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  1. Hello @SpartaBR It might be that your SaveGame is broken or corrupted. have you tried to start the game with a completly new profile? If your issue is solved by this, please do not hessitate to contact me i will try to help you as best as i can. Kind regards
  2. Hello @Top Bloke (AUS) Have you got any background programs open, such as Google Chrome, Music Player or any other programs which takes a lot of resources of your Pc? If yes, please try playing without having this programs open. Also go in your Steam Library and check in Properties at Euro Truck Simulator 2 if your Files are all not corrupted, this can also cause that you have FPS drops. Another option is that your telemetry is corrupted or your Client for saving your Loads like TrucksBook or SpedV is broken/corrupted. If this helps , let me know if that solved your issue with FPS Drops. If you still have this issue also contact me i will be willing to help you in any problems/issues you are having in game or otherwise. Kind regards Ps: I have found a link which can be helpful for you:
  3. you should apply for game mod when it opens next :D

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    2. #BlueLivesMatter88
    3. [VIVA HH] Kravatie

      [VIVA HH] Kravatie

      well he'll get rejected


      cos of rep and stuff

    4. heyhococo


      I’m always confused

  4. Good Morning  Everyone happy weekend



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