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  1. I personally prefer the Kenworth t680, which has close to 200k miles and the Volvo VNL the most, however if I want to do a special transport mission I will throw in the Peterbilt 389 in the day cab setup for the max turning ability.
  2. in ATS and ETS I prefer the Reefer it has the largest number of cargo items that it can haul also in ATS I prefer the 53 foot trailer since it adds a bit more difficulty.
  3. i use my trailers when playing ATS since I have more trailers in that game, I do tend to also use my own trailers in ETS as well but I don't play it as much.
  4. @TheCreepyTruckr your going to get no where with the "tidepod" generation, they want to ram everyone or cause as many accidents as they can. this is part of the reason I don't play ETSMP any more. I occasionally hop in to ATSMP but you will find its share of less than civil drivers. here is my solution to the people whining about the fact that they have to follow speed limitation, or play with out one but cant ram people, I say, make a server that they get logged into, where they can drive as fast as they want, ram who ever they want, but are unable to put in reports, unable to use F7, will have their website reporting abilities revoked. then they can troll other trolls. solves their issue of not being able to ram people and they can drive as fast as they want.
  5. yet the turnpike doubles max trailer size is 2x53 feet plus the dolly, which can put the max length to 106 to 108 total feet. and this is with out save editing
  6. I will point out what I posted earlier in this topic. it is a set limit and has consequences for going over the limit. as for your suggestion earlier about having a server with collisions but no speed limits check the suggestions topic I seem to remember that someone suggested that and it was declined, I may be wrong about that but you are free to look.
  7. i personally prefer the 18 speed, for me it is faster shifting and you can skip gears from gear 2nd gear to 14th gear.
  8. EU: no right on red. US unless posted other wise you can turn right on red as long as you come to a complete stop. for round a bouts cars and trucks already in the round a bout have the right away, those that are not, have to yield to cars and trucks in the round about. if it is a 2 lane round about the inside lane can turn left (follow the round about to the left side) or continue straight. while the outside lane can only turn right or continue straight. at least that is here in the states.
  9. Suggestion Name: face palm emoji Suggestion Description: a face palm emoji Any example images: none Why should it be added?: the reason it should be added is to symbolize that the topic has been heard seen before or makes no sense in the context given and the laughing emoji doesn't suit the topic
  10. the save files wont be removed, so the OP wont lose their progress, but they wont be able to play the game until they actually own the game.
  11. I own all the map dlcs except Utah, special transport, heavy cargo, forestry machines, rocket league, the metallic paint (got that from ETS via WoT), the wheel tuning pack (got it from ETS) and some cabin decorations from WoT.
  12. @[DEL] Kernox [GER] if I am understanding you right, you are asking will you lose your progress you made during the free weekend after it is over? the answer is no, you wont lose the progress you made, but what @FernandoCR [ESP] said is correct, you wont be able to play the game again until you purchase it. and last I checked the base game was 75% off, I might be wrong but I do know it is on sale.
  13. they have a rules section, maybe they could add a section titled rules and post the rules there and add 2 replies below that where any updates to the rules will be placed. when they get ready to update it with the third update the rules will be condensed with the last 2 changes being put into the main rules and then the new changes will be added into the first slot. that way there it will show the last 1 or 2 updates and the main rules section. would this be a lot of possibly unneeded work, yes, but it would help us know what the original rule was and what the new one is,
  14. i know what you are saying, they should remove the 68 mph speed limiter. they should instead implement a punishment system to simulate being stopped by the police. they can put in a 3 strike system, when you exceed the speed limit by 5%, the first 2 times you are auto kicked, the third time you receive a 24 hr lockout from the simulation servers. if you feel that this is to harsh, you could always be happy with the 68 mph highway speed limit.
  15. I prefer the Kenworth t680 and the Volvo 780. both have nice designs.
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