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  1. So, It means that I can use it. Thanks for answered me, I was afraid of that.
  2. If I use a cheat to increase my money in the game (ETS2), is it a reason to be banned? I ask it 'cause I don't know how the others get a lot of money and buy every house in the game. I don't think that they work a lot, but anyway I ask first.
  3. I got the game. I resolved the problem. Thanks everyone.
  4. Hello, I'm new in Trucker MP. I decided to play 'cause I love trucks. When I installed the game, I did the steps to play online, but I got the news that I can't because I have the last version and the MP is in the previous version. I know that I have to wait a little bit, but I cannot jaja. I decided to prove the Beta like there are in the forum [guides]. I did it and, when I was gonna try it, the game gave an error: "The game filesystem..." and something else, buy I don't remember exactly. So, the question is, do you know how I can resolve that problem, that I don't have to wait?
  5. Hola, soy nuevo en toda esta comunidad y por ello necesito ayuda. Ayer adquirí el juego ETS2 y cumplí las dos horas requeridas. Al intentar iniciar el juego, me da error de que solo soporta la 1.34 o algo así. Tengo la última versión. Luego cambié por guías que vi hacia la "1.34 temorary" pero me da el error de: "The game filessystem failed to initialize, aborting now". ¿Qué puedo hacer? Ayúdenme
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