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  1. Still got problems. The game can't even lead the servers, website / forum realy slow, can't download the client. Hope to see this fixed soon !!!
  2. Banned for NO legit reason !! Such a shame !!!

    1. Guest


      You need to appeal on the system here: http://ets2mp.com/index.php?page=banAppeal

  3. Thnx for the update. The mod is getting better Great work dev's
  4. The next chapter

  5. Inderdaad. Als er scania power in zit wilk er ook meer mee rijde. Anders scania for life :-D
  6. It's a bug, there was no other place to post this. Why it matters? because it's incorrect.
  7. Feit! Maar windows 8 kunt ge niet bagger noeme in m'n oge. Performance etc is allemaal dik in orde. This enkel het start menu dat verdween / terug kwam (en hoe) dat mense niet tof vinde, en daar is een easy fix voor. Maar goed, op naar windows 10 ^,^
  8. Mmm I'll wait for a dev / webmaster. Because it's with all the 3 servers.
  9. That's not realy the point here. Read my previous post. So hard to see the bug / mistake?
  10. Or they are going to update (in a very strange way) or they have problems with there servers (server PC's, VPS, or gameserver it self?) But how can we know? Lac of communication
  11. I'm from belgium, same time zone. And it doesn't has anything to do with the timezone either. Last status update: 2015-06-08 22:01:01 and on my laptop's clock it's not even 22:00:00 so the time isn't correct ^.^ My post is later I know, but when I was looking on that page i had this time
  12. Got the same problem. I have got a message: That I have a diffrent version and I need to download a new version. Done that (but I was 100% sure I have the correct version).
  13. Mod Version: not needed Controllers Used: not needed Description of Issue: Status page time incorrect How to reproduce: When you look at the status page of the 3 servers, I see Last update: and the time. But this time is in the future It's ahead of the current REAL time. Screenshots / Videos:
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