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  1. for this to happen youll need ai and thats probably not coming any time soon
  2. even me spends hours per day i would stay the hell away from kirkness quarry its a hell hole worse then calais to duisburg
  3. well as long as it keeps to the 3 part ets2 chain combo or 5 part ats combo you can have whatever you feel like
  4. for the truckersfm challenge can i use steer axles on the trailer there's no rules on that

  5. it cant only mighty griffin pack (mod) and an few trailer mods normally is says mp supported on the mod descriptions
  6. chipmunk197


    it tells you the time and date at the top of the home page as a red banner but you can find out also where it says Issued by Reason: Appealed: Expires: < this is where youll find out when your unbanned but give it a min or 2 to let the servers update
  7. when i play with autom mod the sky is ready says texture on ets2


  8. chipmunk197


    problem with promods its not the game itself its the pc having to deal with all that information to load into the game like a huge map its down to the limitations of the game engine
  9. chipmunk197


    needs to be a motorway road or 2 lanes each way at least
  10. they seem to leave out the trailer painjobs from all the new dlcs its a shame really
  11. Happy birthday

  12. sometimes i wonder whats the point of traffic lights nobody uses them 

    1. chipmunk197


      then the person wonders why you hit them 

    2. LordBenji


      And blew the horn when he passed through the red light

    3. chipmunk197


      depends if the horn works yeah lol

  13. i use nvidia and bandicam to record things and i have a separate drive to record onto
  14. waiting for 1.39 lol its probably going to be shortly after 1.38 is mp ready
  15. is 1.38 any close to been useable 

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    2. DSL/28 - ReaperOfDeath

      DSL/28 - ReaperOfDeath

      seeing how 1.38.x was released 3 weeks ago info about 1.39.xx will start to show very soon

    3. chipmunk197


      @DSL/31 - ReaperOfDeath 1.39 is probably the spain+colorado update im guessing thats around october november time 

    4. antrax737


      I'd say, september, october. November seems to far away, and 1.40 just before the release of the dlcs... but i am guessing.

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