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  1. So! Hi all! More me with you will not be. Banana in retirement. Simply put, my account has been restored another user. I can't return it. It's all. It was very cool here. Good luck and thanks to all. BYE! :wub:

    I'm no longer here!

    Last photo on my profile: 


  2. At the entrance to Calais, gravity changes? Okay. i didn't know :)


  3. Hello all, can you say me? Small wheels on my trailer it is allowed?

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    2. ScaniaFan89


      @Nataliia No more " cute " trailers then :P 


      I know why tho, its because of dlc trailer wheels i.e the heavy cargo ones ( they just crash anyway ) 

    3. [MCG] Masunio

      [MCG] Masunio

      Here rule: "wheels cannot be changed either as it affects trailer stability."

    4. RaphaelBanana(Bye all!)

      RaphaelBanana(Bye all!)

      Thanks all for answers! :) Now i'll be change the wheels:D

  4. Happy birthday!!:check: Good luck to you.

  5. I always asked myself this question. Now everything became clear. Thanks.
  6. I understand. But he need just write in the chat.
  7. Great idea. But i don't think this will be done.
  8. Always write something to chat. Then you will not be a kick.
  9. All right. I support. I will definitely add. Often i also saw that they were leaving for opposite side. Thank you!
  10. @jiuras Hello, thank you. There is one topic about overtaking. As far as i understand this is a little different from your idea, i understand correctly?
  11. When downloading, specify yourself how to reach to ATS. Try to reinstall the game and download the new TruckersMP. You can also transfer the Steam to another place, to another disk, for example.
  12. @[S.PLH]Warrior Many thanks for the correction. I doubted at this moment I fixed everything. Thanks again.
  13. It is very cool that nothing stands still. The main thing is not to give up and come up with cool stuff. Good luck in all these affairs.
  14. Hello everyone, today I will tell you how to drive on the C-D road. Often I see people who don't know the driving rules. P.S. If you see any mistakes, contact me, please. 1) How to leave the gas station. This sign means that the driver (you) must give way. You must wait for all and only then go. This sign stands on any Gas station. Also on the exit of Duisburg and not only. 1.1)How to enter the gas station C-D sign designation signs designation An example of how not to do: Pink skoda blocked the truck on the right. 2) Route to D-C (3 moments) 3) Route from Brussel or Rotterdam (3 moments) Correctly - Don't block the road to other players. Wrong - Blocking the road to other players. 4) Roundabout of Calais and other roundabouts.
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