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  3. Playing as squad

    Hello @jmlt8 I always External Contracts at the same time with my friends (you know , 3 ,2 ,1 , all open External Contracts) and we almost always have the same orders Or you can try use http://www.ets2sync.com/en/ but i not sure it's still working . i don't use this website so ... :<
  4. Banned for having my love motorcycle (R1) on an avatar
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  6. IIII gitara :D wiedziałem ze wrócisz !! :) 

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  8. Happy birthday :) 

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  11. Pomocy

    Napisz moze w czym problem ? Do czego ta osoba ci jest potrzebna bo tak to trudno stwiedzic kogo potrzebujesz i kto ma do ciebie pisac
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