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  1. New Design Pack for ETS2 and ATS

    Im not a big fan Dragons, but this looks nice.. :-D
  2. MAN TGX Euro6 for 1.32?

    If they only fix the Turn Signals
  3. Scania S or Scania R?

    I prefer the 2012 Scania R730 V8. It sounds so nice
  4. Mod Suggestions

    I definitly recommend the Promods-Map and the AI-Packs by Jazzycat
  5. ETS2 1.32 update

    I really like the Idea of Trailer ownership. A little bit sad is (in my Opinion) The Lack of Paintjobs for the Trailers, but it s still in Developement...
  6. Bad manner???

    Considering the fact that these trailers aren´t optimized for High Speeds, i have no problems with it...
  7. There is a Small route between Munich and Praha, wich is also difficult to drive
  8. trailer ownership

    Why should it not get added?
  9. Scania, because they are strong, they can be tuned and.... well its a scania
  10. Which server do you prefer? and why?

    Eu2, because there is a decent amout of players...
  11. Things of note from the SCS stream - ETS 2, June 2018

    This is going to be Awesome!! :-D
  12. do you find that the person abuses with word 'rec' ?

    Isnt it a little bit childish to use "Rec"? This word alone has something like a "That-was-unfair-im-gonna-tell-my-Teacher"-Mood. I think that people who say that, cant deal with conflicts of this nature, but need to rely on others, in the case of the admins, to solve the problem... Every time a player uses "rec" i somehow need to think of a little kid who is crying and calls after his Momma...
  13. Most accident causers on C-D are the scouts?!

    The main Problem is the poorly designed Road with its many Bends and unsecured Intersections...
  14. What makes a VTC company die?

    This is indeed a very Large Problem. But it gets worse when the Leader has to much free time on his hands: The Problem with my VTC was, that the Owner was unemployed and had a lot of time. That was not bad in itself, but he somehow related this to the other staff and expected that they show the same commitment as him. And after a few partly really ugly actions on his part (pay real money to be a member of the VTC, etc...) i drew the finish line for me... Since then (that's more than 2 years ago) I've tried a couple of times with a few other VTCs, but in the end it almost always failed because of the above reason. A very big problem, in my opinion, is that the management of VTC often expects too much from their drivers. For example: I am currently doing a technically very demanding training as a track-builder. I just make it on the weekend to play ETS2 and even then Im not always in the right mood for it. Unfortunately, the VTCs I applied for did not find it necessary to pay attention tho this fact. For these reasons, I've been "self-employed" ever since and I'm more critical of VTCs...