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  1. Another beautiful place on earth


  2. For the people who might care, 


    I've decided to leave a days ago - time related issues. Same reason why I stepped down from VPM.

    My study is consuming time, and after that comes work & family/friends. Unfortunately not much time remains after that.


    My timing is questionable, I know that - I did decide to pull the trigger now. Mainly because I don't have the will and time for damage control.


    If I may ask everyone, judge an individual for their actions - do not judge an entire team for actions only some took. The big majority are very good people, and I've made lots of friends here. You'll always have rotten apples.


    Anyway, the last 4 years here have been a huge learning curve and I've enjoyed it a lot. Even though it ends here, I'm luckily doing a lot of other interesting things.


    Take care everybody.

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    2. Lazarus [NL]

      Lazarus [NL]

      Bedankt voor je werk maat! Echt jammer dat je weggaat :(

    3. PursuitGamer6


      Sad to see a very social and talented person go. This hurts TMP a lot.

  3. [CMM] @ChrisPatrol leaves the team due to personal reasons. We wish him luck in his future adventures.
  4. We didn't at the time, so some reports may have been rejected for an invalid reason - most likely just a few, not hundreds. We don't check every minute whether YouTube has an issue or not, but as soon as it was known we left the reports pending. This is just a general PSA, for the people who may have had their reports rejected.
  5. It's not going to be removed, none is UNLESS the profile link is incorrect: such as home page, etc. I've said it before: genuine feedback - whether it is positive or negative, we will take it into account.
  6. Question: Would you like a completely filtered outcome with accurate results. Or: An unfiltered anonymous survey which may have been answered multiple times by the same person, which does not give us an accurate image of what people want (which if we then start doing things, people will complain about because it is not what they entered in the survey!) Seems like whatever turn you take, it's never the correct one. edit: @TomW88 thank you for your feedback!
  7. I guess the argument of talking to a brick wall goes both ways.. It is not manipulating if that data is infact not use-able for us, since it doesn't meet the requirements of our survey. However, since it's turning into an endless carousel I will stop responding now. You can contact me on Discord if you have a legitimate question, which isn't about the stuff you've already said (and received answers to).
  8. We demand a profile link, if that's too hard then yes those entries will not be looked at - like I said, we are looking for genuine and legitimate feedback. Many people have replied already, almost all of them with their profile link. It's not manipulating, it's looking at feedback which has been entered accordingly to our wishes. The survey is voluntarily, you choose whether you want to submit or not. We are not going to use it for anything else than to improve this community & mod.
  9. Nothing to stop them, however those entries will be deleted afterwards.
  10. We are not a company, this is a community and we want the user input to improve our services. We chose for verification, as it makes things much clearer. There are plenty of people who'd enter the survey multiple times and therefore give us false information. We are not looking for that, we are looking for genuine feedback and user experiences. And not 10 entries from 1 person.
  11. Why hold a survey to people who do not touch the mod at all anymore? It should be based on (recent) experiences. Therefore the minimum is once a week, else you can not answer the survey properly. It's set up like that simply so people do not spam in their responses, without verification it has no use as anybody can write things as much as they want. We're not going to use the survey against anybody, I don't know on what you base that on but I'm sure you can't provide that statement with arguments / proof.
  12. Since I've mentioned the reason in Discord a few minutes ago, I will repeat myself here: The issue was caused by a server setting which glitched out. Since it was a mistake from our side, we take full responsibility and have unbanned the users affected by the glitch. We thank everybody for participating in the discussion, however since this will just spiral into circles from now on I will also close this topic. Kind regards, konfig0
  13. It was hidden because you didn't contribute anything to the discussion.. I can guarantee we don't accept any money for whatever service. The ONLY money we accept are DONATIONS. And they help tremendously to cover server costs. The rest of our services is covered by advertisements and a lot come from the developers their pockets as well (a bit more gratitude at times would be a nice change).
  14. We will keep the post open for now since it allows the participation of discussion, we're not a dictatorship and people are free to discuss it - also if they disagree with the decision taken.
  15. So you're basically stirring the pot with random assumptions to then pull it back since you got no proof? That's not the way to hold a discussion; same how I don't make assumptions about you. We don't accept payments for a position either... I don't know where you got that information. Our system would look a lot different if people paid for their positions; such as a payment link on the recruiting forms which we don't have. https://www.wikihow.com/Be-Good-at-Group-Discussion
  16. Still waiting for proof from you since you are making these claims. We don't accept payment as a form of unbanning, Quad didn't pay. If you hold a discussion, make sure you come up with facts you can support with evidence since you make yourself look like a joke.
  17. It should not have started in the first place since the community hasn't gotten any relevance into this situation. We've written up our reasoning, and if people have questions about that reasoning feel free to ask - but we are certainly not going to break our own ISP over a situation which shouldn't have existed in the first place.
  18. I'm still looking for the answer when a part of the community got relevant into the situation with Quad. I believe it's something between TruckersMP Staff and Quad himself and I frankly think the rest of the community hasn't gotten anything to do with it either. That's why I also don't understand the discussions about it, we don't unban people if we got solid proof but as mentioned in the post there have been several reasons. I can assure you I am personally not friends with Quad (I barely know him and VIVA for a fact), so I am not biased. This is a case like any other for me, and I don't have any understanding of the fact why people have the need to suddenly be relevant into this situation while they hadn't had a role in it in the first place.
  19. We made the ISP for a reason: to not disclose that kind of information. Same how GDPR is made to protect user data and privacy. The people who set that up would not break their own protocols.
  20. Re-locating this back to San Francisco from New York. 


    1. Reaper_of_death1981


      Fly safely and professionally and when you fly over my place make sure to drop some candy please:D

  21. Had a nice sunrise in Vancouver this afternoon, now safely down in Iceland with thunderstorms on approach.













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    2. Noxii


      Oi it worked well if it wasn’t for that VATSIM off sync crap, looked really cool on my side at least. B)




  22. [GAME MANAGER] @Trucking Australia switches over to Community Manager.
  23. I just departed out of Anchorage, where the sun is rising. Lovely views, wish to visit there in real life at some point.







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