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Found 17 results

  1. I'm Matt, a radio presenter for TruckersFM, TMP's partnered radio station. I've been with them for just over a year now, and work as a moderator for the discord, and a presenter on air. Please feel free to ask me anything, and I'll do my best to answer it! Ask Away!
  2. Greetings one and all! So I was just looking through the forums and an idea came to my mind - what do I actually enjoy about the TruckersMP community? And so now I'm here typing out this thread in hopes of you sharing your opinions on the community as a whole! What I enjoy about the TMP community: First off, I haven't been around for a very long time - as a matter of fact, it's only my 3rd month registered on here. But so far I've enjoyed every second of it (in-game and on the forums). One main thing I enjoy definitely has to be the helpfulness of the
  3. Hee Truckers! Het begin... Ik ben Corné, je mag me ook gewoon Velozo noemen, 19 jaar oud en een erge hobbyist als 't draait om radio. Zelf wou ik altijd al een internetradio opstarten en dit heb ik ook zeker weten gedaan. Ik kan dus daarom ook met trots vertellen dat er momenteel een Nederlands internetradio opkomst is voor de TruckersMP Community, aangezien dat ik zag dat er nog geen Nederlandse internetradio hiervoor is. Leek het mij dus erg tof om aan dit project te beginnen. De naam van het station is: (Truckersradio) Wat is er al gerege
  4. Steam id: shaji_pappan we can start a community with all the players interested to join.
  5. I've personally been playing On and off since 2015, but only arrived here on the forums this year. What about you? What are your highlights of playing too?
  6. Suggestion Name: Integration with steam like Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod Suggestion Description: The mod could have greater integration with what Just Cause 2 Multiplayer did in steam, like the store page, achievements, steam feedback, better way to integrate with the steam account game, own community and other features that steam can take advantage of. Example images: - Store Page: - Achievements: - Feedback system: - Steam community: Why should it be added?: - The mod can have a store page in steam and Would be
  7. Başvuru adımları: 1.Truckbook sisteminden başvurunuzu gönderin 2.Başvuru formunu doldurup bize iletin 3.Discord sunucumuza giriş yapın TrucksBook : https://trucksbook.eu/company/27113 Başvuru : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdaNZIRc4HPkY38reYsGwup-SOtLlXJ5-JJZzapPBvF2uQVNg/viewform TMP VTC : https://truckersmp.com/vtc/210 Lütfen önce Grubumuza başvurunuzu yapın ve daha sonra Discord sunucumuza katılınız Teşekkür ederiz! Discord server : https://discord.gg/bSkYEvZ Not : Tek yapmanız gereken oyuna girmeden programı açmak ve yük
  8. Ich suche ne ETS2 Community bzw. eine Spedition, die mehr oder weniger aktiv ETS2 spielt und z.B. als mal am Wochenende sich Zusammen hockt und gemeinsam zockt. Pls meldet euch
  9. Chers joueurs, Nous recherchons actuellement de nouveaux modérateurs de la communauté (Community Moderator) pour aider à impliquer la communauté sur le forum ou Discord, ainsi que pour s'assurer que la communauté respecte les règles de TruckersMP. Tâches des modérateurs de la communauté: En tant que modérateur de la communauté, voici les responsabilités que vous pourriez avoir: Forums: - Créer une bonne ambiance dans la communauté; - S'assurer que tous les sujets, posts, Status Update, et messages respectent les règles officielles de Truckers
  10. Suggestion Name: Community Paintjob Contest Suggestion Description: Held a community paintjob contest in which every contender has to make 1 or more paintjob for every truck (or not) with a free theme or MP TEAM choosed, others users and the team has to vote and the 3 more popular (or less) will be winners and had to be added to the MPMOD. Any example images: Nope. Why should it be added?: Could be a very good prize to the community and to add more diversity to mp.
  11. Rampage Logistics Sucht Fahrer ab mindestens 14 Jahren erforderlich ist Discord wenn Interesse besteht schreibt mir auf meinen discord eiDiscord Link: https://discord.gg/aQByRmN
  12. Hallo mede truckers Gaming as one is een gaming community die op zoek is naar mensen om gezellig samen fun te hebben. Zie je het we zitten om samen te spelen met gelijkgezinden laat dan snel iets weten. we hebben onze eigen discord zodat we snel en makkelijk comuniceren dus een mic is handig. See you on the road
  13. La community Battaglione San Marco Multigaming, offre ai giocatori la possibilità di usare il nostro TS3 per giocare in gruppo, ed avere una migliore esperienza di gioco Indirizzo TeamSpeak 3 : bsm.voicehosting.it Siamo una Community Multigaming, formata da gente a cui piace giocare in compagnia! Ti sei stufato di giocare da solo e vorresti giocare in gruppo? C'è una sola soluzione... è si chiama Battaglione San Marco Multigaming. Ci sono persone di tutte le età, dai fenomeni ai casual gamers. L'ambiente è tranquillo, sereno e divertent
  14. Hey, I just recently joined the forums and I am excited to be here. I saw that many veterans etc. replied to my posts and I was wondering when I looked at their profiles, they have this +16 community reputation. I was wondering how you can get this or something like that. I know how the truck cargo works but about this community rep. I am not sure of. Could you guys tell me how it works. Thanks
  15. Sveiki vairuotojai ! Norime jums pranešti jog jau greitai startuos TruckersMP Lietuvos bendruomenė, kurioje bus talpinama visa reikalinga informacija, apie Euro Truck Simulator 2 ir American Truck Simualtor Multiplayer, Sekite mūsų tolimesnės naujienas užsuke - truckersmp.lt Svetainėje bus talpinama didžioji dalis informacijos apie žaidimą. Kuriamas forumas kuriame galėsite dalintis savo reikiama informacija su kitais Lietuviais ir ne tik. Taipogi mes galėjome sau leisti ir sukurti TruckersMP Lietuviška TeamSpeak serverį, kuriame laukiami visi norintys geranoriški žmon
  16. laat ik mij bijdeze ons ff voor stellen wij zijn Blood Gaming Community. wij zijn een groeide Community die op zoek zijn naar chauffeur/members. ben jij boven de 15+ wil je indruk krijgen van onze Community kijk dan ff op: Blood Gaming Community Heb je vragen over onze clan reageer dan even op deze post. Als jij je wilt aanmelden kom dan even bij ons kijken op onze Discord en stel je even voor. Lees van te voren op onze Discord wel even de regels door. Discord
  17. Hi! Nearly for a year when i started to create gameplay videos for my friends, with my friends, and i saw this is very usefull via Twitch (i mean online), because the unlimited storage, and the "istantly online" being of it and of course for prooving if someone made something rule-less in a multiplayer game... In this year i collected some iformation and tips, so here is the time to share it back! For viewers! If there is two or more player who play your favourite game, multi perpective viewer sites for twitch in order of usability: http://multitwitch.tv/ http://kbmod.com/multis
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