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  1. My first SCS-Game and Vehicle-Focussed Game was Bus Driver. Then i got hands on Euro Truck Simulator and then ETS2...
  2. Someone who overtook and then rammed an admin at the C-D...needles to say that he was banned
  3. It depends on the situation. But Honestly: Most of the Time I don´t, Exept he follows the rules and is patient...
  4. Oregon is nice, because it has things that NM has not (like Drawbridges etc..)
  5. Would be nice, Especailly Vans and stuff. +1
  6. The Road should be permanently closed in MP...
  7. Welll, SCS finally managed it to time the frequency of the indicators correctly and added an 8x4, so...
  8. I met one of my best friends online, In rotterdam on EU1 (Which was as Crowded as EU2 nowadays back then) Now we run a TS-Server together.
  9. I would like to see an "Going further North"-DLC like the Promods-map
  10. This was one of my first Jobs in TMP and my first Traffic-Jam in Rotterdam. Oh the Nostalgia
  11. I think that a different Flash-Pattern and more Fixing Points for the LED-Flashers would be nice.
  12. Heavy_Haul_24/7

    ETS2 2019

    I think we will get some More Special Cargo, MAN Euro 6 and Renault T-Range, and hopefully the Spanish Peninsula
  13. Since i have a ton of Money ingame, i refer to use F7. I dont know why.
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