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  1. It depends on the mood I'm in. I'll either listen to Truckers.FM, my own Spotify playlist, or even some days/nights I prefer listening to nothing but the sounds of the engine.
  2. K0rnholio

    American truck simulator worth it?

    @snabbleverans AB Many have given their personal opinion regarding ATS. If your truly considering on buying ATS I would think about the following. Buy the Oregon and New Mexico DLC map expansions. If you buy the base game you'll only get Arizona that's free. It might be worth waiting until it's closer to Christmas when ATS is on sale with the Winter Steam Sale. Overall I personally think it's a great game. The game-play overall feels different and with the different style of trucks which is great. Ever since the Volvo VNL was released I also noticed myself and a few others play ATS more than ETS2. Whatever you decide I wish you the best of luck and who knows maybe I'll see you on on the road.
  3. It was nice running into you @sshadmin @MattTM 


    Looking forward to Remembrance Day.







  4. K0rnholio


    @Nomine[GER] It would be interesting to see. However I don't think SCS will be adding that anytime soon.
  5. Hi Keezome,


    Sad to see you leave the team. I hope to see you around sometime. Wherever your adventure takes you, I wish you the best of luck. :wub: 

  6. K0rnholio

    How Much Money Do You Have Ingame?

    With the release of Volvo VNL for ATS I just started a new legit profile and I have about $7,000 give or take a few hundred maybe. But on my ETS2 profile I have a few million as I have multiple garages and AI employees working for me.
  7. K0rnholio

    [SCS Blog] ATS: Special Transport Released!

    I got the DLC but haven't had the chance to take a new Special Transport load yet. Looks very promising but single player here I come.
  8. K0rnholio


    I agree with @Ryan534 I feel like unloading wouldn't be part of the Truck Driving process. If SCS were to add anything. I would personally like the option to walk out of your truck for ATS / ETS2 and preform a Pre-Trip inspection. But this is something they could add like Advanced Trailer Coupling it's an option there but it's not required. But that's my own personal suggestion.
  9. Hey Aestrial,


    I appreciate for all the hard work you've completed. You are a great role model, and you will be missed. Keep up your positivity and I wish you the best of luck in your near future.

    1. Aestrial


      Thank you mate. All the best in the future!

  10. If you haven't noticed yet, the Volvo VNL is in the Public Beta of ATS. Jumped on and did a short drive and I'm very pleased with the truck. Can't wait for it's full release :wub:


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    2. BlackSkill


      I dont like that you can't see in front side of truck from first-person

    3. K0rnholio


      Ah. Personally I like the truck. It's a nice to drive something that isn't a Peterbilt or Kenworth. :thisisfine:

    4. dibam73
  11. K0rnholio

    Steering wheel

    @snabbleverans AB I first played ATS/ETS2 on a keyboard, then on a Xbox One controller, and then finally on a Logitech G920 with H-Shifter. If you are looking for the most or realistic gaming experience I would highly recommend you getting the G920 or G29. It makes the gameplay of both ATS/ETS2 feel completely different. Wish you the best of luck and drive safe.
  12. K0rnholio

    Are high beams annoying?

    High beams themselves aren't an issue or annoying. I think they actually serve an important role in ATS/ETS2. But it's the way people are constantly using them or leaving them on is the issue. My main concern is this - take me for example if I were to play in the afternoon when the sun peaks thru my shades (and if it's night/dark in-game) and everyone has high beams on it makes it more challenging for me to see where I'm driving. But high beams themselves are a great tool to utilize. Use them to flash / let someone go before you go/turn, use them as a friendly "Hello" or even use them to warn someone to let them know they are in the wrong lane or something similar. So I believe they are great to have just misused.
  13. K0rnholio

    would you still play ets2 if tmp never existed?

    You know this is a good question. I personally started in single player, wasn't until a bit after I learned about TruckersMP. During this time I only had ATS which we all know the player population (side note go play ATS it's amazing) but then shortly after sometime bought ETS2 and it opened up so much more possibilities within the community. Going off topic a bit, however to answer your original question I think I would still play ATS/ETS2 but not as much as I currently do. There's just that awesome feeling about "stepping into a truck" and going for a drive with your friends/VTC members.
  14. Thank you Tango Transport for the lovely convoy in ATS today. Looking forward to more ATS convoys. :wub: