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  1. This guide has been locked and archived due to it being very outdated as we don't use Teamspeak anymore. Also note that this whole addon for Teamspeak has been replaced by Teamspeak themselves with Overwolf.
  2. Hello, From the 1st of December until the 1st of January 2021, we are going to be looking for talented individuals to join our Support Team. Over the past few years, the number of registered players on our platforms has increased significantly. As TruckersMP progresses, more and more people request technical support or assistance with their questions and new issues occur regularly. The Support Team consists of people who are in direct contact with customers on a daily basis and whenever their help is needed. The Support Team is the first place players come to when they have is
  3. Dear Players, Since May 2017 we have been publicly streaming TruckersMP on Twitch and amusing several hundred viewers per stream! We have realised that in the recent months we have not given our Twitch channel and community enough attention as we intended to do so. So we are very proud to announce a relaunch of our Twitch channel and also a new team to the TruckersMP community! We have set out some questions related to this rank so you can have a better understanding of this new team. A new team? Yes! This team will be in charge of doing regular streams on our Twitch channel! Their primary
  4. This topic is outdated and has been replaced by
  5. Thank you for your response to my post

  6. Guide has been approved as it is relevant and the guide is correct.
  7. This guide will be locked as it is outdated. A better version of this guide can be found in this knowledge base article.
  8. Hello Truckers! Welcome to the 32nd edition of our Hot Topic series During the month of October, we have had several convoys organized by us, TruckersMP! For example The Real Operations V10 and Halloween convoys! We also saw TruckersFM organize 2 convoys regarding their 5 years anniversary of TruckersFM! What was your favourite convoy? And why? We really look forward to your comments and opinions below!
  9. This guide has been archived. Most of the links don't work anymore.
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