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  1.                                                                         Real Operations V7


    The event was very sensational. Despite traffic congestion from standing still for more than 30 minutes, I did not have a chance to see all the events on the roads. But as soon as it was over I went straight to watch the truckersMP live video on youtube. Congratulations for the creativity and organization of the accidents performed by the team. It was amazing to see the event up close.

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  3. Parabéns e Feliz Aniversário ! ^_^

  4. FBTC Raaphael

    TruckersMP meets Instagram


    What was inside the cargo?:thinking:

    I think it was Red Bull.:lol::lol:

  6. Congratulations @Yoyo_ManSg. And happy birthday!! :)

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      Thank you mate :D 

  7. FBTC Raaphael

    New VTC system is out

    Good news. This will be very useful.
  8. FBTC Raaphael

    Road to Simulation

    Seems to be nice, on the other hand, I think it should have collision in Arcade mode.

    Happy Birthday ! :)

  10. Hello @Pillow,

    Happy Birthday ! :)

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  11. Happy Birthday ! :)

  12.                                                              :wub:Asian real operations:wub:


    @[ETS2MCG] Kien Giang, It was a very good event.



    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Thank you for making this video :love: It was great :wub:

      But there are still some accidents that you have not discovered xD :D 

      Hope you like this event ^_^

  13. It would be great to have the Freeroam TMP5 server [No Road Rules] every six months. :wub:I'm really enjoying being able to create videos.:D

  14. FBTC Raaphael

    TruckersMP 5th Anniversary

    Time goes by so fast. Congratulations on the strength and dedication of the team that helps drive the community.
  15. Happy Birthday ! :)

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