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  1. Congratulations :check:

  2. Congratulations, Welcome mate :)

  3. Congratulations! Welcome back. ^_^

  4. - Your Steam Profile URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/flybel - How did you find out about TruckersMP? I remember back in the day, having played ETS and ETS2 for quite some time that I was looking for a multiplayer and the general public opinion was that there could never be a multiplayer for an ETS game. Quite some time later it came to my attention that in the meantime ETS2MP became a thing, and well, the public was proven wrong! Since then I pretty much stopped playing singleplayer (until the release of Special Transport DLC, that is). - What is your favourite aspect of TruckersMP? I think the staff team is my number one favourite here, it has been so enjoyable to be able to work alongside them for 6 months. - What features would you love to see implemented in the future? Honestly, I'm already so hyped for what the TMP headquarters have planned for us that I can't think of anything right now...
  5. Good luck in the future,congrats on your work during these 6 months. 

  6. I wish you the best in your future! Good luck :)

  7. flybel

    Bann die Person über dir [German Edition]

    Gebannt, weil... naja eigentlich hast du gar nix gemacht. Naja egal, trotzdem REC BANNED, enjoy! pinfo 1499
  8. flybel

    Bann die Person über dir [German Edition]

    Gebannt, da der Blitz in deinen PC eingeschlagen ist, der ist jetzt kaputt und deshalb merkst du gar nicht, dass du gebannt bist
  9. I can only repeat what others have already said, I'm sad to see you go and you will certainly be missed.

    I wish you the best of luck and success on whatever comes next and hope you'll still stop by to say hi occasionally. Thank you for all you've done for me and the rest of TruckersMP.

  10. hi 


    i want ask u for Mack reports

    when i Mack report of someone and he get band then he apologize me and said sorry a lot and ask me if i can delete Evidence and he Mack apple ban so can i delete it or what?:)

    1. flybel


      Do not delete evidence. Remember it must stay available for at least the duration of the ban plus one month. This includes cases where the user appeals. If you delete your evidence too early you risk getting your report rights removed.

    2. RequieB



  11. Gerade gesehen, dass du vor einigen Tagen zum Game Moderator aufgestiegen bist ^^ Wünsche dir in der Hinsicht alles Gute, wir werden uns schon noch das ein oder andere Mal auf der Straße begegnen :)

    1. flybel


      Da bin ich mir sicher! Danke dir :)