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  1. chipmunk197

    Special Transport DLC

    Es ist das ai und die überspannte Ladung, die es stoppt, wurde online gestellt, weil andere es nicht haben
  2. is there away of finding the owner of a vtc to file a complaint about their drivers mostly truck mafia its that or they wont have any drivers lol I just seem to be reporting a lot of them 

    1. ScaniaFan89


      Good luck, i honestly don't think they care....Same as the Unreal Team!


      They aren't a vtc in my eyes, all they do is race around causing crashes from reckless overtaking etc! The more of them banned the better for the rest of us!!!



    2. LordBenji


      Sometimes you see groups or communities, they're not true VTCs, all we can do is just report the drivers, it's their fault if they break the rules.

  3. chipmunk197

    Nickname turned into user_274784

    https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings go there
  4. my reports page is broken 

    You will need to provide this error code to Support: e0d5520e305745399c839a3b550b018f

    1. Titanic4


      Have you tried to clear the cookie files for truckersmp.com domain? 

    2. chipmunk197


      seems to be a chrome problem my fire fox seems to work fine 

  5. lol got kicked for using doubles in burgen reason for kick was using doubles in restricted area 

  6. cant play etsmp due to game update iv downgraded and now its telling me the mod its to new to use the game and then i put it to normal and the games can start because the mods using an older game version :( 

    1. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      I've seen this happen before, when SCS releases some minor updates. The latest version becomes "too new" for TMP but when downgrading to the previous release, then it's "too old" for TMP. Nothing you can do, other than wait until TMP developers update the mod.

  7. chipmunk197

    What is planning for Washington and Utah coming this year?

    well they've confirmed Washington my guess will be end of summer maybe September but nothing has been said about Utah that maybe next year or they could go across the bottom that means Texas/Oklahoma due to them been on the border of new mexico or they could go across the top so then that would be Idaho wtich goes to the top right on Nevada
  8. wheres the reports page its gone missing 

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    2. Baratako


      It looks like they changed some designs on the site. You can find the report section by hovering the mouse over your name until a menu drops down, from there you can select "Reports" :) 

    3. ScaniaFan89
    4. chipmunk197


      so thats where its hiding now

  9. chipmunk197

    Washington DLC is coming next!

    and not allowed to pull doubles in Washington thou its not on the list Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Mexico North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah
  10. chipmunk197

    Washington DLC is coming next!

    shame really because i wouldn't mind going to texas but hopefully large doubles and triples can go into Washington
  11. chipmunk197

    Can you suggest me some decent VPN desktop programs

    or you can get vpns with some antivirus software like iv got bidefender thats got vpn in it thats pretty good but tunnel bear and nordvpn is just as good
  12. chipmunk197

    I'm tired of resetting economy (no jobs)

    you can hop between cities that dose the same thing the reason why it dose it is when your playing single player you sleep and reset and when you leave the timer stops but on mp its not controlled the same when you leave the jobs still keep going because it goes off the server time witch never stops but if you sleep and fast travel it resets it
  13. chipmunk197

    Traffic flow on ETS2MP#Europe 2 on simple map!

    they kinda have that anyways goes from white to red but a truckersmp app be much better iv been wanting one for the past 3 or 4 years
  14. i hate sharemod.com so many popups  

    1. -XCE-


      Don't use it then :troll:

  15. chipmunk197

    Is the Winter Mod allowed?

    it says on the main webpage yes but looks like the ets2 servers are broken no body is on them