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  1. Even though I swap my truck pretty often, I have to say I prefer the Volvo tuning pack the most. What puts it ahead of the Scania one for me is the ability to have a coloured ram bar which I thought would be a standard addition to the base game, especially with the newer Scania.
  2. Never been a fan of the scout car but now 2 vehicles are going to be added at once it'll add a bit more diversity. As people have mentioned, it definitely has its perks going down smaller roads. I know there are a lot of 'hidden' roads on ProMods so I might buy one and go on a hidden road journey.
  3. First on the list for me has to be Iceland; driven it multiple times and it's always fun when you hit the icy roads. I recently delivered to Andorra in France which was quite fun down the narrow bendy roads. The narrow country lanes of Wales and the UK in general is also fun. Oh, and also that road in the south of Spain to the cement factory.. only ever driven it once solo but it was enjoyable! Going to follow this topic because I need more ideas of nice places to visit in ProMods (either tricky roads to navigate or nice scenery).
  4. If they added more sights and unique features to the cities that are currently the least developed (all of the UK, etc) then it would definitely help bring in some traffic to those areas. For example, in ProMods you can drive down the narrow town roads and country lanes of Wales and as mentioned above, London has unique road features. That is one thing that's always disappointed me about the base game in some areas.
  5. Always had an interest in buses! Cool pictures!
  6. I thought it was a really fun event! Some might call it 'Traffic Jam Simulator' but, as sad as it sounds, I like that aspect since it adds a bit of immersion and realism. Personally never had any connectivity issues so can't comment on that side of things. 10/10 in my opinion
  7. I've never been to a Real Ops event so excited to see what it entails
  8. Definitely prefer being in a VTC.. even though I'm not a fan of driving with other people I like knowing there's a chance of seeing other people from the same company driving in the server. As others have said, guess it gives that feeling of not being 'alone'
  9. Only ever tried VIVA from that list and it was a really fun experience. Definitely recommend you give it a shot if you haven't already.
  10. My beautiful Volvo FH dressed in her Viva livery.
  11. A Bring Logistics Volvo FH. She struggles up some hills but manages to get there in one piece!
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