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  1. Ayy you're on the forums for once :P 

  2. Happy Bday once again Racer even though you still don't visit the forums :facepalm: 

    1. UK Deliveries

      UK Deliveries

      happy birthday what time it starts guys in uk is it 6pm?


  3. Happy bday! although you don't visit the forums anymore :(

  4. Everyone needs to go check out this work of art by Digital (God) Such a good birthday present!! https://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/27093-happy-birthday-r4c3r98/

    1. Takumi Fujiwara 86

      Takumi Fujiwara 86

      and nobody remembers that accident

    2. Ryaan
  5. Happy Birthday to me!!!!

  6. R4C3R98

    ATS Easter Eggs

    Be reet good this, Easter eggs are always nice.
  7. 10/10 would noob read again
  8. First day of my Christmas holidays, Finally!

  9. R4C3R98

    I got bored and made this. I'm not even sorry...

    Good lord...