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  1. cant wait for the ai server to come be less people speeding crashing probably more trolls lol but people wont be doing 150kmh on open road and less reckless overtaking on the Calais road 

  2. dam it i missed the ats convoy its always in the morning for me :(

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      don't worry, TMP will have more convoy in the future mate :) 

    2. chipmunk197


      be nice to have one more towards american friendly like 6pm mountain time  

  3.  lol been hacked by this person when to youtube and found this a recording by the person 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. chipmunk197


      i know lol he had this channel licked to his steam and i looked and its the same car that got me 

    3. The Flying Yorkshireman

      The Flying Yorkshireman

       i was in that traffic this afternoon & i had f1  prob got a few accounts the little cherub

    4. chipmunk197


      i was sat there and the chat just was a wave of hacker hacker rec lol and i was like oh crap and then it happend 

  4. i have truckbooks but im guessing its that but since i got it its been making auto saves in both ats and ets lag for a second dose anyone know a fix

    1. [VIVA] dFuZe

      [VIVA] dFuZe


      i think of how many player play ets2 using truckersbooks and running it in the back ground makes the game lag even more.

    2. chipmunk197


      thats a shame because its better then vtm just due to the fact it tracks it batter and cant be fiddled with 

    3. [VIVA] dFuZe

      [VIVA] dFuZe

      hmm im not sure but i gave the bear answer i know.

  5. @LuckyOne if you want ets2mp on your mac you can do bootcamp and run windows on  your mac

  6. whens the goodyear stuff been supported im wanting to use the cabin banners

  7. theres something wrong with mp iv had 6 hackers in the last week including today and for me to see that many isnt normal 

    1. KGT I Rootyyy I Driver

      KGT I Rootyyy I Driver

      record and report them. All we can do as a comunity to get rid of them.

    2. chipmunk197


      yeah thats what iv been doing iv got 2 in the line to be seen to 

    3. KGT I Rootyyy I Driver

      KGT I Rootyyy I Driver

      good work, no seen many myself and I'm usually on EU2, C-D.

  8. now all this app needs is to see your profile and reports then it will be perfect iv had windows phone and tbh never again it was slower then my first gen ipod touch
  9. removal of the limiter on ats

    yeah thats my point theres only 500 tops on and you hardly see anyone to crash into lol so the limiter isnt doing much if anything
  10. iv just noticed something lol the cars seems to be more poplar to collision hack someone then to use a truck probably because the car can go under the trailer 

    1. KhaosHammer


      What's the point of trying to go under trailers with their cars if they literally go through them? :troll:

    2. SuperMouse


      Well cars are faster, so when using a hack you can run more people quicker.

      Efficiency is key for a criminal mastermind :) 

  11. Possible to remove tiny mirrors above pass. window without mods?

    it will probably mess your game up
  12. since when was the special transport supported coz iv seen the service boat go down the other side of the highway 

  13. thought mp was up todate but its saying i cant due to it been 1.31.2 i need 1.31.1

    1. Noxii


      It was up to date, but SCS rolled out a new update a couple of minutes ago.

    2. chipmunk197


      lol thats always fun but ats works and its supported crystal dreams so im a happy bunny 

  14. Released

    and now everyone be tuning there R and S now lol including my self
  15. thought bans over a year didnt count anymore but mine do when im applying for like support ino iv got one with in a year witch i wasnt happy about but meh it happens 

    1. SimulatorExperiencer


      ;) @Clarkinator was the one who said it but due to his gone i think its no longer a thing