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  1. New content for base game

    For me it's a lot of fun to drive with friends,talk about things and enjoying the the landscape of ETS (mostly Scandinavia) Try to switch Trucks to get some changes it works for me,and keeps me on the game.
  2. How to get TMP ID

    Hello, @Fumiko If you feel like these answers helped you,feel free to let us know.
  3. Amazing Driving Skills

    And i panic with double trailers..
  4. gps mod above

    /Moved to Help
  5. In Game Radio with traffic news

    Hello, Please follow the suggestion Format.
  6. Car Sugestion

    Topic Inactive did not changed the format. /Locked and moved to Rejected.
  7. Open Broadcaster software

    /Moved to French discussion.
  8. Money mod on MP?

    Hello @t0kana2 Are you satisfied with these answers ?
  9. ban spawning

    Hello, This has been already suggested before. /Rejected.
  10. Mods

    You can only drive Doubles in Scandinavia,and if you drive out of there with your trailer hooked the server will auto kick you. So you won't be banned. @m6ceb
  11. Mods

    Have fun trucking,if you have further question's do not hesitate to message me over the forums ^^
  12. Mods

    I can tell that "jazzycat trailer mods" aren't allowed on TruckersMP,it will auto kick you.
  13. Mods

    Hei, There are MOD guidelines, which i suggest you to read first. There are some linked websites where you can change the Paint of your trailer / or the engine of you truck. - Since the other 3 DLC's map's are supported from TruckersMP, I'm sure that the Italy dlc will be supported too.
  14. Save Editing Tutorial

    Danke für das Posten!