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  1. Tried it today and it was a fun challenge and the farm as Rescue mentioned! Quick question about the Market, I'm guessing you can't pick up/deliver actual jobs to the market place in MP? I don't have any option to pick anything up whilst I'm there nor on Speditor - unless I'm just missing something
  2. Yep, would definitely come in handy for reports, especially when doing it in-game so you don't have to look through the list and find them in busy areas. +1 from me
  3. 100% the Magnum, literally looks like a LEGO brick...
  4. iOS, had a few Android phones in the past & never got on well with them lol
  5. North Wales, United Kingdom
  6. Definitely a dynamic 'dirt' addition - so depending where you're driving and for how long, your truck gets dirty and also the addition of rigid trucks as mentioned above!
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