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  1. Wait a Minute! You are saying that your older Account got permanent Banned in the Past due to "minor little mistakes"! Well, if your older Account got a Permanent Ban, then it seems at least, that the TruckersMP Staff had another meaning about the Ban Reasons and did not rated them as "Minor Little Mistakes". And you have deleted your Old Account after the Permanent Ban! Beside this, you are also saying that you are "NOT" Ban Evading, but you are writing here with another Account, which have already 4 Valid Bans in his History. I assume, that were also "Minor Little Mistakes" and the TruckersMP Staff abused his Power, as usual! Well, Dude, this is a really wild Story and i must ask, which Part of the TruckersMP Rules did you have understand? I must ask this Way, because i am convinced that the List of these Rules is much shorter than the List of Rules that you have not understand. But many Thanks for your Post and the Question, this is a Prime Example why the Permanent Ban Amnesty and the removing of the Permanent Ban in General, was not just a little minor Mistake made by TruckersMP! At the End, talking about a Ban in the Forum is not allowed, unfortunately, in my opinion it would have much Entertaining Potential! Your Question should be answered and discussed via a Feedback Ticket which you need to create!
  2. Here is your 2nd Account, Found with a look at your "Main" Steam Account! https://truckersmp.com/user/5445692
  3. Someone Else who have this Problem?

    Game Crashing on Event Map at Same Spot!





  4. Thx for the Event and the Effort of creating the Map. Unfortunately, the Game crashed 2 Times at the same Spot of the new Map with a Kernel Error Message.
  5. Imagine the same Convincement would be valid for #Road to Simulation and Permanent Bans for Hacking and Excessive Trolling..............
  6. This worked far back in the Past, when Admin were allowed to do their Job as intended and not been restricted by internal Rules and Punishment Standards! The Game wasnt this Popular, like Today and you´ve had more Simplay Enthusiasts and less Trolls. Therefore, many Players thought Twice, before they started to break the Rules on purpose, when They saw a Player with such Tag!
  7. When you playing TruckersMP, you must be aware that every Day in this Game means it is "Contrary Day"! You see Someone with "90 KPH" Tag overtaking you with 150kph! You see Someone with "Keep Distance" Tag, sniffing the Ass of the Truck in Front of him the whole Time! You see Someone with "Obey Road Rules" Tag, running over Red Light in Calais during rushour and so on and so on!
  8. Maybe i should rename myself in "Vacation Man"!
  9. There are so many Guides about FPS Tweaking forsuch Games. Overall, these Guides can partly applied to your System. At the End, No One can really tell which of these Guides being the Best for your System. You need to find it out on your own, by Trial and Error! For Beginners it might be a bit overwhelming to see all those Guides. At First you need to sort them by your Game, then by Date to keep a actual State. Once you watched a few of them, and tried out some Tips you will have a good Base. Then you can start to do some "Fine Tuning"! Fact is, what working Today and increased the Performance, can cause the Opposite when the Game changed the Version and/or Some Driver Version of your System have changed. The First console Command increase Data flow between RAM and GPU RAM, so the GPU can calculate the Frames Faster! The 2nd Command increase the Amount of Map Data loaded into RAM, so there is less loading from the HDD!
  10. It depends on your PC Specs in General. Some Details are constant CPU calculated, Some are CPU calculated in low Setting and by GPU calculated in High Detail Setting! So, set a Higher Detail Level can indeed increase the FPS, but the Impact is not that high in TruckersMP! 150% Scaling on 1920x1080p can Increase your FPS. Shadows to Ultra increase the FPS, cause they are then GPU calculated. SMAA deactivated by Game and activated by GPU Driver Setting can have an massive Performance Impact. But on TruckersMP it is a different Story, cause here it depends more on how many Players are in your immediate Area, how high is the Ping difference between each other and how many save Edited Very Long Dong Shlong Disco Ball Beacon/Strobe/Highbeam Bright Lightnings Trucks are present! r_mirrors_view_distance 8000 - 164900 ( 8GB Ram) can increase the Game Performance overall. As more RAM you have, you can increase this Number, it is a Trial and Error to find the best Setting for your PC! r_buffer_page_size 120 Increase the overall Performance
  11. PPL using such words as Shortcuts, to extrovert their Anger against a Player who have rammed them or misbehave in a different Way! REC is a Shortcut for: You *censored word* have *censored word* rammed me and i will *censored word* your *inappropriate name of body parts* deep! You see, writing this kind of Reply in Chat is such difficult, therefore writing just Rec, Rep, Ban is much easier and the chances are lower to get banned for Insulting in Chat by its own!
  12. Traffic Information! The same 2 Trolls who caused Yesterday the longest Traffic Jam on D-C Road from Calais to Brüssel, doing the Same Today from Duisburg towards Calais.

  13. Steam is also tagging "Shower with Dad", "Goat Simulator", " I am Bread" as Simulator Games. So far about the Correct Tagging by Steam! I would not saying that these Games are really Simulators. ETS2 is a Game about Truck Driving, based on my Real Life Experience, it is still far away form a Simulator!
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