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  12. Hello, Truckers! Today, I will tell you about the routes I have travelled depending on my experiences and I will share information with you so that you can experience these roads. 1- Dirt road on Graz I know everyone loves dirt roads and that's why I wanted to add this route to the top! Only 180 kilometres from Graz, this route is completely in the forest and has a great view and no DLC requirements! 2- Munich and Innsbruck Road With its escape ramp and exciting curves, this road will remind you of European architecture. If you are looking for excitement, don't forget to try any of the escape ramps (there are about 3 of them). Moreover, there is no dlc requirement to get here! 3- Mine Road on Jönköping The mine near this city in Sweden will give you a ProMods feel, all you need to experience this journey is the Scandinavia DLC! 4- Brashov and Piteşti Road This route includes Romania's marvellous monuments and incredible landscapes. You only need the "Road To The Black Sea" DLC to experience this route, which is definitely worth trying. Moreover, if you experience this route, you will receive an achievement on Steam! Thank you very much for reading this forum, I am thinking of sharing a post with great routes again very soon. If there are routes you want to add, you can mention them in the comments.
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