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  1. What do you usually do in the multiplayer?

    Im now exploring PL :-)
  2. Banned because thats no reason.
  3. Banned because i have no idea where is: "41o 12' and 42o 06' North/34o 14' and 35o 26' East" And yes, i know google
  4. What wheels do you use on your truck?

    I prefer Michelin Wheels :-)
  5. Banned because u banned a lot of people here.
  6. Favorite Truck on ETSMP

    I tried all trucks. But i have to say = Scania <3
  7. Which route would you like to be most congested?

    Italia - For that view! :-)
  8. Finally Czech [CZ] rules are completed and online! Thanks to @Burner for help! :-)

    Česká pravidla jsou hotová a nahraná! Díky @Burner za pomoc! :-)


  9. NEW TRAILER KRONE/ Nuevo Tráilers Krone

    Let's enjoy the little things, right?
  10. NEW TRAILER KRONE/ Nuevo Tráilers Krone

    WOW! It looks great!
  11. Why is the C-D road so popular?

    I guess high pop there, but a lot of fun...
  12. Banned because u have a lion with blue crown in your avatar
  13. good name for a VTC ?

    "Speedy Gonzales" - Mig mig.....>
  14. Pilots on Multiplayer? It works!

    Wau, i didnt know that. Excellent work!