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    Special Law Enforcement officer, Community Manager for TruckersMP and goes to the shooting range once a week.
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  1. Archived due to there being another version with better spelling. Please refer to this post for more information:
  2. This suggestion has recently been implemented into the game as this was already planned to do so. Thank you for submitting your suggestion to us. Kind regards, Schak Bruijn TruckersMP Community Manager
  3. Hello Sadly this is not a guide as it explains simple basic stuff that does not need a guide. If you want to create a guide about what to do when in traffic, make sure to explain everything a bit more in dept and also possibly with pictures. Kind regards, Schak Bruijn TruckersMP Community Manager
  4. Hello Kicckk, Please make sure to use the format when suggesting your idea. This way you make it easier for me to do my work and as it also is a simple requirement you'll have to follow I will therefore be rejecting your suggestion. It should also be noted that we decided to remove synchronised rain as it used to cause a lot of lag for a lot of players and would also effect the quality of our game servers. Make sure to check out these forum posts when submitting your suggestion:
  5. Welcome to Clip of the Month! This is the place for you to post your most entertaining or amazing moment you had while livestreaming! How does it work? All you have to do is reply to this forum topic with your best YouTube/Twitch clip! Members of the Community Management will pick a top 3 and award the 1st place winner with an amazing profile award! Check out the rules before submitting your clip! All entries can be posted here! Make sure it complies with the rules! The competition closes on the 28th of October 2021 at 23:59 UTC. Have fun streaming streamers! TruckersMP Community Management
  6. What is Clip of the Month? Clip of the Month is a community competition run by the Community Management for streamers to share their best clips from their stream. How can I enter? Stream either Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator on Twitch or YouTube. Have your viewers clip entertaining or amazing moments from your stream. Upload your clip here. What reward does the 1st place receive? The clip will be shared over the TruckersMP social media, which will help to attract lots of attention to your Twitch/YouTube Channel. You’ll get an award on your profile showing that you have won first place in this month’s edition of Clip of the Month. Rules: A maximum of 2 entries/clips per streamer per monthly competition. You must have your Twitch/YouTube channel linked to your TruckersMP profile. The clip must be from your own stream. Your clip can’t be longer than 1 minute. Your post must contain 1 or 2 embedded clips (visible on the forum without visiting external sites). Foul language should be kept to a minimum. Clips can only be submitted once. The clip can not be older than 30 days. Clips that are submitted must be at least 720p resolution or higher. Advertising virtual truck companies in your clip is not allowed. Clips submitted should not be modified (cropped, retouched or blurred). By submitting a clip you agree that your clip can be digitally modified by us and can be shared on our social media. Check out this knowledge base article for the ultimate guide on how to stream on TruckersMP. You can enter in this competition here!
  7. Happy birthday big man Tyrone!

    1. JamesS014


      Omg 😆 Thank you Schak ❤️

  8. [PLAYER] @owen611624 has joined the team as an Official Streamer.
  9. Hello, Thank you for taking your time into submitting your suggestion to us. I have reviewed your suggestion but I've come to the conclusion to reject it due to one simple reason. We are trying to move towards a more realistic enviroment where simulation is key and we do not have any interest in getting such a search. Getting such a server would mean we would have constant false reports and also it would attract loads of trolls which we do not want. These trolls would also eventually go to the other servers and do the same thinking they are allowed to, while they are not. Also please do not tag us in your suggestion. There is no need to tag us as we check the suggestions whenever we have time. Tagging us in your suggestion won't speed up the process at all. Kind regards, Schak Bruijn TruckersMP Community Manager
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