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  1. That looks awsome dute! Keep up the good work
  2. ZefojGaming

    ATS Sound Problem

    Hi @KaizeNG What had you modified? Have you modified: - Engine - Horn - Lightbars or something like that. You sould sell your truck, and then buy a new truck. If you playing singleplayer: (Maybe works if you go to singleplayer) It can be a mod that affects the sounds will still affect the Profile until and unless you sell whatever the sound mod was modifying. For example, an engine sound mod. Even if you remove the mod, the data for the sound is still in your Profile until you sell the engine that was being modified. If above dosen´t work, you sould specify your question a little bit more? - I can reply, and answer it better.
  3. ZefojGaming

    TrackIR Issues in TMP

    For my situation i can tell you this may work below: Do this, and it´s going to work: Delete controls.sii from your profile directory which can be found in "Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles" for non-cloud profiles or "Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\steam_profiles" for cloud ones or compare the working and non-working version.
  4. ZefojGaming

    Washington update

    Hi @friedpencil2, Right now are the develepors on hard work to get the 1.35 to work with multiplayer, they would announce when there are release on the 1.35 in the news section. Always ask if you have more questions.
  5. I like to honk if there are another player, they are honking after me! Sometimes i also flashing back to the player.
  6. Happy birthday to you! :check:

  7. ZefojGaming

    1.34 de 1.35 sorunu

    [TR] Sorununuzu derinleştirebilir misiniz, yardım etmek daha kolay olur mu? [EN] Could you possibly deepen your problem, so would it be easier to help?
  8. ZefojGaming


    At the moment, it is until Halloween is over, but which date and the like are still unclear Best Regards - ZefojGaming TRUCKER
  9. ZefojGaming

    Hot topic #6: Automatic save editing detection

    I didn't use eny mods when i'm playing multiplayer, because i can´t see eny reason to do that. I hope there would become a autokick for people there use mods on the server, thats just becuse if another player didn´t have that mod it can do so the player can´t see the the other player have that modification.
  10. Happy birthday to you mp trucker ;) 

  11. ZefojGaming

    Global speed limiter

    @Aves I think it's okay, that they have chosen it, because there are some who run recklessly.
  12. ZefojGaming

    Why are so many players joining the forum? Discussion

    Hej @GermanTruckerMarc , I joined the forum becuse that I would actively participate in various topic discussions such as helping others with any issues, answering questions, seeing all updates, news, or the like.
  13. ZefojGaming

    Global speed limiter

    Love it! there are now more safety on the roads
  14. It would not be so easy to make it work and be part of the rules, but the idea is good enough, but do not now think that the traffic is being resolved completely
  15. It's a cool idea, but would rather prefer G27, or a keyboard rather than some controls on keyboard, some on G27 and others on an ipad