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  1. Been a while since I've been on TruckersMP, hope to getting back!


  2. Lately, it's been hard for me <_< I have been on the bad side of ETS2 MP, I continuously get suspended from Multiplayer. I should start to make a compilation for my own mistakes :lol:

  3. Can anyone tell me what version I need for MP, because I downloaded the latest version of ETS2 MP, but when I press it it says it needs to downgrade. So I go to steam > Properties > Betas, then which version shall I choose. Please Help! Thanks.

  4. On Singleplayer you know how there are a lot of cars with different styles?


    Well how come we cant have those or maybe more cars in Multiplayer? At least players can experience the creativity of ETS2 MP! <3 Thanks! 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. derpatrick9


      I would enjoy it but,its an Truck Simulation,i think the Skoda is for Muliplayer enough.

      Greetz :P

    3. Derny


      Thats understandable, but why is it a Truck Simulation that if you go to singleplayer you see way more cars than trucks? Please explain that! <3 Thanks

    4. derpatrick9


      c: I try ehmm,it would be realistic i can see on the Highway enough Trucks,in SP in Citys are more Cars they keep it realistic. 

      I hope i could explain an little bit ;-;

      Merry Christmas still to you c:.


  5. Hey Buds, long time no see!?


    Question, Who likes and enjoyes having traffic in ETS 2 MP, rather than having traffic in real life?


    In my opinion I love traffic in ETS 2 MP, it gets me going!


    I wanna here your answers! 

    1. derpatrick9


      I love them,i only take Trailers to Rotterdam / Ammsterdam / Calais / Scandinavia. :)


      Merry Christmas!

    2. Derny


      Merry Christmas Bud!

  6. Anyone need any help with convoys tomorrow? I will be willing to help!

    1. Fezz98


      Hi there, if you like helping out at convoys, id recammend joining FlagShip Events or Pilot services as they are always helping people out in convoys.

  7. Good Afternoon Mates, I hope everyone is having the most splendid day, because I am!


    Including, Does anyone think summer went to quick?

  8. I am wondering when applications for Moderator will be open!


    I hope it comes during the summer!

    1. Zyder


      Applications for Moderator have not longed closed. Please familiarise yourself on the requirements before applying.



    2. Derny


      I did, he said I had to see on his Facebook!

  9. Hey Everyone, Looking Forward To Be Making The Trucking Community A Better Place!

    1. heyhococo


      That's nice :)



    2. Derny


      Hi Thanks For Replying!

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