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  1. I'm quite surprised by this new rule change. I didn't expect this to happen someday.
  2. Anyway, it's been 8 years, it's something surprising that I've been able to follow this trajectory over the years. Congratulations TruckersMP and teams. Maybe I can try to participate in the convoy events.
  3. Hello truckers,:tmp:
    come watch my adventure during the 2022 Easter Egg Hunt event.



  4. Is there a ranking list of the top 25 who submitted the form?
  5. Hello truckers, good morning. 😃👋

    I would like to share another map and video editing work.
    It's very similar to the TruckersMP events, but I've implemented some new things that have never been seen before.🏗️

    Enjoy and leave your comment.😉




    1. Fox7y


      Great work & cinematography!  😮

  6. I'm looking forward to it. I will probably be there. I wish you all good luck.
  7. Thanks for the follow. 😎

  8. This is going to be fantastic. I would like to participate, however, I'm out of time but possibly I'll be following some live. I wish everyone good luck!
  9. Another video editing job.😎

    FBTC - Bus convoy




    1. RυHαsтαsı


      Nice Video! :HaulieLove:

  10. Hello truckers, good morning.
    I would like to share with the community another video editing job I created.



  11. It really looks like a pretty innovative thing.
  12. Thanks for the follow ! 🙂✌️

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