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  1. This guide was very useful for me and very explanatory. I was able to successfully create edits and saves in version 1.39. But after I upgraded to the latest version 1.40 several errors started to appear and now the save doesn't work anymore. Could you tell me if there is another guide or can you help me? @poland.ball
  2. Finally updated to 1.40. Thank you TruckersMP
  3. Very good, but I wanted to know how long they will continue switching vehicles.
  4. Congratulations TMP on his 7 years. I look forward to participating in the events.
  5. Thank you for yesterday's presence at the convoy.
    @Bull [NL] 😉







    1. Mary Jackson

      Mary Jackson

      Wonderful photos

    2. pofii


      Nice photos 🙂 

  6. Make a delivery trip along the quietest routes from Calais to Duisburg or at PROMODS in Kirkenes. Transport HCT along the narrow roads of DLC Italia.
  7. Watch my experience at the Easter Egg Hunter 2021 event. 😆


  8. Interesting. Thank you TruckersMP!
  9. I expected a bigger vehicle like a bus or something similar. Now I am undecided, but I will vote for the second vehicle.
  10. hi


    1. FBTC - Raaphael

      FBTC - Raaphael

      Hi, 😀 all good? Do you need something? 

    2. S.K.Y-Tian*Kong ]*Mu.Mu*

      S.K.Y-Tian*Kong ]*Mu.Mu*


      FBTC - Raaphael


      Nice to meet you. I see you are applying for the activity. Can you help me?

    3. S.K.Y-Tian*Kong ]*Mu.Mu*

      S.K.Y-Tian*Kong ]*Mu.Mu*

      I'm fine. Happy new year 🎆 , friends

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