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  1. chipmunk197

    problem with world of truck (Euro Truck Simulator 2)

    go to home screen - options(next to save and load game) - online - browse and if you have all the dlcs you should have all 7 connected if not you can connect them and you should be fine
  2. chipmunk197

    To avrage high ping

    for ets2 theres nothing you can do they got rid of the aisa servers that would of been your best one but on ats you can play on the usa server iv seen people from that part of the world play happily on that server even here in Canada i get 160s on ets2 maybe try a Ethernet cable it would make it more stable to game on if anything
  3. chipmunk197

    ATS Bot?

    it would be nice if more people just came on but after 3 weeks the game dies off after the major updates and hovers around 300-400 people
  4. iv always wondered after reporting someone and they get banned permanently do you have to keep the evidence up for ever because all admins put remember that evidence must be available for the full duration of the ban PLUS 1 month. so that means for ever to me 

    1. Sentinel_


      In my opinion if it is a permanent ban then you would need to keep the evidence up forever, if the user ever wants to appeal the ban with counter evidence then this evidence will need to be made available i guess. But i'm not entirely sure, this is just my two cents. :D 

    2. chipmunk197


      i keep them up for ever anyways but i was just wondering 

    3. Sentinel_


      Yeah i do too, considering the report videos are usually short in length and low space plus YouTube and other sites gives us unlimited cloud storage, no real reason to delete them.

  5. chipmunk197

    TruckersMP and ETS 2 integration

    scs said they are going to work on something to combine the game and mp together but thats after a big update to world of trucks and isnt coming anytime soon like a year or 2 it was mention in the Christmas streams
  6. In addition to the above, if you also complete a delivery to at least 5 different destinations you will receive: 


    im confused about this part iv done my 10 but what is this part is it the same trailers from random cities

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. chipmunk197


      lol Brussels will be fun its bad enough just daily traffic 

    3. LordBenji


      Yeah I'm not looking for the traffic in Brussel and London

    4. chipmunk197


      the one im interested next in is Russia 

  7. the last load i need to do all 10 is where the event is now and i cant find a trailer :( have to wait till tomorrow 


    1. Titanic4


      In my case I have to wait until Poznań is the destination for the event. For some reason SCS has made Bratislava one of the sources while Bratislava is also one of the destinations. The next destination on the list happens to be in Italia DLC, which I don't own at the time of making this reply.

    2. ScaniaFan89


      IMo they should have done it so it goes to the previous location if the pick up point is in the new destination so bratslavia goes to paris while the rest go to bratslavia....also you have to do 5 random to get the other rewards ( when the destination changes you simply do a job to it,you dont need to do 5 to each new destination just 1 ) after you complete the 10 ( for the first 10 you have to do each pick up city ).


      Its confusing explaining it! 

    3. chipmunk197


      Italy would be nice iv not been there in weeks iv been up north around Russia 

  8. my g27 isnt showing as a g27 its showing as a g25 

    anyone know how to fix this problem

  9. can i report someone for pushing me with full brakes on in the event line after 4+ times telling him to stop 


    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      I guess you can report that as it can be classed as a bug abuse.

    2. chipmunk197


      i had park and my brake peddle all the way down and he still pushed me a good few meters the last time he did it 

  10. are the wot trailers fixed yet 

    1. Noxii


      When they are you'll most likely recieve an update to your TruckersMP client so you'll know that way when they are.


      Atm I can confirm that they're not updated as I was in game about 10 minutes ago.

  11. chipmunk197

    Special Transport DLC

    Es ist das ai und die überspannte Ladung, die es stoppt, wurde online gestellt, weil andere es nicht haben
  12. is there away of finding the owner of a vtc to file a complaint about their drivers mostly truck mafia its that or they wont have any drivers lol I just seem to be reporting a lot of them 

    1. ScaniaFan89


      Good luck, i honestly don't think they care....Same as the Unreal Team!


      They aren't a vtc in my eyes, all they do is race around causing crashes from reckless overtaking etc! The more of them banned the better for the rest of us!!!



    2. LordBenji


      Sometimes you see groups or communities, they're not true VTCs, all we can do is just report the drivers, it's their fault if they break the rules.

  13. chipmunk197

    Nickname turned into user_274784

    https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings go there
  14. my reports page is broken 

    You will need to provide this error code to Support: e0d5520e305745399c839a3b550b018f

    1. Titanic4


      Have you tried to clear the cookie files for truckersmp.com domain? 

    2. chipmunk197


      seems to be a chrome problem my fire fox seems to work fine 

  15. lol got kicked for using doubles in burgen reason for kick was using doubles in restricted area