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  1. Happy Birthday🎂🎉

  2. https://prnt.sc/yyrkzv


    Lol thanks for taking my pic xD

    1. StateCA [NL]

      StateCA [NL]

      Haha what a coincidence xD

  3. I can understand the reason behind adding the NC zone, actually it did give some positive effects, not much traffic, but trolls got a new idea. Indeed this just removes the simulation experience, but don't you think that its only the Duisburg city which has the NCZ added, not the whole C-D road. Also, the "simulation" aspect you guys are keeping, are always knocked off by trollers. Which is normal. NCZ is a fair enough decision for me. Perhaps, could you guys make something, so that players don't concentrate only on the 1st main entrance, and not the 2nd 2-lane entrance? Players always do take the 1st entrance, but I assume if players take the 2nd entrance, there won't be much chaos... Or adding a new service station somewhere? Most players only enter Duisburg for the LKW company and the service station. Some leave the city from the Duisburg garage. These factors can't be changed, but I like the idea adding a new separate service station somewhere, so that players don't have to go for the earlier one!
  4. Nice work! It looks more simpler and more complex I see
  5. The thing is, I would love this suggestion, it will give much more life to the game! B
  6. has Banned @Lukiskywalker for posting on Saturday
  7. Daksheeboy


    Consider re-downloading the physics mod? Also, make sure the antivirus protection or chrome browser protection is turned off. Also, if the same file has been downloaded too many times, consider clearing chrome cache or the site cookies, or maybe clearing some stuff (Chrome) from Settings and do a complete clean re-download. PS: Physics mod is like, when I am steering the truck at some bent and at that instant when I press the key for Trailer Brake, the trailer spins off the road.
  8. This is the main reason why I don't trust anyone, even though on any road, others will not even care about road rules, forget about real-life simulations, I just pay attention to the road and road users, even when merging into a particular lane. I always press TAB and check for any players around me, even when overtaking someone, etc. Just don't trust others, keep some good distance from the vehicle infront of you and attention over the mini-map alot. As long as you keep those things in mind, you're safe.
  9. well what I can say is, I won't win of course edit: well ofcourse I lost
  10. I have never ever tried out snow mod, but I do want to drive on it!
  11. They are really cool! when you open the game, go to Jobs Market > Freight Market and you'll see some of the trailers, trailers are named as "TMP ..."
  12. Well its really low so I often do get some trailer damages whenever driving at 60km/h on uneven roads (entering into ferries, etc.), but, in some aspect its really cool and they did a good work on it, with some really worthy earnings after every delivery though
  13. Actually, 90km/h is more realistic and lot safer instead of 110km/h, indeed, but 90km/h is better on Calais - Duisburg road, rest all of the roads can have 110km/h. Or, they must limit SIM 1 server to 90km/h, and SIM2 to bit higher Km/h. But I wish they could limit our speed according to the speed limit on roads, and also Snow mod will soon arrive to TMP, I wish they could implement this as soon as possible...
  14. I wish they could add the IVECO S-Way, or the Ford F-MAX, or maybe the MB MP-5, but I think it would be also good if they could rework their base game maps, especially UK
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