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  1. Suggestion Name: Add a time limit on when one can when blocking before kicking Suggestion Description: Today i was kicked by admin Keezome for blocking, i had slowed to avoid a accident and got knocked over by the car behind, as i pressed enter on f7 i got kicked for blocking, the admin had pulled behind about 15 seconds earlier. now i have a fairly unresponsive mouse which means it will probably take me 15 seconds to click the tow option in the first place this is slightly unfair, i propose a waiting time of at least 30 seconds before block kicking as it will annoy other players if they get kicked. Any example images: https://imgur.com/a/vqlWJmd , https://imgur.com/a/VeLTprN Why should it be added?: to save on the stress and frustration caused by kicking . banning for a short amount of time
  2. So, this new game mode thing pretty cool idea two things though: 1. would traffic lights rain ETC be synced? 2. Would there be any requirements for it =- like the HGVMP thing Good idea and about time!
  3. +1 Encourages following of the rules
  4. You just spam following everyone? anyways thanks for follow :)

    1. RaphaelBanana(Bye all!)

      RaphaelBanana(Bye all!)

      Almost everyone. :D Too many people here.

  5. Everytime a new Scania passed me, boom! that horrid Gray s*it
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