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  1. Welcome to the Team theonlylukon ❤️ 

  2. Welcome in the TruckersMP team! 

    Have a nice time here :)

  3. Congratulations! And welcome to the Team!🎉

  4. Not new to discord, but I love this helpful guide for others who may have never used the platform before!
  5. I think my favorite music of this year is not from this year. I enjoy listening to older stuff as it distracts me from the realities of what this year has unfolded to be. I would love to see what other people may recommend though!
  6. This is a fantastic idea in theory! I say in theory because, as you can imagine, there are so many factors that contribute to this idea being logical. As much as I would absolutely love to be driving around with AI traffic, I'm sure there would be many challenges the developers would face in even attempting to offer support for it. I'm sure if there comes a time that this idea does come to fruition, it will need to be adapted for multiplayer use and all of the trolls that come with that. I also remember seeing a teaser video from TruckersMP about adding private servers for players and their friends to drive with AI traffic, as opposed to implementing this feature with as many players as swarm the ETS2 Simulation 1 server on a weekend.
  7. I personally use the Logitech G27. It's a solid wheel and it has everything I need. I enjoy using the H-Shifter and clutch pedal too. It's quite a shame that its no longer available new, but I got mine a few years ago used. I often hear great things about the Logitech G29 and the Logitech G920. I have some friends that use Thrustmaster wheels but I'm not quite sure how they feel about them. I really enjoyed reading this response...
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