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  1. EU2 Server

    best thing you can do is record and file a web report or use a different server but there are parts the trolls dont go like in going east dlc itally dlc and Scandinavia but problem with them its mostly empty but the best seninary is in them dlcs
  2. Achievement "MiniMaxer"

    well the way i did it was take a long load and stick to the road speed limits and try not to get seen by the camera try urgent loads with liquids or heavy urgent loads
  3. eu2 is so bad today cant even do 1 job with out someone ramming me mainly a car 

    1. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      Dont drive on CD then? The road has a reputation. Theres no way you can expect to complete a genuine job on this road.

    2. Miyuki


      People don't give anything to your perfectionism on C-D road. That's Crash-to-Death.

    3. chipmunk197


      well i knew that but not going up north around northern Germany sadly i didnt notice my bandicam crashed lol so cant get justice 

  4. About chassis?

    2x4 over 4x6 pulling heavy trailers like the the heavy cargo dlc on the 2x4 isnt good it lifts the front up and makes it hard to turn at low speeds personally i go for the 4x6 youve got 4 wheel rear drive and good enough to pull a train literally
  5. About chassis?

    2x4 is for normal cargo isnt really a heavy puller but best for long distance trips 4x6 is the middle child for pulling heavier cargo and long trips 4x8 is for your heavy trailers mainly but a 4x6 dose it just as well the 4x2x6 mid and tag lifts they are kinda ok but i would use the midlift more then tag lifts
  6. how do i get the steering postion   ui up on my screen i see some people on youtube have it up

    1. LordBenji


      Do you have any screenshots to showcase what exactly you mean?

  7. Winter MOD

    the snow mod you have to find one for single player it wont work on mp till the servers have it
  8. they dont need a ets3 when you can just add and update ets2 thats so popular
  9. 60,000km from 2 million km made on my mp ets2 profile not bad for 3 years and still not got every road lol missing out parts of going east dlc and italy dlc 

  10. today seems to be birthday day lol theres a lot 

  11. Three problems

    for jobs you need to sleep mp runs on a different time to your single player so sleep or traveling to garages will solve it mp is running all the time so time never stops when you log off so when ever you log in you need to refresh your job market your single player is different you refresh it every 12 game hours and when you log off your game time stops
  12. after sitting in the ats event line for the past 2 days then going onto ets2 down on the c-d road lol i would rather sit in the ats line for 4 hours at least then i get my load dropped with no damage

  13. Newest update problems

    im guessing he wants to go back to 1.31.1 for that you need temp 1.31
  14. surprised to see no ats update ets2 got it faster :(

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. DJ_Sukoi


      Maybe, but i could see it as the prefab for the load-up and drop off looks new. Not the name just the site itself, But i could be wrong.

    3. chipmunk197


      i feel sorry for my brown bear thou lol he gets jiggled so much on that little gravel track 

    4. DJ_Sukoi


      That plushy excavator as well comes in 2 colors for some reason, but the skins for the truck are really top quality and i cant wait to use em. 

      All in all, God Bless ScS.


  15. whats the difference between euro 1 and euro 3 every server has speed limiter on it and these 2 are no cars so really whats the difference 

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    2. ScaniaFan89


      eu1 has the limiter set at 90kph 56mph ( what trucks are limited to irl ) & eu3 is basically eu2 but no cars

    3. SR^[226]^ku


      European 1, speed limit 90 km
      European 2, speed limit 150 kilometers.