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  1. whats the winter mod called cant find any info on it 

  2. iv done a load to the hq and didnt get the achievement on my profile it took me 2 hour just to get there just in that traffic jam feel ripped off 

  3. probably getting ready for winter mod to come out its about that time of the month normally mid December just before Christmas
  4. with the job dispatur  can i use my own trailers 

    1. Arcticwolfs


      Sadly can't help you as i never used it. 

    2. KRONAX


      You can't use job dispatcher with your trailer, at least for now. I'm sure they will add it soon.

  5. i log out of ets2 and came back now i cant log back in it keeps bringing up api returned invalid content so i restarted my pc and still getting it 

    1. LAA Trans l Krystian05
    2. chipmunk197


      my ats is fine so ill go on that for the rest of the night 

  6. is it me or has these 2 eu servers been so laggy and unstable 

    1. Arcticwolfs


      Truckersmp are aware of the problem i got told. 

  7. you probably dont have a good enough pc to play the game more than 40fps 

    1. HET & Lin*

      HET & Lin*

      GTX1650,Too uncomfortable?

    2. chipmunk197


      a gtx1650 thats only good for low to medium quality gaming for high to ultra youll need a 1060 6gb or 1070 level gpu

  8. for the vans can they carry cargo i might try them out tomorrow 

  9. ill definitely be getting the van i dont care much about the cars
  10. i cant download theupdate i keep getting the remote server returned an error 521


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