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  1. а так же @Skazochniсk: любители модов подсказали суть проблемы: пневмосигнал перестаёт работать если вы путём прописки прописали на свой грузовик пневмосигналы с другого грузовика
  2. I really want to learn something. Thank you for reminding me


  3. Вариантов не много, а начать нужно с проверки того, что действительно ли эти клавиши назначены на эти действия? Сомневаюсь, что мультиплеер как-либо причастен к этому, поскольку назначение клавиш индивидуально. Если назначены, то всё ли в порядке с клавиатурой?
  4. I want to know how to add pictures to the forum message:))))))))))))))))))))))

    1. [Интегра] ResTed

      [Интегра] ResTed


      You need to insert a direct link to the image and it will be added automatically



  5. Разработка игры продолжается и уже вышло несколько новых блогов. Сделал группу, где публикуется информация по мере поступления - https://vk.com/alaskantrucksim
  6. но форум-то по мультиплееру... игра из стима? Моды ставились? И прочие ответы на подобные вопросы, которые могут понять суть проблемы.
  7. если предыдущее не поможет, то попробуйте отключить это:
  8. Профиль лучше сделать в одиночке, а так же приобрести личный грузовик, затем только в мультиплеер заходить.
  9. это было отключено, канал рации теперь переключаются клавишами "Б" и "Ю" или командой в чате /channel X где X - номер канала )
  10. прочитать первое сообщение, а не только заголовок темы
  11. я так понимаю, что используется профиль в облаке стима, попробуй сделать локальный новый профиль и лучше не использовать кириллицу.
  12. While my impressions are fresh, I will write a small review after I have driven the entire route. This edition seemed to me very boring and not well thought out. Long straight freeways with no operations, you just move to turn onto a thin road. This takes about 30 minutes. Depends on your speed. Then you come across a fallen tree and a lot of traffic cones that make the road narrow and trucks with trailers big enough are forced to take damage to get through. Another train operation looks very simple at all, so I will not talk about it. Road repair and detour... Well, I almost had an accident when I turned off the freeway and saw an obstacle in front of me. Although on the other side, the warnings were at a sufficient distance. So I would say that this is not a complete enough organization of the operation. Now about the most important thing: an artificially created traffic jam: this happens almost every time and every time I want to ask: for what? I only drove 5-6 trucks in 30 minutes! Tell me, will I want to come to a similar event next time to just stand? I feel sorry for those who controlled the operations at other points, because they saw people only at the start, and then all the players were in this traffic jam! And as always, as soon as a large number of players accumulate in one place, the server starts kicking people due to ping. WOW! You have achieved this again... I will repeat the question: why do something like this? Don't you understand that the organization of such a movement will certainly provoke a traffic jam? I was really upset with this edition, the quality was not good enough and I didn't get any pleasure from this trip: - There are too few operations for such a distance, to travel 700 km to complete the operation in 15 seconds? - After driving 1500 km, I saw only one fire engine, which was driving alone. - Almost one hour I was in a traffic jam for the server to kick me because of the ping... Anyway, I want to thank everyone who was at the points and did the operations for us, even if they saw very few players due to the traffic jam, thank you! Again, this is just my opinion and I could be wrong, but I had to write this review in the hope that someone from the staff will read it and the next RO will be better.
  13. Hello ResTed, I hope you are okay! 

    1. [Интегра] ResTed

      [Интегра] ResTed

      I'm intrigued by this message... But yes, I'm fine 😃

    2. LincolnVanLincolnius


      Im very glad to hear you are okay ResTed! Hope your retirement is serving you well! Thank you for your service in the staffteam!

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