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  1. Take care

  2. Wish you all the best & looking forward to see you come back 🌠

    1. AlfieGMTV


      I really hope so... ❤️


  3. Take care

  4. Take care buddy, hope you can come back !

  5. Take Care bro i hope u back !

  6. Take care its sad to see you go like this

  7. 😥

    1. [GER] Kev_hapunkt

      [GER] Kev_hapunkt

      so sad to hear, hope u get a next chance 🫶

  8. Hello,  

    It's time for our very first convoy and we invite you to be apart of this special moment! Pean Logistics VTC is holding an Opening Convoy celebration which commences on the 1st October 2023 and we would love for you to confirm your attendance and come join our convoy.  

    On the 1st October 2023, we will be traveling across Germany to Austria via the Alpine Road from Strasbourg to Klagenfurt. Come join us on this beautiful, scenic route which consists of Highways, Country Roads and of course as mentioned, the Alpine Road. This route will be approximately 1220KM.  

    We hope that you can join us on this event so that a lot of drivers can come together and celebrate this great moment of becoming a new VTC and also becoming validated within two weeks of being open.   

    The event details are as follows:  

    📅Date: 01-10-2023 (dd-mm-yyyy)  
    🕰️Meetup time: 17:00 UTC (18:00PM UK Time)  
    🚚 Departure time: 18:00 UTC (19:00PM UK Time)  
    🏙️ Meetup location: Strasbourg, City (Slots for VTCs)  
    🌆 Ending location: Klagenfurt, City (Non-Collision)  
    🌐 Game & server: ETS2, To Be Determined  
    🗺️ DLC: None  

    🚩Please mark your attendance for our event here: https://truckersmp.com/events/17379  
     🅿️ Slots are available to be booked on the event page also  

    We would love to see your VTC and your members there!  
    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away.  

    Kind Regards,  
    Event Management of Pean Logistics VTC.      


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