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  1. the w900 isnt the best its the peterbilt 389 you'll be surprised with the torque ratings the w900 isnt the best its heavier kw w900 = 625hp @ 466kW torque pb 389 = 625hp @ 466kW torque volvo = 600hp @ 447kW torque lonestar = 605hp @ 451kW torque mack = 505hp @ 377kW torque thats all top specs the 389 is better its lighter than the w900
  2. i think the speed limit should be lower at least set to the road speed limit would reduce so many more crashes
  3. one thing i miss about the new update is the horn when i need it its never working :(

  4. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2124386001
  5. for the best views its got to be norway in the mountains bergen to oslo its 5 years old now but still one of the best views iv found on the map is in norway then you have the little islands off the coast of italy and france
  6. https://imgur.com use that web site to post the pic then you can find the name from your logs in my docs in the ets2mp folder
  7.  (except Tucson, Phoenix, and Södertälje (ProMods) race tracks) in the rules about reckless driving where is phoenix race track iv had ats for years the only one i know of is the one outside tucson

  8. its good because i use it all the time going to the east save with vegas on ats they need to redo the uk too it looks really old now and they said last year it was one of the first places made
  9. i like the truck but has problems like the wide fov and isnt a heavy moving truck
  10. maybe try resetting your router or look into using an ethernet cable iv got ethernet cable and powerline adapters sometimes wifi drops out for no reason or isnt stable enough
  11. it was ok till it got busy and people jumping the line causing more delays i gave up after a 3 hour 1 way trip then people asking admin to kick them for no reason idk why then there the sound bug
  12. ets2 is so buggy with the sounds but ats works like a dream not found any bugs just only on ets2 

  13. https://twitter.com/TruckersMP TruckersMP @TruckersMP Update regarding 1.37 support: We are planning on testing this Saturday. The release will either be on Sunday or in the following week depending on the number of bugs. Thanks for your patience so far! 7:41 pm · 29 May 2020·TweetDeck
  14. theres also many many other topics about this all saying the same nobody knows when its ready just sit tight was planned for this week but im guessing its still not ready so it could be out this month or next
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