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  1. It depends on the situation. But Honestly: Most of the Time I don´t, Exept he follows the rules and is patient...
  2. Would be nice, Especailly Vans and stuff. +1
  3. I met one of my best friends online, In rotterdam on EU1 (Which was as Crowded as EU2 nowadays back then) Now we run a TS-Server together.
  4. Sorry that i´ve seen this so Late. Of course you are allowed to Translate this.
  5. I am still of the Opinion that only Oversize and Heavy Loads should use Beacons +1
  6. This is going to be awesome... Glad, that they finally rebuild those Map-Parts
  7. Happy Birthday. Thank you for this Masterpiece.

  8. Large Parking-lot at the Tunnel on the Oslo-Bergen Route
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