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  1. DavinaETS

    What you think about Skoda?

    Ok new gameplay idea - what do you think to this... New car-transporter trailer that is empty, has fold-down ramp which allows the Skodas to drive on. Then you can take them for a ride. Literally. Or is there somewhere on the map that can allow a Skoda to 'fall' onto an empty flatbed (which bending the rules in terms of console flying etc)? Think it would sound fun if technically possible & within the rules (it doesn't sound lie it could harm anybody).
  2. DavinaETS


    Am I the only one on the roads with this DLC? Aah I see above its not showing yet on MP. O well hopefully see you lot in a few days.
  3. DavinaETS

    Help me choose

    it's got nothing to do with speed it's a truck sim. The servers are limited in terms of their speed anyway. choose a truck based on your own personal external & internal preferences.
  4. DavinaETS

    How do you see TMP updates to servers and rules?

    Just come back from a break & see the renaming of the servers. Trying to get my head around it. Seems similar to before but putting the simulation servers at the top of the list with more users. I did notice people seemed to be more calm. But C-D is still a hell-hole - I had 3 explosions causing me to have to reload a save, none of which were my fault. But if it's gentle realistic cruising with more users then that sounds like the ideal combination. Overall good work by the admins.
  5. DavinaETS

    What's the reason of beeping for you?

    I bip to acknowledge presence while overtaking or being overtaken. I get bipped when I'm travelling at the limit but some noobgasm wants to floor it past me whilst having a good old sniff up my backend before shooting out & overatking at 100mph on a blind undulating bend shortly before they suffer death, destruction & calamity in a massive huge horrendous 'accident'.
  6. DavinaETS

    Double Trailer in Germany?

    @AsyedanMost of C-D is 60km/h limit. Plus you are not allowed to overtake.
  7. DavinaETS

    Double Trailer in Germany?

    Thought 0t was banned.
  8. DavinaETS

    Double Trailer in Germany?

    Surely doubling the punishment would add an extra tier of complication for admin. @megadethsteve666 Where do you get 500t from? By my reckoning the max weight is th 61t train so 2 of those is 122t.
  9. DavinaETS

    Update 1.35 release

    No. They cannot hurry up.
  10. DavinaETS

    Update 1.35 release

    I have all my stability on 0 for max realism & care. Really brings quality to the experience. I'm interested in this "nitro boost glitch" one speaks of - is it like *that* 30km/h speed hump in Nice?...
  11. DavinaETS

    Double Trailer in Germany?

    Just let rip. I mean what difference is it going to make anyway... You only live once so mught as well have maximum fun.
  12. DavinaETS

    1.35 is finally out of BETA and other STUFF!!

    & what's the point of this thread exactly?
  13. DavinaETS

    How would YOU cope with this?

    I wouldn't cope with it I'd throw my hands up in the air & go crying to mummy.
  14. DavinaETS


    Try Spintyres.
  15. I had a careful scroll through the options this morning & tried the Skye preview. No. I am not 9.