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  1. there is a lake outside of Carson City. it is awesome to look at, in game, however it doesn't capture how it really looks. if you do get a chance, you should go there and see it. though it is on the way to Tonopah when heading south along highway 95.
  2. @[VIVA] Arctic Wolf ATS, isn't dead you preferring ETS, cant say anything about that -bigger map, more countries, vs states is right, dlc wise, ETS has 1 more map expansion then ATS does. more truck licenses is accurate, however it is harder for SCS to get truck licenses here in the states due to previous game titles. another thing I have seen as to why ATS isn't doing as well as ETS. long straight roads. that is mostly accurate to the US highway network, is the current states mostly desert, yes for Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and a small part of California, however the northern part of California, and north western part of Nevada are green states. we will get some more desert when we get Oregon, but for the most part it will be a green state.
  3. ShadowWolf2k7

    Popular Route in ATS?

    @NotAHumanBeing try that route with the transformer, even with either the W900 and the 389, it adds a bit more time onto the trip., unless if you are one of those that loves to speed every where, then it only adds about 5 to 10 min
  4. ShadowWolf2k7

    Driving in United Kingdom, Easy or Difficult?

    for me personally it wasn't hard to drive in the UK with my first truck, just weird when your are using standard cab setup, for an American. the hard part was when I was still doing quick jobs and got a truck from the UK, now that was a pain. since I was now driving in the passanger seat, again from what I am used to as an American lol
  5. ShadowWolf2k7

    International trucks will be joining ATS

    if we get the Lonestar, will it come with the standard yogart figureine that says may the shwartz be with you?
  6. ShadowWolf2k7

    With or Without A VTC?

    I don't have a need for one, I drive with a few friends or solo. and since there is no sleep timer to reset the job market. I take WOT jobs, so I have a list of what I have hauled, and to where
  7. ShadowWolf2k7

    Running red lights

    i don't care if there are people around or not, if the light is red I stop. if the sign says stop I stop. if there are people around and they don't like the fact I stopped for the red light or the stop sign then they can go play GTA or NFS. if they want to honk or get mad that I stopped at the light or stop sign, I will tell them, to bad. I am playing the way I want to play. if they don't like it go play on another server, since stopping at red lights and stop signs is not against the rules.
  8. ShadowWolf2k7

    Trailer and Loads ATS

    @FernandaTrans it might come to ATS in the future. a suggestion would be to suggest it to SCS seeing as California, and Nevada also have cattle ranches. of course it could be added in when Oregon is added as a state, since it is also know for cattle ranches
  9. ShadowWolf2k7

    Headlights-ON warning beep

    @[HKG] Chickennnnnnnnnnnn atleast you learned from your mistake
  10. ShadowWolf2k7

    What is your opinion on this trailer

    it is a good trailer better IMO, better then the other dump trailer. don't know if it will be allowed in CA with the restriction on distance between the kingpin and the final axle being over 40 feet. definatly know that in the configuration you have shown in the screenshot wont be allowed outside of Nevada.
  11. ShadowWolf2k7

    US Server

    @S.E.T AssassinGoEasy the only time I get lag is when someone who has a ping over 200ms is near by. other then that my ping hovers around 50 to 75ms. I do also get the occasional fps drop in Las Vegas, when I turn off the road from Hoover Dam. it is caused by my graphics card. other then that there is 0 lag
  12. ShadowWolf2k7

    ATS or ETS ? What do you perfer ? :)

    I prefer ATS over ETS, reasons 1. the us trucks don't feel like they are going to tip over, due to their lower center of gravity. 2. the trucks don't need anything over 625hp to pull the heaviest loads in ats, where the volvo and Scania both need more hp and torque due to their lighter weight. 3. the base scenery in ETS (no dlc) varies little, where as the scenery in ATS (with out and paid dlc) varies quite a bit. northern California differs quite a bit from southern California. 4. it is easier to drive in ATS then it is ETS.
  13. ShadowWolf2k7

    US Server

    @Tundra_Gaming It would be nice wouldn't it. however, there are a fair number of people like me, who, depending on which ATS server was kept, would no longer be able to play mp due to constantly being kicked due to high ping. if we kept the EU ATS server then people in NA and SA would no longer be able to play ATSMP due to the high ping kicks, and same would go for those in the EU and other areas would no longer be able to play due to high ping kicks when connecting to the US server. I respect your opinion, but can not agree with it
  14. ShadowWolf2k7

    Disable Air Horns

    there is an in game volume control to turn down the in game sounds. so this isn't needed.
  15. ShadowWolf2k7

    Maximum Speed for cars

    why do you suggest leaving trucks at 93 mph but force cars to drive 18 mph slower then trucks? isn't it true that cars have a higher posted speed limit in most countries then trucks do, even California, the only state, to my knowledge, has a higher speed limit for cars then trucks. do I feel that the cars should have a higher speed limit then trucks, yes, however with in reason, which is no more then 15 mph faster then trucks. TMP's 93 mph max speed limit for both cars and trucks is a good start. an 80 to 85 mph max speed limit would be, IMO, better yet.