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  1. Ayy you're on the forums for once :P 

  2. Happy Bday once again Racer even though you still don't visit the forums :facepalm: 

    1. #Stay Safe

      #Stay Safe

      happy birthday what time it starts guys in uk is it 6pm?


  3. Happy bday! although you don't visit the forums anymore :(

  4. Everyone needs to go check out this work of art by Digital (God) Such a good birthday present!! https://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/27093-happy-birthday-r4c3r98/

  5. Happy Birthday to me!!!!

  6. First day of my Christmas holidays, Finally!

  7. Ugh college assignments for days m8. Just end me...

    1. MrHarv98


      Goodluck completing them :P

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