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    Trainnee Police Officer, I like to guide convoys as a pilot.
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  1. равпснердмытйакалао влерав

  2. Photoshoot with the legend himself @Shayrin





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    2. Alon_TMP


      Wow  I really want to participate, nice picture;)

    3. Shayrin


      Awesome. like all of them ❤️ :wub:

  3. This convoy was a huge convoy for ‘Boss’. There were so many participants, the convoy leader arrived at the destination, 1.000km away, and the end of the convoy still hadn’t left the starting point. Absolutely incredible convoy! It was really enjoyable and quite effective to be an admin of this convoy’ :D @Terry A @utzu @WhiteTiger_TMP @TeamDeer @willians1002 @DesertEagle26 @EPS!LON Great work guys! :D F4F53EA5E61C2685EDDAEC71345C2FC0029E7312

  4. Congratulations Buddy :love:

  5. Congratulations Mate :love:

  6. Have you tried also activating your dlcs with your https://worldoftrucks.com/en/ account? this might help.. Have you tried also going to the Mod Manager and disabled all the mods?
  7. I tbh like all brands, I mostly drive with the Skoda, but If I will have to choose it would be the Volvo FH16 Classic, to still have that classic/oldschool look. And because its Volvo, which is a nice car brand too so why not.
  8. Hmmm well if I would take the total spread over 1 week it would be daily 4-6 hours.. not bad actually..
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