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  1. i log out of ets2 and came back now i cant log back in it keeps bringing up api returned invalid content so i restarted my pc and still getting it 

    1. LAA Trans l Krystian05

      LAA Trans l Krystian05

      Same for me! +1

    2. chipmunk197


      my ats is fine so ill go on that for the rest of the night 

  2. is it me or has these 2 eu servers been so laggy and unstable 

    1. WNxArcticwolf


      Truckersmp are aware of the problem i got told. 

  3. its technically the whole of iberia though its missing Andorra so its mostly spain and portugal
  4. its probably going to take longer this week because of spain dlc and the new truck dlc to be added maybe thats what they are waiting for to get spain dlc then push the update out
  5. you probably dont have a good enough pc to play the game more than 40fps 

    1. Ralu_xD.exe


      GTX1650,Too uncomfortable😷

    2. chipmunk197


      a gtx1650 thats only good for low to medium quality gaming for high to ultra youll need a 1060 6gb or 1070 level gpu

  6. for the vans can they carry cargo i might try them out tomorrow 

  7. ill definitely be getting the van i dont care much about the cars
  8. i cant download theupdate i keep getting the remote server returned an error 521


  9. the single flashing red traffic light its like a stop sign and tthe same thing but yellow is a give way
  10. in theory if the area is busy you should stop at lights but people dont then they get mad at you for them running the red light and later getting banned for it
  11. im locked out of my account with 2 factor authentication i cant get to support because i need the code

    1. LordBenji


      These two links should be useful, click on the first one, then the second one


  12. im locked out of my account with 2 factor authentication i cant get to support because i need the code 

  13. my ets2 keeps crashing on start up since the new update today but ats is fine 


  14. i got kicked from ats for using a turnpike double trailer standered as it comes and i cant use them or ill be kicked 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. chipmunk197


      accessories but its standered from the shop


    3. Titanic4


      What kind of accessory were you trying to use on your turnpike double?

    4. chipmunk197


      just things out the shop ill try another set up see if its just my flat beds trailer if it is ill just rebuy its from the days when it was first added 

  15. i forgot how to do this 


    but how do i turn off the force engine turn off when dropping off loads in my own trailers 


    1. LordBenji


      There should be a setting in the game, if not, then you can always change it in the console, or in the config file inside your profile folder.


      For example, in the console, you'd type :

      g_cargo_load_require_engine_off 0



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