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  1. I only tend to use the winter mod, without the physics because the Spring, Summer and Autumn/Fall mods don’t make a huge difference to the map. As a result, I don’t bother to download them each year - I can live without seeing leaves on the ground in Autumn. Of course, people’s opinions are different and others may not agree with me but, we’ll see!
  2. I drive a Scania S at the moment but my favourite truck is the Actros 4. That will change once the Actros 5 is released. I’m really looking forward to it! Volvos aren’t too bad either. Just keep me away from Iveco and Renault. Please.
  3. I have a Logitech G920 (I think) and some accompanying pedals. I also have a shifter but I am yet to use it. Using a wheel is a huge improvement over keyboard and made games a lot more enjoyable for me. I’ve been using Logitech for 7 or so years now and 2 of my wheels have broken. I’m not too sure why but I think one of the wires broke inside the cover. Probably fixable but they sent me new ones under warranty. When they aren’t broken they are lovely to drive with. They aren’t cheap and plastic but instead they have an expensive feel to them.
  4. My favourite game? There’s 3 ; Euro Truck, Assetto Corsa and Forza Horizon 2. FH5 is decent but 2 is the best in my opinion
  5. I have no idea about my PC specs but I get about 20 in places like Calais. Sometimes when there is excessive save-edits around me or when there’s 200+ players it will drop to about 0.6. Probably not actually that low but it feels like it
  6. I really like Aberystwyth in Wales because the mapping quality there is pretty amazing. However, any city along that road like Porthmadog and Holyhead are also great.
  7. Personally I am not a huge fan of it. I dislike the lack of customisation, and surprisingly dislike the mirrors cams. And the normal mirrors look awful as well. The dashboard is not to my taste and it’s quite annoying not being able to see how far left one tank of fuel. However I do like the steering wheel and the rest of the interior as it’s not ‘cheap’. I may revisit it when and if the daf tuning pack is compatible with it.
  8. I don’t think it’s possible to use both the clutch and paddle shifters together. However I play on ‘real automatic’ so don’t shift manually. Therefore I am not 100% certain in my answer. By all means, you are welcome to try it.
  9. My favourite trailer is the Schwartzmüller refrigerated trailer because of its clean look and old-gen real lights. It brings back memories. I don’t have a favourite load but I like the potted flowers as they’re only 3T
  10. Having reviewed it it is a twisty road and looks quite an interesting drive. However it is going to take quite something to persuade players to move from Kirkenes so I can’t see this happening. At least not for a while yet.
  11. SCS are working on bringing new trucks to the game like the Mercedes Actros 5, MAN and Iveco S way. This year they have released the DAF XG/F for us showing they do want to keep introducing us to new trucks even after 10 years. Patience is key here as licensing and modelling will take time to sort out.
  12. Scania is a great brand, they look nice, have a luxurious interior (for a truck) and offer a wide range of modifications. However I prefer Mercedes. Namely the Actros MP5 and will be happy once that releases. I currently drive the MAN and that is a great choice - definitely underrated. However it lacks in interior design hence why trucks like Scania, Mercedes and Volvo are popular
  13. It’s the road leading up to Norðurfjörður I recently drove up it and decided I dislike it. Having never heard anything about it, I was quite surprised to see a fair few driving up and down it and though this must be some sort of new hotspot for traffic. And bang on queue, Toast’s video on it dropped. I gave up having reached the second corner before grinding to a stop and slowly reversed my way back down and pulled off to the side to watch the video. Never going up there again unless I have the misfortune of taking a job there.
  14. Yeah I’m pretty ready. Not doing anything special for it so treating it like a normal day! Except will go to bed later than normal.
  15. I really like the freedom of driving and the sheer expanse of the map. Especially with ProMods. This is really why I play the game. I don’t do it just to earn money but to drive.
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