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  1. derpatrick9's post in Shortcut to video report someone ingame? was marked as the answer   
    Personally I use Plays.TV,it records your game in the background and you can create a bookmark with a shortcut where something is happening that you want to report.
    Also you can cut your clips in the Plays.TV launcher which is extremely easy.
  2. derpatrick9's post in ETS2MP Update was marked as the answer   
    If you mean which version our Multiplayer supports it's : 1.30
    You can check the current version on the launcher.

  3. derpatrick9's post in Braked in front of somebody, they hit me, who is guilty? was marked as the answer   
    Don't worry to much about it,you aren't guilty if the person infront of you suddenly breaks,this means you just reacted in a quick way to prevent a crash.
    Also,remember to always record your sessions,so if you get banned some day,you also have counter evidence to proof you aren't guilty.
  4. derpatrick9's post in Question about the rule §3.3 Car modding was marked as the answer   
    A permanent ban,till the truck wheels have been removed.
  5. derpatrick9's post in The new painting reward. was marked as the answer   
    It will be supported most likely,but it depends when,since our developers are busy.
  6. derpatrick9's post in Maximum reactions? was marked as the answer   
    10 reactions are allowed per day.
  7. derpatrick9's post in Is there a way? was marked as the answer   
    Yes you can Report people in game.
    Press "Tab" and click on the name and then you click on Report and choose the reason.
    Remember when an Report from In-game didn't got seen or claimed it means that the admin's are currently on other rule breaking cases.
    It's pretty hard to get every report checked when there are over 3000 people on the server.
    Thats why you should,record -> report.
    Here is how you use the website system.
    & Please remember to not use profanity on the forums.
  8. derpatrick9's post in Can not login was marked as the answer   
    Please submit an Support ticket.
    Where you describe your problem.
  9. derpatrick9's post in Can you drive cars in europe 2? was marked as the answer   
    1.You can only use the Police Car,if your IGA (In-Game Admin).
    2.Yes you can drive a car on EU2,but without the Police accessories
    3.The car is not the problem,the players are.
  10. derpatrick9's post in MP wont Update was marked as the answer   
    1) As you´ve already tried to install the mod, there will be a folder called TruckersMP in Program archives
    2) Once you´ve found it, create another one called TruckersMP (put something here to know this is the good one, like 2), in Program Archives as well.
    3) Try to uninstall ALL you can in the TruckersMP default folder, the one you first installed and is giving you the error.
    4) Once you´ve uninstalled all in that default folder, Install again the mod in the TruckersMP NEW FOLDER. It should give you no error
    Hope this will help you ^^
  11. derpatrick9's post in Connect again was marked as the answer   
    You need to restart the game everytime you get kicked from the server.
  12. derpatrick9's post in Multiplayer won't work was marked as the answer   
    Try to start Multiplayer via (Direct X).
  13. derpatrick9's post in Is Winter Mod available now or soon? was marked as the answer   
    Atm is there no "Winter Mod only , Wehn the Developer Team,brings an Update with the Winter Mod in it then you can choose ,at "TAB" - "Settings" - "Mods" - Winter Mod,you will mark it with an click on the Cube,then you will restart youre Game,and you will have it Enabled.
    Btw,the option is aviable but will not work, the Developer's need to release the Winter Mod in the next Updates.
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