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  1. Don't know if TMP will host an event, but I will just drive as usual
  2. Has banned @Sbinotto07 for being pro
  3. I really liked the event, though I missed much of the things and road things, I loved the over head road signs and also the random events and detours, I loved the traffic jam at the alps, literally wasted my 50 minutes there lol but I loved it, unforgettable moment ever! And also thanks for the extra time given!
  4. My first ever Volvo FH https://i.postimg.cc/k4w61YM4/ets2-20200915-224318-00.png
  5. To be honest I go Right Hand driving, it's similar as my country, so I prefer that And yes I too get confused alot
  6. Lower the DPI and set the sensitivity as you wish, within 7 days or so you will master it soon!
  7. My very first favourite truck was the Volvo FH16, but I like Scania S730 and the 2009 version, Mercedes-Benz new actros, and the DAF XF E6
  8. The very first truck I bought in the game was the Volvo FH itself, because it has got some good handling, performance, and cool looks during night drives. But Scania-s are good too, expecially the 2009 version or the streamline, which has got the best engine sound for me. Very new Volvo FH16 is best for hard trucking, whereas when it comes to the new Scania, it's kind of relaxing for me. For me both are good!
  9. Aberdeen, the new 1.38 Lille, Oslo, Venice
  10. Lol nice trailer I would try do that in TMP simulations and see others reactions
  11. Refrigerated and Curtain-siders are my favourites with wind deflectors on it!
  12. MAN TGX draws my least attention, but the new MAN is okay, IVECO Strails the old one, I don't like it too much, and the DAF XF 105 too, it's fine but I don't prefer it that much. Renault trucks are fine for me except the Premium, but Premium has some fair handling for me
  13. Yeah, 110km/h on roads which are least crowded is actually boring, but for me 150km/h is a bit too much, 120-130km/h is fine, but the probability of accidents will be more.
  14. Mostly in Switzerland and Austria, and some parts of France, but I like to drive more in Scandinavia I want to drive in Calais-Duisburg, but the lag spikes and FPS drops doesn't allow me to play there, I usually avoid those type of roads
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