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  1. K0rnholio

    Join the team

    In short the answer is no. In the application it states and I quote; As you have your TMP account set to public - it can be seen that you have a total of 4 bans. The only thing you can do is send a Feedback ticket to HR explaining your situation.
  2. I feel like you answered your own question. If you were talking trash or nonsense then Community Moderators have every right to lock, move, or even delete topics as they see fit (within their training/permissions of course) If you have an issue with someone or something the best thing to do would be to submit a ticket to feedback and allow the corresponding Manager assist you. While, it can be a pain and or time consuming to wait for a reply via feedback sometimes if you don't submit your inquiry correctly you'll never get an explanation to what you want to know. I'll leave the link below to the feedback system, as mentioned just make sure you select the best category to allow the correct Manager to assist you. TMP Feedback System ----> https://truckersmp.com/feedback Hope this helps.
  3. Doesn't matter if you (or anyone) has twitch.tv/<username> or not. No matter what game you play ATS or ETS2 you will always find trolls who want to do nothing but ruin the fun for other people. As for the part that you weren't able to do anything - all I can say is this is the reason why you always have recording software running. I'd personally recommend Medal or Shadowplay as they both have options to record the last X amount of time. It's a pain, but Moderators can't be everywhere at once and at the same time it's not easy to just "hire more moderators" there is an extensive process as I mentioned because TMP needs to make sure they are selecting the right person for the job.
  4. Short answer is it's not as easy as one might think. Think of these steps as below; Human Resources open Public Game Moderator applications. HR Team has to sort thru hundreds possibly thousands finding the right candidate. Then (if) you become part of the Game Moderator team you'll join as a Trainee. During this time you'll be paired with a Game Moderator Trainer (GMT) who teaches you everything you need to know. It's only after you (or the individual) becomes a full fledged Report Moderator/Game Moderator. I have a little over two years experience and I'll be the first to say I've seen some people join or apply for the wrong reasons. I originally joined the community back in 2016 and the ATS side of the community was worse than it is today.My opinion anyway. However during my time as a Game Moderator/Game Moderator Leader I enjoyed my time doing reports on the ATS side of things. Yes majority of the community is more focused on ETS2, so that is why more GM's usually moderate ETS2 for the simple fact there is much more to do there compared to ATS. During my time as a Player I saw what the ATS community was turning into and that's why I applied to become staff. If you have plenty of time, and willing to put the work into becoming a Report/Game Moderator then I would suggest you apply the next time they open applications. As a side note - the TruckersMP team lives worldwide. While they have responsibilities to uphold within the community, they also live everyday jobs like you or myself. So just because you don't see one in-game doesn't mean they aren't out there. While it does happen, the worst case scenario is your in-game report gets timed out/expired. In this case you would need to submit a web report. While submitting a web report does take a bit longer to fill out - it ensures the incident will be reviewed by a Report/Game Moderator. I'll leave links below. Ranks of the TruckersMP Community How to use the Report System How to record in-game & upload evidence
  5. Was enjoying some ATS with my new MACK Anthem. The view(s) by the Diablo Lake were very soothing. As always pay attention to the road, stay safe, and enjoy the scenery.


    Thanks @Dylan R 😉








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    2. Grubby.


      Wow, the views look great there  :love:

    3. K0rnholio


      @ScaniaFan89 It's not about the color of the trailer or the truck. It's about the view(s). Besides this is a brand new J Spec truck and was the only job I could find without sleeping. 

      @Dylan R You're right. 😂

      Thanks @Grubby.

    4. [VIVA CC] JTrocks55

      [VIVA CC] JTrocks55

      woow, nice pic ❤️ 

  6. So keep in mind - When someone spawns (save or autosave) they are granted a short amount of time of "Ghost Mode." Now let me ask you this; If you were minding your own business traveling down a road, driving the speed limit, enjoying some tunes, but then someone spawned right in front of you and you weren't paying attention and their Ghost Mode expired causing a collision. Wouldn't you be upset that the user chose to use an autosave rather than doing the more logical thing than using F7 to teleport to the nearest service station? Using F7 to teleport to a service station is best for everyone. Yes it's more "realistic" but more importantly it keeps the road safer so other individuals don't have to worry about a user spawning right in front of them. Yes the Ghost Mode feature should prevent things like this - but doesn't mean it always will. You have to think about it on a larger or busier road as well. Imagine you were driving the C-D road during peak hours. Traffic coming towards you the opposite way and let's say you're on the bridge or part of the road with a barrier on your side of the road. Someone uses an autosave in front of you - you can't swerve to the left as traffic is coming and you can't swerve to the right as the barrier is there. Do you chance it and run thru the person? Or do you slow down possibly causing a chain reaction of small fender benders behind you? Whatever you choose the other individual (loading the autosave) is putting everyone in danger. If they wanted to drive on the C-D road they should have used the service station and then from there relocate the C-D road and drive again. So it's not always about being "realistic" but more respecting other individuals on the road and not spawn in the middle of the road.
  7. Hey @MrCipr 


    Hope you're doing well and safe. Happy Birthday have a great day and wish you the very best on this day. 🎂🎂  

  8. I get you. 


    I know from our late night chats this was something you mentioned. I personally thank you for all of the hard work you've done. It's a shame to see you leave but real life and other responsibilities comes first before anything else. Hopefully this is only temporary and you'll rejoin at a later date. Be sure to keep in touch and who knows maybe I'll see you out on the road sometime. 👍🚚


    Be safe.

    1. Armonk


      Thanks for the kind words K0rn. It means a lot. I'm sure we will see each other around.

  9. Imagine being so upset about a TMP ban - you have to go to twitter to insult the Game Moderator who banned you + admit to ban evading. 😂😂😂

  10. Congrats Hobbit.



    1. D4v3e


      Woahhh alll the colours. I love itttt. Thankssssss ♥️

  11. Sad to see you go Korn! ❤️

  12. Gonna miss you, take care!

  13. New profile picture. Click the banner to extend it. 👍

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    2. XioPlay


      A professional graphic designer's work :mlg_doge:

    3. MattR


      10/10 would hire you for graphic designer 


      "His work is state of art and top of the line" - Forbes Magazine (probably)

  14. Hello @ojambo I know exactly what you are referencing to. I myself have had this exact issue so I understand how frustrating it can be at times. By no means this is a solution but more of a work-around until this possibly gets fixed. Double click on the TMP launcher Select "ATS" or "ETS2" After you click "ATS" or "ETS2" do not click anything and wait for the game to launch Again the above isn't a solution, however I've noticed when I alt-tab my ATS or ETS2 doesn't freeze if I needed to change the song or volume. I found this works for me and I really hope this works for you as well. Credits are due to @sQCF - Beater for initial discovery
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