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  1. dose anyone play on mp with a 1060 6gb if so how good is it  just wondering its my last thing to upgrade in my pc iv got a 4 gb gtx770 and iv seen a secondhand 1060 half the price 

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    2. chipmunk197



      for me iv got a overclocked amd fx 6300 black but i only get 7-20 fps in busy spots and 40 av on my 770 on med im after the 1060 to go past calais no problems lol when im recording 

    3. antrax737


      I got 1060 6gb too, I'd say it's a good investment, ets2 graphics are still the same, I had gtx660 before, I think that i'm runing everything on max. now tho, but fps-wise in high pop areas there is a few fps difference, so it's more up to proccesor in my opinion

    4. chipmunk197


      i play other games too but this truckers mp i play most so sounds like a 1060 is what hopefully ill be getting before the weekend 


      i run bandicam and the game on my gpu it can use like 70% gpu and 60% on my cpu it be nice to see ultra settings at playable frames 

      i have fps problems on ats too like portland and im just using shadowplay when im on ats most the time i dont need to record anyone but for the 4 years iv had it its been a pretty good card my 770

  2. its not just me but when people going past me their dots on the mini map are spazing out but the player them self's are fine  its only since the last update on both games 

    1. Carltru


      It is true, we all have that problem, but we have to be patient, I imagine that those of the MP, will give us some solution, it is necessary to enjoy the rare things of the Ets2 and Ats. :wub:

    2. LordBenji


      I haven't seen that during my last session (8 hours ago)

    3. LordBenji


      Hmm no wonder why I didn't notice it, I always hide the route advisor.


  3. why did you decline my bans its youtube wasnt working world wide and you refused my reports due to it :( so now iv got to report all 15 again with the same info 

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    2. stilldre1976


      bit of a crap excuse tbh I went on to google and typed in "is utube down" and got an answer in 5 second flat lol so can see chipmunks point here ...

    3. Keezome


      Google is a search engine, that wasn't affected. If you read the news, you'll be able to find the information on there. Thanks

    4. Smoky_TMP


      Sorry to hear that you, @chipmunk197, and others were affected by an issue that was out of our control.


      An announcement about this will be made soon both on the forum and website. People who were negatively affected by this, have the option to file a new report, including the same evidence link and a link to the previously declined report. We will then look into the previously declined report to make sure it doesn't affect your report score, and of course deal with the new report.


      Sorry for the inconvenience. 

  4. is anyone else having problems with youtube or just me 

    1. Miyuki
    2. stilldre1976


      yeh mine went down just and subs wasn't adding last nite etc always plays up haha good ol utube for ya

    3. fatfluffycat


      Yeah it's not working

  5. with your own trailer is there away to drop the goods with out turning the truck off 


    my ats one dose it but ets2 iv not worked that out yet 

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    2. chipmunk197


      thats how i want it for ets2 lol but idk it wont drop with out been turned off what iv done for now is used one of my programmable keys

    3. Mike Dragon
    4. chipmunk197


      @Mike Dragon my ats has auto parking dialog on for when i couldn't be bothered to park triples lol

      my ets2 didnt i turned it on and now i dont have to turn off the truck so it was that option 

  6. when was the double restriction lifted because iv seen a few driving around in the restricted zone 

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    2. chipmunk197


      lol well im shocked would of thought that was well in the red zone as its the most busiest place 

    3. Computerpro


      They're allowed in Calais. People need to be allowed in Calais so they can make use of the port.

    4. LordBenji


      Yeah it's allowed in Calais since people would need to use the ferry or port to cross from UK to France or vice versa.

  7. surprised its taking this long to support ets2 at least ats isnt affected :D

    1. Dziada


      You can downgrade to a different version which is supported. On behalf of the team, we are doing our best to support the new version, we apologise for any inconveniences caused during this time.

    2. Ali.


      ETS will be supported soon, don't worry

    3. LordBenji


      I'm playing a lot of ATS lately, trying to get some achievements and enjoying the new map DLC

  8. chipmunk197

    Cartwright Group is coming to ETS 2

    need a trailer tuning pack and tankers more then more box trailer
  9. chipmunk197

    New Owned Trailers

    the tankers will come later same with the container frame theyll probably come under specialized trailers scs probably did this to see if it was possible and it was with tankers you have food and fuel tankers then dry and wet tankers its more involved then just box trailers
  10. chipmunk197

    Trailers now mega unstable

    maybe dont go full speed it helps so much after all its a trucking game not need for speed
  11. can i ban off duty game admins / game mods one of them rammed me sent me flying he was reckless driving  lol never mind it was a player with a tag saying hes a game admin 

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    2. [LKW Tr.] Arctic Wolf

      [LKW Tr.] Arctic Wolf

      Rip rec ban to tmp xd

    3. JB2783
    4. LordBenji


      Perma ban (until he removes tag), I've seen people doing that in the past. It's always good to do a background check if the name of the person doesn't sound familiar.

  12. chipmunk197

    No brake/indicator lights on krone trailer

    its not like the others but they do have them just not as bright or as big
  13. dose anyone else crash when taking the b-double on a boat i went on at bergen and crashed :(

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    2. chipmunk197


      mine had a load on it too wasnt empty 

    3. LordBenji


      Ahh, but yeah I haven't had AIs for a very long time now and never had issues. Only thing I had from updating to 1.32 was a crash related to my jobless trailers that I save edited.

    4. chipmunk197


      it was ets2

      ats dont have boats 

  14. chipmunk197

    B-Triples Trailers

    its not allowed its not made by scs in that config https://truckersmp.com/rules §3.2 - Trailer modding For double or triple trailers: You may not change the trailer layout, which is known as "chain type" in game. A trailer must only carry bodywork of the correct size. You may mix chassis on double/triple trailers, as long as the layout/chain-type is not changed (increasing the length will violate this). Duplicated parts are not permitted. Duplicated slot use is not permitted.
  15. chipmunk197

    Event now on TRUCKERSMP!!

    probably is a test server for something maybe for 1.32 or the ai stuff that was teased about months ago or just a event server for something most likely its staff only at the moment