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  1. I only use WOT tbh, it's easier, it has limits and it's real time
  2. I always take the longest jobs, it's even better with friends, just chilling at the speed limits.
  3. Big fan of LED lights! It really depends on the truck sometimes tho.
  4. I always have a software recording in the back in case someone ruins my experience
  5. Yes ofc, we're on a simulation game!
  6. Thank you so much, i'm always triggered by players having their beacons on for no reason.
  7. Here's the best thing: Go on Soundcloud and listen to your weekly playlist, you will always love it.
  8. Honestly i don't know how we could get new players here but it would be great to see a simulation focused server with harder rules and 90 km/h limits, would make the realistic drivers happy
  9. TMP so far, we don't know what SCS will bring in the future but they will never bring the same kind of servers and gameplay.
  10. Iberia and France are the best imo
  11. Bought the game only to play ETSMP Alpha back in 2014, i would need to dig in my Steam to find the exact date, i remember back then all you needed was a Steam account so i didn't make my actual account yet.
  12. Blank trailer or a good old container!
  13. The current city limit is just fine, overall limit could be set to 90 instead of 110 tho!
  14. Oh thanks for the information! Now i have a good reason to downgrade my game ^^
  15. I've been solo forever now, tried resurrecting a VTC but it's too much for me x)
  16. I drive the limits, and that's what everyone should do on a simulation game.
  17. I forgot to reply but, thanks for this post, I can't wait to see what's coming and hope for the best
  18. Depends, I often switch but usually it stays between Volvo, Mercedes and Scania.
  19. Drive around, meet cool people, have some fun
  20. You have to understand that 90% of drivers here don't even have a license, they don't know how things work. For example, i've never seen a single person respecting a give way sign
  21. Yeah i agree with the 90 speed limit for sure.
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