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  1. The event that caught my attention today was this: 1 of the admins entered a limited server with a normal lorry without a police car and exceeded the 110 speed limit. how true is this? This game is a simulation game connected to real life and in real life a normal policeman cannot break the rules unnecessarily.
  2. I said they are not as active as they used to be, why is everyone under the perception that the administrators are always in the game I know that they are people like us and they don't get money for this job, but as I said, they are NOT AS ACTIVE AS OLD
  3. If they can't keep up, why don't they recruit more? I haven't been in the game for about 2 years and I realised that while the purchases are made continuously, the purchases are now closed, I think that after a certain period of time, new ones can be taken instead of the admins who never do the task. I know they don't get paid or have to be in the game 24/7, but if they can't do it, why don't they resign?
  4. @Chema9MY WORD TO THE IN-GAME ADMINISTRATORS 1 WEEK IN THE GAME I SEE AT LEAST 2 ADMINISTRATORS IN THE GAME THEY DO NOT DO THEIR DUTIES I also know that they do not receive a salary, then let them throw them out of the management, let them make new purchases, let calais duisburg for the road
  5. I threw a reporst on the 05th of this month, there is no one looking at this day. In the game, the admins are not as active as before, traffic control is not provided. Why the admins do not work as before and do not defend the rights of us users If In-Game Admins will not do their duties, what is the need for them to be Admin They close the roads, there is no admin, we are the ones who get banned when we overtake from the right or from the grass, no one provides an opinion about the admins, why this traffic is like this, why the admin does not open the road.
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