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  1. The time has come to face the terror. So I will be present on this adventure.
  2. Happy Birthday Raphael 🎉!!! 

  3. Happy Birthday 🎂

  4. Introducing some of my knowledge of map and video editing.?

    Conducting a small convoy with friends from FBTC.



  5. Olá, boa tarde, também testei e está realmente incrível essa nova experiência e sem contar que me deixou fascinado foi a animação dos passageiros entrando no ônibus. ? Mas logo de início ao instalar o software demorei um tempão para descobrir o motivo que não conseguia pegar os passageiros, e após analisar os comentários no Discord da Truckers MP achei o problema que meu antivírus bloqueava o programa em baixar a telemetria.?
  6. This new game mode is fascinating and I thought it was really great.? From the beginning, when installing the DBus program, everything went well until it was time to test the game in practice, which did not work very well. After carefully reviewing some tutorials and contacting TruckersMP Discord support, I was able to find out the real reason why telemetry fails to download and causes my firewall to block when clicking to download. The tutorial on how it works and installation is excellent, but unfortunately this lack of information should be added for those who are having problems with their first installation. Congratulations TruckersMP for this new work implemented.???
  7. Happy Birthday!! ??

  8. I followed the advice given by @[MCG] Walker24480 and managed to solve the problem.? Thank you all for your attention.
  9. Good afternoon to all virtual truckers.? I noticed that after today's update of the TruckersMP launcher there was a problem that had been happening since version 1.43 and after the release of version 1.44 the problem was solved, but it reoccurred today when doing a save of a travel job through the offline game and after connecting online to TruckersMP caused the game content to change and I lost my saved offline progress. I could be wrong, but it could be some conflict with the addition of TruckersMP HQ city that is causing this. If there is any solution I can fix it would be very satisfying. Note: Since the TruckersMP 1.44 update until yesterday, this content change detected issue was not happening. I noticed this just today after the launcher update. Many people usually create a savegame from a profile with a trip and share it with friends to go play together equally. I think it will be useful to find and solve this annoying little problem.
  10. I'm quite surprised by this new rule change. I didn't expect this to happen someday.?
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