for both ATS and ETS. owning my own trailers, and being able to give my drivers one also is a nice touch. SCS will do optimizations to make the game run smoother which will fix the fps drops.
  14. ShadowWolf2k7

    convoy speeds

    if you can hold 55 mph, that is better good fuel mileage and people wont be as annoyed with you. also a recommendation, if you are going 50 to 55 mph in areas such as Nevada, Arizona an d new mexico try and stay as far to the right as you can. it will give the people who are traveling at 65+ mph a bit more room to pass, even when on the freeways.
  15. ShadowWolf2k7

    Volvo VNL coming in a few weeks

    a note about the word few, it doesn't mean 3, a few means anything over 2, since 2 is a couple.