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  1. Happy Birthday Bud. Hope you have a great day. :love:

  2. Drove the first route in Red 24 and got a few pics @IethaI and @EHHVTC - Ollie







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    2. EHHVTC - Ollie
    3. K0rnholio


      I saw you up there so I had to be sneaky and took a pic of you and Gamer I believe it is.

    4. EHHVTC - Ollie
  3. @davidd Glad to have you with us for a second year. @Styl41 Thanks. Seeing the success it had last year, we are keeping our fingers crossed it will be again this year.
  4. @[TM]TheTsTdriver They are talking about Real Operations V6. It was an event that was hosted by Digital and many of the TMP Staff. The idea of it was made to simulate real life things such as: Police Chase; Construction; Crashes; Medical Emergencies; Boarder Crossings; and more. Even tho it's over you can read up on it here. So you're aware next time.
  5. I have two places I see rarely see people. Non DLC - Aberdeen DLC - Italia Overall just wish more people would play spread out.
  6. K0rnholio

    Getting out of cab

    As @Sysgen suggested you'd have to go to SCS with that suggestion. With that being said, I always thought it would be cool to get out of your truck and do a pre-trip inspection. ATS and ETS2 are still a great game as they are right now. But adding the small details like the air hoses to your truck and trailer are the things that I really appreciate in a game like this.
  7. A few weeks ago I "hinted" at something. While it's still a few months away, the planning has already started. Please join us for Fright Night 2019 :RIP:



    1. Nectarine


      Can't wait for it. If it's half as good as last years, It should be a great night!

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      When it's still February but some people are already talking about Halloween:


    3. K0rnholio


      Very true but it will be October before you know it. Then last few weeks finalizing plans and what not. Should be a fantastic event. 

  8. Fright Night. Last year was such a success, can't wait for this event. It will be spooky and good times.
  9. Can't wait - looking forward to this.
  10. There's no question about it. Real Ops is indeed the largest attended event hosted by TruckersMP. We can't host such events without the support of @Digital and every TMP Staff member that assists and you the player for attending. I hope you all had as much fun as we did during the 4 hours. 









  11. K0rnholio

    Do your "In-game" reports get looked at?

    You know this is an overall interesting topic - it gives us a somewhat estimate of what's being completed in-game. One thing to keep in mind is, the Game Moderator team is by far the largest team in TMP. Because of this, we have multiple people living all across the world so someones report might not always get looked at right away. While this is a volunteer job, all TMP Staff members are still humans like everyone else (work, school, etc) With that being said I have two point of views I'd like to mention. As a player - Before I joined the team, only a low amount of my in-game reports were claimed or looked at. This is mainly due to where I live. For those who don't know I live in the United States and first started playing TMP strictly on ATS. Due to the 5+ hour time difference from majority Admins (now Game Moderators) my reports were not looked at. So like everyone else I had to report the user(s) via the website. I'm really thankful for the report system or the user(s) in question would have gotten away without punishment. As a Game Moderator - I try to spend a fair amount of time in-game dealing with as many in-game reports watching them and determining the best possible outcome. As mentioned above while a GM (like myself) claims a report another 3-4 reports are submitted. It's obvious that we can't watch every single report because the intake is just to large, and sometimes reports are made for no offense and it just takes our time away from an actual report that needs our attention. Being a GM is very time consuming and even if I spend 3 hours in-game that's another 45 mins to an hour compiling all the footage I've saved. The issue I've seen (keep in mind not all players) but TMP Staff will work for hours on end and then when they want to relax and drive - someone will see the colored name or reorganize the name and ask why they aren't working. Everyone in TMP Staff has their assigned roles and completes their work in a timely manor. That's my two cents on the matter and interested to see additional responses.
  12. Happy Birthday Syntog.

    Hope all is well. Have a great day :wub:

  13. Drove with @Nectarine in the TFM Convoy. Overall had an enjoyable time. 





    1. Nectarine


      Same here. Was really fun. First time in a while that I've enjoyed such a long convoy.

    2. Rico.


      Sad to not be there, hope you guys had a nice time 

  14. Had a lovely drive with @JeffSFC @IethaI @MattTM @Nigtwish @Jxkke 


    @TeamDeer - While the stream was short it was still nice to jump into game with you. 





    1. [FC-T] DrivingBroNL
    2. Draxo


      Maybe you should become media with those photo skills ;)

  15. I was jumping up and down when SCS finally released the Volvo for ATS. It's a great truck and still my mainly driver as of now. When it comes to trucks officially coming to the game it's not as easy as 1. 2. 3. (we all wish it was tho) But these things require time and patience. With that being said, I would personally love to see a 2016 Freightliner Cascadia. To me that's a working man's (or woman's) truck. If and it's a big if they were to add that truck - I would switch to ATS only and put many many miles on that truck. But you also list some other good choices CAT or the Mack look like good trucks also.