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  1. chipmunk197

    Christmas Convoy 2018

    shame it starts at 2am for me and the only one ill be up for is the last one but thats the best bit going up into Scandinavia
  2. Article 13 sounds interesting 


    would it affect this mod too 

    1. Rev.


      Technically yes, as TruckersMP would need to moderate content being shared via their services for infringements in copyright as a forum, discord etc is in essence a social media platform. 


      However, I don't personally think it will make much of an impact or cause any legal issues. 

  3. people in Finland need to give the HTC trailers more room and to remember that its twice as long because people dont care about you with them on the back like i tried to get out of a place and people came and blocked me in so we was stood there for like 3 mins 

  4. my save had vanished but i put it to the cloud how do i get it back 

    1. chipmunk197


      iv found it lol saved my ass that cloud alread

  5. chipmunk197

    New trailer dump truck

    should make them longer i hate them trailers
  6. chipmunk197

    What truck should i buy on 10 lvl

    a daf isnt a bad truck
  7. chipmunk197

    my ETS2 downgrade. but not compatible profile ..

    your stuck on 1.33 its always best to have 2 profiles one for testing or single player and the other for multiplayer
  8. this deleting your account thing should be 24hours after you last was on a server people are hacking then deleting the account to avoid bans and then with in the 24 hours if youve not got any reports then its clear to delete 

    1. LordBenji


      *cough* #suggestions

  9. chipmunk197

    What new trucks you think ATS will add?

    Mercedes would be nice i know they do an american truck
  10. are double trailers allowed on c-d road now because iv seen a few on that road today 

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    2. Moh_


      You can spawn with doubles, but the moment you start driving, you'll be kicked. It works similar to how the headlight kick works.

    3. F.Maynard


      allowed? or kick system not working.


    4. chipmunk197


      thats where i seen some too in that spot


  11. chipmunk197

    Update 1.33 When will it be released?

    1.33 is most likely for the baltic sea dlc and its not even open beta yet still needs to go thought that stuff then probably week or 2 before Christmas it gets released
  12. im assuming the ats special transport isnt going to be supported for a while even though its not as busy and mostly well behaved on ats servers to have it 

    1. LordBenji


      Yeah but they're still huge and long, and it can be pretty tricky on some roads from what I've seen. And there's the pilot cars c:

  13. chipmunk197

    Steam Fam share

    nope i tried that and it dont work
  14. is the day night cycle back yet iv been waiting for it to come back to  normal 

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      It's been back to normal for a few days, now. Though the servers still want you to have your headlights on, even though it is daytime. That should be fixed soon.

    2. chipmunk197


      iv been playing the new dlc for city skylines for a few days till ats gets updated and the day and night goes back to normal 

  15. https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/1813/American_Truck_Simulator_Halloween_Special/ the day after the event i wanted it for theres halloween skins for the trailers nice