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    Trainnee Police Officer, I like to guide convoys as a pilot.
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    Nevada: Las Vegas
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    The Netherlands: Amsterdam
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  1. Congratulations! :) Welcome!

  2. Congratulations Mate :love:

    1. Schak Bruijn

      Schak Bruijn

      Thanks Ady :D

  3. Schak Bruijn

    missing wheel dlc

    Have you tried also activating your dlcs with your https://worldoftrucks.com/en/ account? this might help.. Have you tried also going to the Mod Manager and disabled all the mods?
  4. Schak Bruijn

    What is the best truck brand?

    I tbh like all brands, I mostly drive with the Skoda, but If I will have to choose it would be the Volvo FH16 Classic, to still have that classic/oldschool look. And because its Volvo, which is a nice car brand too so why not.
  5. Hmmm well if I would take the total spread over 1 week it would be daily 4-6 hours.. not bad actually..