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  1. Screenshots of trucks from today.


  2. So I made a cinematic and im very proud of it. I got inspired to do so by the music, Odesza, A Moment Apart (Forza Horizon 4 menu music)


    1. ZuLynx


      giphy.gif OMG so well edited ! the music fit perfectly :wub:

    2. 049David [GER]

      049David [GER]

      Looks really good. Nicely done.:love:


    3. SgtBreadStick


      Can I just mention the fact that,



      That's probably the best cinematic I've seen so far...

  3. This is a map of of the roads I went down in around an hour or so during the Real Ops 7 event.

    However I do not recall coming across a single road event...

    Are all the events just very few and far between or was I just unlucky and drove down only the empty roads?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NotSoFancyFox


      oh, could you tell me where some were? @Linciano

    3. Linciano


      I think you'll have to find them yourself, but i heard the coast line got a great view ;) (Santa Maria to Santa Cruz)

    4. NotSoFancyFox


      Unfortunately I don’t have a chance to find them, I was busy after an hour and the event is over.

  4. Me and friend go drive lorries.


  5. I cant decide between everyone driving normally or for people to stop constantly complaining and arguing over speed limits etc
  6. NotSoFancyFox

    New IVECO S-way

    The Iveco S-Way looks not much different to the Scania S design wise.
  7. All I tried to do was record a cinematic, heard a crunch, looked over and somehow my truck ended up like this :thinking:


  8. Lovely white Renault against the very nice looking orange sunset sky. I choose a Renault because if the load blew up then it wouldn't be much of a loss :P. 


    (Also maybe Renault's need some love)


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Fantastic photo :wub: Nice Renault too ^_^

  9. I made a little video about the new GPS voices, I uploaded it on a new different channel that I will be using from now on :)


  10. oof, thats quite a lot of hours on ets 2.


    I'll take it as an achievement because i'm not going to admit that I have too much spare time lol

  11. NotSoFancyFox

    Best colour combination for a truck?

    I find this to be quite a good paint combo:
  12. TMP Server 5 give me an excuse to ram an admin, I feel so accomplished lol

  13. NotSoFancyFox

    The Last Post Wins!

    tbh me neither
  14. NotSoFancyFox

    Be careful while recording...

    I record a lot for videos and reporting but its never crossed my mind to do something as stupid as to just stop dead in the middle of the road. I agree with what you've said although I don't think I've witnessed it happen.