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  1. I think that is a pretty simble feature and a good suggestion!
  2. I'm not sure if you mean the same, but I think there is a suggestion about that. Stroboscope flashing lights for the pilot
  3. I don't really think that is necessary. I think that the pilot car should be use for that. I know nearly nobody is using this for a convoy. But I don't think that another pilot vehicle is the best solution for a small problem.
  4. I think that is a very good idea.. But I think also that this is nit possible for TruckersMP only. I totally agree with that.
  5. Hey! I think that the mods for the scout car are enough. I don't think that it's necessary to add this just because the police car have this.
  6. It could be nice if we get another but with a diesel engine or something like this.
  7. I'm really exited to be honest.. I hate electric cars because of the german government . But an electric truck in ETS2 could be cool. It depends on how they made it. I got high demands for it.
  8. That wasn't the point of this suggestion? It's about real people who are breaking the rules softly. For them it's just a quick rejoin and they don't really think about it. If you got kicked for a broken rule, it is totally okay in my upinion to wait 5-10 minutens before reconnect. I don't understand why it is a bad thing that rulebreakers leave the server? I think that TruckersMP have enough fair players for the game to exist. Nobody said, that you have to wait 10 minutes for a headlight or a high ping.
  9. I totally agree with that point with the headlights. There should be no cooldown for a rejoin. But in my upinion 20 minutes are to long. I would prefer say 5-10 minutes.
  10. I think a feature, where the moderator can decide how long that Player should wait before reconnecting could be helpful. I like that suggest!
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