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  1. Congrats on game_manager.png.1ea6b5007286984bc78b883 well deserved! :D

  2. I am live over at https://www.twitch.tv/atlascgg with the Atlas games night on GTA V!

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Have a good stream mate :P 

  3. RIP, gone but you and your work will never be forgotten.
    here's my favourite song from Avicii:


    1. mcglynn14


      here's my favorite song of avicii because it has a great life quote live a life you will remember 


  4. Well apparently the sun decided to visit the UK today, doubt it will stay for long :P

    1. TruckerStefan


      It says it will continue so lets see :) It has been very hot today

    2. stilldre1976


      yeah was nice today bout time suppose to be baking the weekend hope so am heading down the beach sunday :)

  5. What 'Theme' do you think is better?

    Let me sum up my theme settings in a gif:
  6. Colour On User Link

    Would be a good idea but I can see some ranks being an issue with the dark theme. My other issue would be that there would be too much 'rainbow' in forum topics an responses. I think the rank tags do the job well enough! -1
  7. Message when a report gets deleted

    This would be a cool addition so users are not as confused when they see 'no action was taken on your report' some may think that a GM has declined the report when really there was nobody to deal with it or the report was deleted due to it being active for too long. +1
  8. Truckersmp Phone app

    Would be cool to see an app, however many other things should be prioritized before TMP think of developing an app imo. Also, It would be useful for this app to have more features than just the player map, maybe integration with your account and the ability to perform website actions, for example, viewing your reports, notifications from the forums, news posts and so on. However, as I said its not really needed as the site already does all of this with a responsive phone/tablet template. -1 from me, however, I like the idea of having an app in the future as it isn't needed at the moment.
  9. RKnf6.png


    Looking great guys @[GER] Lasse @SgtBreadStick , great that its open source too ;)


    1. [GER] Lasse

      [GER] Lasse

      That's a really nice tool you got there :D

    2. TUNANKA


      It's incredible, I want it too. :wub:

    3. [GER] Lasse
  10. Allow fatigue simulation

    I must have misread this somewhere, however, isn't this already a feature. its a part of the main game that you can toggle. Last time I checked it worked? Unless a recent update has turned off fatigue.
  11. Custom skin's in MP

    Due to the recent save editing rules coming into play, you are able to set custom skins to your truck and trailer as far as I am aware, however these are only locally affected. I am not for the suggestion as it would create a lot of extra content to manage from the developers side as well as it being unfair to users who are not in a vtc but want a truck skin. -1
  12. Allow fatigue simulation

    I Personally like this idea, as it adds to the simulation experience. However, forcing it on users is unfair as they can toggle it in SP. I'm not sure if this would even be possible as well as it is a local setting? This would also most likely cause an upset from the community if it was to be forced upon them so therefore I am going to gove this suggestion -1
  13. Increase/remove the 200 player queue limit

    These queues are there for a reason. Without them, it can cause tremendous server load resulting in lag. Also, you have to remember that other servers do exist apart from EU2. -1
  14. CB Radio Buttons

    I am totally for this, being able to customise the input key for the CB would be cool. Not sure if i would use it as i don't use CB much and would forget what key I set it to, but i can see a lot of other people would want it. +1
  15. AtlasFirst! - Day 2

    Currently, 5 spaces remain for our truck fest! If you are wanting one please book using this link: https://goo.gl/forms/ZVDaMAObFDfFqetf1