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Status Updates posted by derpatrick9

  1. Thanks for all the wishes I've gotten so far,I really appreciate it to a part of all of this.

    I hope to stay in touch with some of you. 

    All the best.

  2. Kardeş özledimm seni, gelsene...

    1. BurakAKSAKAL


      Ben geldim kankamm <3

  3. So there was a little traffic jam in Paris :p


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    2. JB2783
    3. Grundii


      Was zum Teufel.. :o War das wegen dem World of Trucks Event oder wegen eines Konvois? :lol:

    4. derpatrick9
  4. Getting some rest :p


  5. e9fd13b0-e7c8-41c7-baa5-0322d1e86248


    1. Dark Winter

      Dark Winter

      wow cool forza horizon 4 

    2. Baldemar TR

      Baldemar TR

      it Looks like the D-C way :D  

  6. C63 AMG S at night truly a beast 



    1. Baldemar TR

      Baldemar TR

      Like :D ( I can not press like button coz forum rules u know ) :D  

  7. Streaming some Trains Simulator :p



    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      Have a good streaming mate :wub: Have fun in game :) 

    2. Gilles03


      Have fun mate :)

  8. Nvm going to stream Train Simulator 2019 :p 


  9. R.I.P XXXTENTACION..forever heart broken.



  10. Nice little drive with the Metronom.





  11. Back when Euro Truck Simulator had no licenses 


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    2. antrax737


      Oh boy, i still remember playing this game, i mostly did only Madrid-Warszawa :P

    3. MajorKowallsky


      Oh boi, I've been driving Lisbon-London all the time

  12. Trying out some old trucks e.g this Scania!


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    2. derpatrick9


      Thanks, the old Scania is still a beast :P

    3. Elysia ELF

      Elysia ELF

      I switch sometimes between the NG and 2012 Scania.

      But the handling (6x2 Taglift) are way different but overall „läuft wie Schmitz Katzen“, a german definition for nice

  13. :^]



    1. DerAmpelmann


      Do you happen to be a fan of Salvador Dalí? I get those vibes from your truck. :troll:



    2. derpatrick9
  14. Hauling some heavy cargo this time! 




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    2. RaphaelBanana(Bye all!)

      RaphaelBanana(Bye all!)

      Make more photos! It turns out perfectly!:check:

    1. ShawnCZek


      You were so afraid he would hit you! :D

    2. derpatrick9


      Ye I panicked a little to much xD,I drove 1,7k Kilometer,this was my last 10 km xddd

  15. Was fun being an Egg! 




    1. Jhoni30 [BR-EN]

      Jhoni30 [BR-EN]

      the hardest to find. lol


    2. ShawnCZek
    3. MajorKowallsky
  16. Thanks to everyone who joined,was a great Event!

    I might not be able to tag everybody but here you go!

    @Smalley @MrCipr @Aze (FIN ) @ShawnCZek @DavinaETS @[VIVA] Ali. @.weezy @n1ckanas @Spooky_Ghost69 @NoTime4name @Vitosuper2005 @NotSoFancyFox @Elsassisch_Trucker [FR]

    @EdouFilou  @K0rnholio @LSPD Gamer @aLexRO @jdshow10 @RaduA @TruckerStefan and @Smoky_TMP :troll: for being our helicopter :3

    And a huge thank you  to @Rev.! for having such an nice stream and event!


    Thanks to all people who showed up.

    If I forgot anyone please tell me!



  17. Rev's Event soon! on ETS2 (NO DLC needed)

    Make sure to come around! : ) 


    The official TruckFest 2018 livestream will be live at 19:45 GMT.



    1. ShawnCZek


      See you there ... oh, wait. :troll:

    2. Baldemar TR

      Baldemar TR

      Yes everybody join them 

      This type of events are so good when you join.


      ( If I was at home I would like to come , now l am at work :(

    3. Ali.


      See you th- nvm :truestory:

  18. So,

    This was the first truckfest / convoy was fun,I'd like to thank these people for even taking their time to join us.

    @Nataliia @K0rnholio @Smalley @RaduA @TruckerStefan


    Since over 58 people said in the Thread, "I will attend",there should be a bit more not 5 people,and some of them even saying they gonna join with their company.

    But didn't show up.

    This is shows which people they are,perhaps some of them had something more important and I respect that.

    But if you just wrote that to show you are still active on the forum,and not actually caring about the effort which was put into that event,then please,just stop attending to any event.


    Last thing I'd like to say is, a huge thank you to @Rev. for even taking his time to create such an event.

    Please think about it 2 times before writing something.


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    2. Elysia ELF

      Elysia ELF


      I will try to participate :) but please organize every Event in the Weekends, from Mo to Fr are the most people working or having school so they have to go to bed early.

      And Thank you for organizing an awesome Event.

      Everyone appreciate it, but they don’t have time from Mo to Fr

    3. TruckerStefan
    4. derpatrick9


      Oh sorry,and ofc you. ^^

  19. *cough* *cough* 



    1. _Pingu_


      you need some lemsip my dude 

  20. Don't forget the first Event from Rev's ETS/ATS TruckFest Event!


    Today is the first ATS Event (DLC needed),be sure to check it out + live on twitch :^]



    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      yeah coming soon :P 

  21. Sunset : ) 





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