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  1. thought ats was upto ats but when i start the game up it says i need 1.36.3 not 1.36.18

    1. LordBenji


      Current supported version of ATS is, which is the latest version of ATS at the moment I write this. So no need to downgrade the game, just select "None - opt out of all beta programs".

  2. on my own trailer how do i stop the lift axles dropping everytime i drop and pick a load up


    1. xXBlazieXx [G29]

      xXBlazieXx [G29]

      Depends how heavy the load is. Also, Do you have auto lift/drop axle clicked in the settings menu. 

    2. chipmunk197


      well it can be anything from 1 ton to 24 tons and its not ticked it stayed up before 1.36

    3. KhaosHammer


      It's been a few updates now since the lift axle on trailer drops by itself depending on the load. You can't do anything about that afaik.

  3. is ets2 now fully uptodate just not the dlc fully supported but can use it 

    1. Rebelwarrior1981


      I would like to know this myself because I am confused. I know i read on twitter that TMP or SCS were working on the new update and now I am confused but if you know anything more let me know please thank you. 

    2. chipmunk197



      Rebelwarrior1981 it works on mp istanbul is lag city peek times

    3. Rebelwarrior1981


      Okay thank you for the information I am thinking about getting the DLC I'm just not sure yet

  4. iv downgraded ats and i still cant get on to mp because it needs an older version 

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    2. LSTVTC l Brad l CEO

      LSTVTC l Brad l CEO

      Select opt out of betas maybe?

    3. chipmunk197


      no noting works 

    4. LSTVTC l Brad l CEO

      LSTVTC l Brad l CEO

      Hmm.. All I can suggest is a reinstallation of TruckersMP.. or to verify the game files perhaps? 

  5. maybe check the underside of the mouse and see if there's any dust or fluff in the lazer hole or see if there's any updates needed in the software or im not sure but my razer deathadder you can re calibrate the mouse in the razer synapse or change the sensitivity ingame
  6. if my profile was on the cloud and i deleted it in game how do i get the profile back

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    2. LordBenji


      Well I mean there should be a bunch of sub versions of 1.35, like it would say something like (

    3. DylanRees


      If it's on steam cloud it should stay, even if you delete the game. I switched to an SSD, so had to reinstall ETS2 and my profile stayed. Make sure you enable cloud on steam settings.

    4. chipmunk197


      iv done all that but still nothing 

  7. chipmunk197


    its normally the first week in december depending on map dlc and major updates
  8. iv got my self a razer chroma keyboard and scs says its supported by the game but the game wont control the rgb even when its ticked in game 


    can anyone help me with this

    1. Titanic4


      Do you have Razer Synapse installed on your computer? 

    2. chipmunk197


      yes when i plugged the keyboard in it did all the software

  9. just got onto ets2 for the first time on a new computer and now truckers mp wont let me play on the server due to not owning all my dlcs but im pretty sure i own every single one 

    1. DylanRees



      I had this problem in ATS MP. Go into your TruckersMP settings > Linked Games/ DLC and then "Check DLC". That fixed it for me. You have to wait a while after clicking it though for it to check. Make sure you have your steam account set to public.

    2. ScaniaFan89


      Also make sure your WOT account is synced, verify the game cache etc....

    3. DylanRees


      If it was something to do with WOT it was down for a while do that might be the problem.

  10. iv got ats installed and just downloaded ets2 how do i put the mod in for ets2 if iv already got it set up just for ats


  11. i think overtaking should be punished more especially on single 1 lane busy roads oh and the 55mph limit on ats in the city as your on the highway should be removed on the highway its 80mph but your stuck to 55
  12. where do i find a profile thats already leveled up to 25 for ets2 iv moved and i dont have my main pc with my main game on it and ill not have it for 3 months 

    1. LordBenji


      That would've been the sort of situation where Steam cloud would be useful. Despite not fitting your requirements, you can still take a look at this:


  13. theyll probably remove the restrictions all together it wont be worth it to cut off nearly half of that road but we shall probably get to know next week when ats 1.35 is out too
  14. for steam cloud based profiles how do i redownload them 

  15. go to home screen - options(next to save and load game) - online - browse and if you have all the dlcs you should have all 7 connected if not you can connect them and you should be fine
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