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    Happy birthday :)

    1. heyhococo


      I’m still struggling with the candle xD Thank you! <3

  2. Ban the person above you (game) V2

    Banned for killing Mars.
  3. Ban the person above you (game) V2

    Banned because we did it twice already
  4. Ban the person above you (game) V2

    Banned because I'm 100% sure I was banned even more 'for not having time for a name'.
  5. 2nd day on MP and not as great as the first.

    If you want to get away from the trolls, the DLC areas are definitely the best places to stay - I personally stay within them as well usually. Occasionally there will still be a couple of trolls and people who can't control their stuff, but not nearly to the same extent as on the base map. And like Killua said, definitely stay away from C-D road, Calais, Duisburg and the near area around it
  6. Ban the person above you (game) V2

    Banned because I hadn't posted in here for a while and unfortunately you're my victim.
  7. From:










    Congratunootions :P

    1. Smalley


      Happy feet 

    2. BrunoPelogia
    3. Penguin


      Awww thanks NoTime :D Noot Noot and Waddle On!

  8. Well, making the game crash as soon as you click on login is one way to fix C-D I suppose...

    1. Rev.


      Best thing I've seen all week.

  9. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag badmin :troll:



    1. derpatrick9


      Danke :troll: <3

  10. Soooo Steam has kind of lost its mind... I could swear Rocket League isn't the only game I've played since 2016 :P





    1. H&V I Patrycja [PL]

      H&V I Patrycja [PL]

      Steam is saying that I didn't play any game since 12.01 xD


    2. vrobcio


      Well... 2.000+ km in ETS2 today...

  11. Note to self: Don't load this save in SP...



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    2. KhaosHammer


      Ahahahahahah what the hell was that? :'D

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Oh wow WTF :o LOOOOOOOL XD :lol:

    4. Rev.


      Looks perfectly normal to me. Drive safe.

  12. ATS most used truck

    My most used truck is also the only truck I actually have, which is this Peterbilt 389 As for the most popular truck, I'd say it's the Kenworth W900. Hands down, actually.
  13. What is the next upgrade planned for your PC?

    No plans at the moment but next up would be an all-new PC for me since the oldest parts in my current one are nearly 6 years old, most crucially the CPU (i5 2500k). It still runs whatever I throw at it no problemo at 1440p so I'm hoping I can get another year or 2 out of it, but currently for my next rig I'd like to go either mini ITX in the Phanteks Evolv Shift or, depending on the reviews as this case hasn't actually released yet, custom loop in a Cooler Master H500M.
  14. For me it's probably just being around since the start and witness it grow to what it is today. I certainly don't agree with every change that has happened but overall I'm enjoying the mod more than ever before. Also, being part of the convoy control team and this community in general has been a blast.