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  1. It's definitely this, unfortunately most i can do is tell my aunt about it since I'm not playing at home. I tried this. My PC isn't overclocked Windows 10, it's always ran as admin, i have no mods, not even the "client side ones" i see a lot of people using in videos. The download path for my steam games are on a different path but i don't think that's the problem since this seems to be a issue with their new internet. Turned both off. Yes, thanks everyone for your responses, I think it's the internet blocking the connection because I always have high ping, Don't know why truckersmp is always the only multiplayer thing i play that is affected.
  2. Not yet, but something tells me it's firewall related on the router side. Other games don't seem to be affected.
  3. Every time i join the game, this happens or it gets stuck on authentication. Any thoughts on what might be the issue?
  4. Putting the rear wheels in the front through save editing, unfortunately probably didn't show for other players.









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    2. LordBenji


      Ahh I knew you'd mess with the sii files :P 

    3. ViniKamp1


      Any way the front axle goes to the last axis, same as the image?



    4. bonafide


      @ViniKamp1 Yes , editng the 6x4 taglift chassis , axle #3 will be set to a a front axle and liftable axle will be set to true.

  5. For example: Changing "detail_model: "/vehicle/truck/skoda_superb/car.pmd"" to "detail_model: "/vehicle/ai/lancer_x/ai.pmd"". Suggestion Name: Allow AI models to be used on Skoda. Suggestion Description: Basically allowing players to change the Skoda's chassis models, lods and collisions(and shadows) to that of an AI car's chassis. How this can be done besides save editing is having different chassis in the shop under AI cars and have every ai car model available for player's to use. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Allows for more variety for types of cars to use, some of the AI cars also have police and scout versions which can be useful for admins and CC.
  6. +1 I have tried swapping the ai car's chassis onto the Skoda , for the most part the interior works for some of the cars , but like the Lancer below , it tends to stick out a bit. Everything like headlights , reverse lights , lowbeam , highbeam , running likes , all that work. However i tried getting this into mp using save editing and it either crashed me for having "standard.skoda.superb.chassis" or crashes everyone around me for having anything else under the accessory name because nobody besides me has it.
  7. For anyone crashing on Europe 2 server in Duisburg , apologies. I was testing using AI car model for the Skoda and it seems like it if i use the "standard.skoda.superb.chassis" in the chassis accessory , it crashes me and using anything else(Even the default Lancer X chassis accessory name) it crashes other people :wub:

  8. bonafide

    No jobs?

    Can't do that since it says I'm not sleepy, i will however tried the method mentioned above.
  9. bonafide

    No jobs?

    It's kind of annoying that every time i get into multiplayer i have no jobs and even with fatigue enabled i don't get any so I'm not able to sleep to reset the jobs, I've been driving around aimlessly for hours and the fatigue meter doesn't even show a hint of blue. Economy reset also does nothing. Only thing that kind of works is using f7 and driving to the specific job site but i don't want to do that for every single job site to see what is available.
  10. fixed it, was logged into my cousin's steam account Thats what i said, but i was still able to sign in even with the latin f, but the issue was that me and my cousin share the same PC and i didn't know he logged me out
  11. I don't know why i'm getting this error all of a sudden, i had a special character in my name and even though i wasn't able to sign into the forums yesterday i could still sign into the site and the game at that point in time. I do have remember me checked ingame and it says incorrect email and password. I changed my name so that it didn't include the special character and it still tells me incorrect email or password, and i am certain it is the correct email and password because i logged in several times into the forums and the site, so i don't know why this is happening.
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