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  1. Will be worth the wait! They have to make sure everything new works well, also have to set the new NCZ, speed limits and other things like this... just be patient
  2. Limit should be 90 (or actually 100 since it's possible in some countries)
  3. They mean the EVENT servers, not the regular ones.
  4. Hey nothing wrong with some nice space spreadsheet MMO gaming... We all have different ways to have fun nowadays xD
  5. If you had ideas and such you might want to post them in Suggestions instead
  6. If you get used truckers you can get a nice Volvo for a good price, that's what i always do on new profiles!
  7. A obviously, my average speed is 84 kmh actually.
  8. The moderators also want to play the game, even if they are online they don't want to just sit there and moderate for hours, sometimes there will be mods available, sometimes not!
  9. I'd actually be very happy to see less people go to the CD Road (which I've been avoiding for years) and actually discover other places it, I really miss when we had tons of people in Corsica etc
  10. -537 Cmon surely this is doable
  11. I will simply give a hug and wish you a wonderful day while I'm at it!
  12. Always drive alone nowadays, never found a VTC that fits me.
  13. Haven't played in a while but: - You can create 10 more reports, your limit is 10 - 20 of your reports have been accepted so far - One of your reports has been declined so far (i put in the wrong ID)
  14. I think what i regret the most about TMP is the CD Road, I hate it so much, it's pointless and just exists for trolls and create and immense load for staff to deal with. Remember about the Rotterdam traffic jams? That was lightweight right.. I miss just seeing a lot of people driving around Corsica and other new places like this, now the game feels empty since 90% of the server is concentrated in the same area I don't know what staff could do about it, maybe public weekly/daily events on main servers or stuff like that.. there's surely a solution! (I think I've driven on the CD road about 5 times total in 10 years, always ended up getting people banned and never made it through)
  15. Mostly because a lot of people have them in their names, but hey that goes another way too: You can use "REC" so people stay away from you to avoid crashed and trouble xD
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