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  1. Winter Event

    Hello @Jayden_RKT In order for you to receive your rewards, you are required to sign into your World of Trucks account and go to events. From there you should see information regarding your rewards and how to claim them. Best of luck and drive safe. K0rnholio
  2. Alright off to bed I go.... maybe?

  3. C-D road is dying?

    As others already suggested it's not dying anytime soon. Lately, I have been avoiding the area with so much that goes on in that area. But every so often it's still entertaining to alter my route to run down the road and see what's going on. But I also have to agree - maybe this is my own opinion but it seems lately people have been spread out more rather than being all clustered together.
  4. Riley [EN-US] Screenshots

    Just a few pics I took while streaming.
  5. [VOTE] Do you hate the Trameri entrance?

    No, I don't hate it. I love the challenge and it makes it more interesting. I will admit at first it took getting some used to but now it's my favorite pickup/drop off location.
  6. Where Are you playing the TRUCKERSMP (Ets2MP/ATSMP)?

    I'm from the good ole USA. I will admit since joining TruckersMP I have met plenty of great people all over.
  7. I told myself I would go to bed..... 2 hours ago. It's now 04:47 #teamnosleep

  8. Hello TruckersMP. By clicking this topic and or searching for this on YouTube you must be looking for a way to assign the CB button to a steering wheel or controller while playing ATS or ETS2 on TMP servers. If so I have a solution for you. As of right now, there isn’t an “official” way to change or assign the CB to a controller but in this guide, we will be using a 3rd part program called JoyToKey. This method will work for BOTH ATS and ETS2. Below is a text instruction set on how to complete and setup JoyToKey. If for whatever reason it doesn't work there will be a video below to see where you went wrong. So let's get started, shall we? First off ensure that the device you are using is plugged into the computer and all drivers are installed and up to date. For this tutorial, I will be using a Logitech G920. The second step is for you to download the program "JoyToKey" Download Link Virus Scan The third step for you is to make a new folder on your desktop and name it whatever you'd like The fourth step is for you to extract the download files into the new folder we made on the desktop The fifth step is to run JoyToKey as an Administrator The sixth step is to assign the keys to your liking Last but not least just minimize the program and leaving it running while playing ATS/ETS2 on TruckersMP servers and you can now use whatever button you wish for the CB on your controller or steering wheel If for whatever reason something went wrong or you prefer to watch a video tutorial I will leave a video below. Please note I recorded in full 1080 but it seems a bit grainy and not FULL HD so I apologize about that. If the video still didn't help you and you're stuck with something please feel free to send me a message or mention me in this thread and I will see if I can help you. In the meantime, have fun and drive safe. K0rnholio
  9. Riley [EN-US] Screenshots

    I don't know why but I seem to really enjoy just day cab trucks compared to everything all maxed out. In my opinion it looks more "everyday" type of truck if that makes any sense.
  10. Happy New Year :) 

    From the USA

  11. Changing Mic Button

    @MrRandomMan There is but isn't a way where you can change it. What I mean - by default the TruckersMP mod doesn't allow you to switch the CB key. However, I play with a G920 myself and I have found a solution. You have to download and install a 3rd party software called Joy2Key which can be found HERE and from there you can use whatever button you like. I personally like the "Y" button on the wheel so I mapped it to that, but your welcome to use whatever is most convenient for you. If you decide to try it out I will leave 2 screenshots below of what it would look like once it's setup. Wish you the best of luck and hope this has helped. Drive Safe K0rnholio
  12. Drivers not working

    Hello @Cygopat First off welcome to the forums But more importantly, it seems like your play style is a lot like mine. Being that you take out loans and hire drivers and play the game "legit". However, the issue is when playing multiplayer for ATS/ETS2 the time sync is different than singleplayer. So your employees do work for you - however, time needs to pass in order for them to make money. So don't do it constantly, but every now and then maybe F7 to a near garage when you finished a load or quick travel to your HQ or garage or find a place to sleep in-game. When you do one of those actions the employees speed up the process of what they have been doing and adds it into one lump sum. Depending on how far you already went with this profile. My suggestion is to make a new profile and follow these steps. 1. Make a new profile in single player 2. Complete the first 2 or 3 loads ( this way you can take a loan for your truck ) 3. Save the game once you have your very own truck. 4. Load ATS/ETS2 and find a place to sleep or quick travel ( your HQ/Rest Stop/Service Station ) 5. I haven't seen this bug happen for a while however, when you sleep or teleport for the first time your game MIGHT freeze or stay on a black screen - DO NOT ALT F4 or close your game in any way. 6. After you have slept or teleported you are now able to hire drivers and take loans etc 7. For your employees to "work" like I mentioned above find a place to sleep every so often or just teleport and on the route advisor you should see their income on what they have collected/leveled up etc. Hope this has helped. K0rnholio
  13. How to build a truckersmp server

    Hello, @SR^?134?^chaoren In short - you don't. TruckersMP is a modification of American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. They don't provide any materials for a user to host a server. You may only connect to the servers they provide to play online with other truckers. While some of the servers might change for different events - I'm 99.999% sure they don't have any plans on making the mod available for other users to create their own server. I hope this has helped. K0rnholio
  14. I'm pretty sure most have already said this - however Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


    Please drive safe if your traveling to/with family and friends.