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  1. Suffering from a little heat? No worries, I have some good news. Christmas is only 5 months away...



    1. GGF MD

      GGF MD

      Oh god no. That song... I already know my head will explode in December xd

  2. I received this strange T-Shirt today. I don't trust this at all. I'm contacting the authorities.



  3. Congrats :) 

  4. Congratulations! :wub:

  5. buddy . Congratulations:wub:

  6. I was never interested in becoming a GM - or even to join the team at all. So obviously, it must've gone a bit wrong somewhere down the line. Shows how much you can trust me :kappa:


    Thanks in advance for all the spam messages I'm having to go through now. I'm not so active on the forums anymore (since most of the time I do have allocated to TMP nowadays goes into my roles), but I'll see them. All I'll say for now is, ATS just gained itself one. 

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Congrats and good luck :D

  7. Glückwunsch Freund ;) 

  8. Congrats!

  9. Congrats on your new role :=)

  10. Glückwunsch mein bester! Haste dir verdient! :wub: :thisisfine: Ich wünsche noch einen angenehmem Abend! 

    1. NoTime4name


      Danke, wünsch ich dir auch ;)

  11. Congratz on your promotion!

  12. That I be careful ?? .... Mr. moderator, "proof not overcome"

  13. Congratulations my friend :-)

  14. Congrats and good luck.;)

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